In Her Eyes

Today finds me completely overwhelmed with the most inexplicable happiness. What it’s from exactly, I couldn’t say—life is just so sweet right now. I am so blessed above and beyond what I ever expected.

I looked at my momma today...such an incandescent knowledge and love rests in her being. What did I do to deserve her? How did I end up being the daughter of someone so incredibly good? How did God know that everything I need in a mother lay in that beautiful, spunky, courageous, faithful, loving, and Godly woman who birthed me?

My aspirations are born from my momma’s giant cheesy grins. My inspiration is revived every time she encourages me…every time she teaches me…every time she tells me she loves me. My passions are reborn in every reoccurring conversation we share. My heart is enriched when I look into her eyes. Those eyes are so special—They’ve looked at me sympathetically when I was sick, they’ve held the tears that spilled for me, they’ve witnessed a thousand sunrises and sunsets with me, they’ve read God’s words countless times...why did God give those eyes such a love for me?

I’m on my knees, humbled before you today, Lord. You’ve given me so much, and yet You receive almost nothing in return. Give me the ability to give You your heart’s desire…a soul yearning for your touch…a breath breathed for your glory…a heart ready to rest in Your hands…Lord, help me never to take for granted the amazing blessings You’ve given to me. I surrender myself to You Lord. Take me and make me what you will. I love you.



When I stood on the beach, sand creeping its way out from under my feet as the tide rose and fell, gazing out onto the Pacific Ocean, no words could describe the euphoric feeling I had. In it’s vastness I felt as if it was going to swallow me up, but in a way I wanted it to. Its dark elegance enthralled me—its mystique took my breath away. Such beauty and yet such power—its waves threatening to sweep me off of my feet were both daunting and beckoning me. I was cautious not to let them overtake me, but I somehow was thrilled by the idea of it.

My heart threatened to keep my lungs from working correctly—I was confident that I should stay safe on the shore, but I was also doubtless that I should leap in and let Creator Elohim rock me to sleep in what I imagined to be His strong arms. What it would be like to be wild like the ocean I will never be able to comprehend, but the mystery is what makes it so enthralling.

The ocean isn’t the only thing that has given me these feelings. Though my fascination and ardency for it may enhance these melancholy emotions, I believe this same passionate and thrilling sensation can be found in any element of life.

In our corrupt world there is risk and potential catastrophe to be found in anything beautiful—oceans, mountains, tornados, fire, rain, the list continues. Finding beauty and inspiration and passion in what we are given is essential on this earth and throughout the universe.

The only place to find true, unfaltering, unscathed beauty is in our Savior, Jesus Christ. With Him, we can look at this dying universe in a new light. Amidst the danger and destructiveness of so many things in the world, perhaps if we would just change our perspectives and view the brilliance in things, we’d be given a new fervor and admiration for the God that created us and is in control of all of nature’s magnificence.

Think about the power of an earthquake….it can shatter windows, divide the earth, and even bring the tallest buildings to their knees—but God’s power surpasses the power of this so greatly that He can control it to unimaginable extents. What has happened every time man has tried to take control of a dynamic natural power? It can’t be done. Man is not strong enough to control the might of God’s creation. All we can do is stand in awe of the unutterable strength, vigor, and omnipotence that the Lord God possesses.

As I witness new wonders of my Savior’s artistry, whether it be through nature or in my own life, I will think about the specific beauty that can be found in it. My heart will always be my sanctuary, for therein lies my true inspiration, emotion, and perspective—Jesus Christ.


Seize the Day

Have you ever felt as if your life consisted of nothingness? Sometimes it seems as if I sit around all day doing nothing—I may even work out, have a productive school day, get caught up on all of the laundry that tends to sprawl itself all over the house, or get my room extra clean—but somehow, some days, I’m still left with this feeling of dissatisfaction…What could I be doing wrong?

Fall is beginning to wrap its fingers around the earth. Eventually it will turn the leaves different colors, dry up the grass, and send chilly winds our way, but for now it’s just an exciting electric sensation that tells me what is happening. This time of year always makes me want to sit by an open window and read a favorite book. Relaxation seems to come with the package of autumn. Unfortunately, I’ve found that I have very little time for reading….why? Well, when I have a bit of free time I don’t take the time to go and make myself a warm cappuccino, cozy up in a sweater, and sit by my open window to read with a candle sending its spiced scent through my dimly lit bedroom. As appealing as this sounds when I think about it, my initial reaction to free time is to get my eager fingers on my computer.

Sometimes this can be a very enjoyable and beneficial activity, but I’ve also found that I get sucked into whatever it is I’m doing to the point of not being able to get away from it, even after I’m finished with the productive part of my internet surfing. I sit, in a sort of trance, strangely bored all of the sudden. I find myself searching for something… anything to pass the time. This is typically the point when my brain goes into what I like to call “dead time”. My eyes droop slightly, my mouth hangs open, my posture becomes absurd, and if you asked me a question, chances are you would get a very short and dry answer (without even a glance in your direction), just for lack of interest in anything outside of my little bubble, which consists of me and my laptop.

I’m not saying this to bash the internet altogether—after all it’s not the culprit here. My trouble is that my priorities get all jumbled up. Time I could use to read, spend some quality time with Christ, play a card game with my momma or one of my siblings, dance around with my one year old brother to “The Bare Necessities” music, or yes, even scream out Phantom of the Opera music with my crazy sister, is wasted on my computer. My relationships with those I love aren’t being fed and enjoyed while sitting at my computer. Doing “real life” activities (no matter how silly they may be) with my family is one of the most rewarding things I can do for myself, but it also shows my family how much I care about and love them.

We live in an age of online networking—whether it be for social needs, gaming, cooking, decorating, organizing, blogging, shopping, or simply taking in as much information about the world as you possibly can by browsing Yahoo news, IMDB (Internet Movie Database), or Wikipedia. The internet is an excellent resource for all of this. I do much of my research for school assignments, keep up with friends, search for new and interesting music, and look for good movies to see. I enjoy reading a good blog or devotion to encourage the growth of my relationships, etc. The problem appears when I start spending too much time on the internet doing things that I don’t have to do. This happens very easily, because it takes extra effort to plan my day with more varied activities—effort I don’t automatically take the time to put forth. The computer is at my disposal at all hours.

When I purpose in my mind to spend more time doing the things that will mean more in the future, I feel a lot better about my day and when I do get on the computer it doesn’t feel like such a waste of time.
Today I’ve determined to make that effort…to go the extra mile to make my day more rewarding. I’m going to take the time to do crazy stuff with my family, try a new recipe, play a game, watch a good movie, read a book, listen to some music (lyrics or no lyrics, really listen to it and try and gain some insight from it), experience new things, take a walk on a beautiful day—savor the beauty in real life and spend time with the people around me. As I spend more time doing these things, I’ll likely become addicted to the simple joys that make life beautiful. Maybe then I won’t get so easily caught up in my online persona. Carpe diem!


A Bit About the Blog

For those of you who are here and don't know me, I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Abigail Kraft. I'm 15 years old and love to share my heart through drawing and writing. I'm a born again Christian and one of the main purposes for this blog is to write about and discuss the things that He has been showing and teaching me.

I will also use this as a place to post my ideas for artwork that may or may not ever develop into anything. Everyone is welcomed (and encouraged) to leave comments and give your thoughts on whatever it is that I'm writing about.

I'm looking forward to hearing from y'all!