A Promise Undefeated

Thanksgiving is here—I have to admit, my mind almost always skips over Thanksgiving and sprints straight to Christmas. I think the reason is that during Christmastime, I feel like all of the cares of the world have been lifted from my shoulders. For the blissful weeks that we celebrate this precious holiday, I can pretend to be a little girl again.

Thanksgiving is perhaps a bit more mature of a holiday. Besides stuffing my face with all sorts of comfort food and watching uncles and grandpas snoring the afternoon away (with a football game on for their subconscious pleasure), what do I really do on Thanksgiving? The truth is, true thanksgiving is a thought—this thought can be expressed to others through actions, and that is why we celebrate it, but taking the time to think about everything we have to be thankful for is a bit more difficult than simply succumbing to the warm fuzzy feelings and joy that celebrating the birth of our Savior brings upon us.

I pondered this year what I was thankful for—the truth is it goes beyond a simple list. I can’t just sit and think of all the things that I should be thankful for. Simply acknowledging the fact that there is always something to praise our Father for is an incredible thing.

Even in the darkest of times, there is a reason to rejoice—even if I can’t see it, being a child of God gives me the assurance that there is something to be grateful for—hope. That small glimmer of light at the end of what seems to be the blackest tunnel—that feeling that seems to emanate from somewhere so deep inside of me that I can’t touch it—a flame I can’t possibly douse—an ever faithful glimmer of beauty amidst every kind of horrible pain.

This hope is passion…this hope is love…this hope is anything and everything you’ve ever dreamed of. It lies at the end of life’s road—its splendor is a magnet to the fervor in our souls. The life we live is pointless without it—this hope is Jesus Christ.

With all of the exquisite blessings in my life, I can truthfully say they would amount to nothing without the hope, both earthly and eternal, that my Father has presented to me. Sometimes life seems to be in shambles—hearts are shattered, minds are dazed, and living holds little life. Yet hope remains. Though I may break, God is still holding every little piece of me and He will never let me fall. His love can heal every broken heart—His touch can untangle every bewildered mind.

Today and every day I am thankful for Love’s hope—the excitement in life and the constant reminder of a plan designed by my Creator.


Unknown said...

Once again, beautifully written Abigail!

I've been up for about an hour already - 4AM to be exact. I've been pondering and wondering what to write about this morning? How do I make a list that would encompass all that God has done in my life and heart. The words escape me really and yet I feel touched deeply by Love's hope. That is it!

You are such a beautiful spirit in this dark world - let your light shine so all will know His name. Your precious heart is a blessing to me and our family!

God bless you and your family this day! Happy Thanksgiving - stay with today and let God speak to you in the quiet and funny moments what He has for you today. Don't skip to Christmas just yet - you might miss the meaning He has for today!

I love you,
Mrs. Samter

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Abigail! You are such an amazing writer and God has blessed you very much with all your talent.

Hope is a great thing to be thankful for. It's sometimes all that we have, but as long as we cling to hope, especially that of eternity, we still have much. There are so many people out in the world that don't have a ray of hope because they don't have Jesus. Christ brings so much hope to our lives!

God bless you Abigail!

BPOTW said...

Wow, you said it much better than I did on my personal blog. There is peace in that Assurance isn't there! Happy Thanksgiving!

Rachel Poschen said...

Wow Abigail....God has given you such an amazing gift. You put your thoughts into words so perfectly. I am so encouraged every single time I read your blog. Keep up the good work Ab!
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Love you,

Unknown said...

Abigail - thank you for the lovely comments and being such a beautiful spirit in the world. I praise God for how your family shines His light so brightly and boldly even when a dark spot comes upon you all. It is wonderful that you have your Momma to learn from because in years to come - when your own trials come you have watched and learn from a very faithful woman how to endure any trial - with Him leading the way!

Lots of love and blessings today sweet girl!
Mrs. Samter

Jenni said...

Debbie wasn't kidding. You certainly have a way with words and a very mature outlook. I loved this post.

Mindy said...

WOW once again... speechless. You are an amazing teenager. I will be a daily follower here on your blog! I can see that you will be the light that helps me through these tough times!!

Betty said...

You write beautifully! Have a great day hosting us BATW´ers!

Pamela said...

Lovely post and I must agree with the others, your skills are beyond your years.

Joyfulsister said...

Aloha Abigail..
It's so awesome to see such a heart for the Lord from our youth, Keep using the awesome gift of writing the Lord has blessed you with. You are such a hope for the youth and our next generation being raised up to be even a brighter light shinning ever so brightly for the Glory of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Blessing unto you and in all you put your hands to do for the Lord.

Hugz Lorie

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