"Artist" - In the Head or In the Blood?

Why do I call myself an artist? What gives me the right to assign this title to myself? For surely my skills haven’t developed enough to be given the name under the technical meaning of the word. In the last couple of weeks, I challenged myself to think about some things and come up with an answer to this question.

My first thought was to doubt the validity of the word as it applies to me. I dubbed myself as prideful and nearly ceased using the term for anyone who wasn’t at the peak of their game. I soon realized my fault as I took the time to really look at the people around me. A world of artistry caught me quite by surprise. I could see it—the sparkle that glimmers in the eyes of the creators when they construct something. It doesn’t even have to be a physical creation. Every time a mind fabricates a concept, every time imagination is tapped—when love is formed, or when an ultimate reality is created through perspective...artistry is at work.

I think at least a small amount of artistic vision is instilled in every human being—obviously, some carry more than others. I call myself an artist, because in my heart I feel creativity. I perceive that there is more to be made of life than what meets the naked eye. It’s not so much a physical skill, but a passion inside of my soul…a passion to take the elements of the earth and combine them in my mind to create my own vision.

Musings begin when the rich scent of brewing coffee meets my senses; when bright city lights glow on the horizon; when I witness a beautiful sunset stretching its arms upward in a final attempt to grace the earth with its warmth. We take things like this for granted every day, and yet I believe the mark of a true artist is when one can take ordinary situations and turn them into extraordinary sensations, dreams, and inspirations. External works of art are simply the expressions of our inner rapture for the envisioning of our imagination.

Our lives are a creation of the unrivaled Artist. Just as we draw inspiration from listening to the works of a composer or viewing the brush strokes of a painter, we should be ecstatic about all of the imagination and revelation that we can find in the artistry of our superlative Creator. He has forged a world of beauty and intrigue for us and my soul tells me to savor it—take the magnificent stimulus that He has provided and cherish it.

Who am I? I’m one who takes back the breath that was taken away by overwhelming ecstasy and expresses to the best of my ability what I see in my mind’s eye. My heartstrings play their gentle harmony to accompany the melodic chant of my soul’s voice, and the feelings I get in those moments of expression are what define me as an intricate design of the Creator…I am an artist.


Unknown said...

AMEN! Once again beautifully said - with such artistry I might add!

God created and said it was good.

You and I are not to challenge what He calls good. The quality of art/music etc is only the perception of those seeing it or hearing it. None of us see or hear anything the same...because our lives are not alike - even amongst family. Amazing God - right?

You are an artist from conception of thought to finalizing it on paper. The reality in which you create Abigail is magical just by design - because the great Designer created you this way. He made each one of us to create something worthy of His praise - some do it through art, writing, building, cooking, etc...but we all are creating something that can be called art.

Never let the enemy steal the joy which God has given you through your talents. You are an artist who is polishing her skills through this journey of life. Magical, wonderful, powerful and delicate artist - all describe what I see in you!

Blessings sweet one!
Mrs. Samter

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Mrs. Samter. You were born an artist and couldn't deny it if you tried...I believe that some of it may even be hereditary as your mother is also a beautiful artist...you are special...and exactly what God created you to be!! It's a blessing to know that at such a young age, you are actually considering these things...proves that your heart is tender toward God and His will!! Keep on serving...God is using you so much already!

Anonymous said...

Well said! Thanks for visiting my blog today! So glad you enjoyed the tour, and yes, to walk along the beach for hours would be lovely - as long as it is warm!

C. JoyBell C. said...

Sweetheart...I'm glad that you have come to realize all of this.

You see...

an artist isn't defined by what he does for people to see and appreciate. And artist is born an artist at heart. An artist is the persona, the feelings, the just being of a person who is just born that way.

There are the artists, designers, and artisans...and then there is the rest of mankind.

Unknown said...

I don't express my inner creative"ness" in the same way you do (I wish I could!), but I know what you mean. I feel that same pull by nature, by smells, by sounds...I feel I HAVE to do something with them - my expression just seems to come out in words... you're blessed in that you've been gifted with being able to express your artistic nature with words and visual art. This is His gift to you and using those artistic expressions for His glory is your calling! Yes dear, you are an artist. :)

Love you Gracie.

angie {the arthur clan} said...

I think you are an artist not only for the beautiful art you create, but also for the way you are able to state things so beautifully. I know that I am one little person who has been so blessed to have seen the beautiful things that you are able to create.

Anonymous said...

I was struggling with this the other day as well. Sometimes it feels so bold to call yourself an artist.
Congratulations on being able to recognize your own creativity :)

Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

Well said! I believe God is the ultimate artist, and since we were created in his image, we all have that in us to some degree--we just have to find what our specific artistic talent is. It will vary for everyone, and maybe for some it's just learning to appreciate art in all it's forms, the greatest of which is creation itself: God's canvas. :-)

I was just reading some of the comments on Nita's blog, and saw some of the sweet words you've left for her. I know I don't have to thank you for them, but I will anyway. Thank you for encouraging her. She mentioned you to me when I saw her the Sunday after you first visited her blog. When she 1st read what you wrote, she thought you were an adult when you lost your sister, but once she realized the age you were when it happened, it really encouraged her because she has been concerned for all that her other 3 boys have been going through.

Have a very blessed Christmas.

Unknown said...

Hi Abigail! I am under my mom's name!

Beautiful post!! My goodness you are an amazing writter!

I also wanted to say hi and see how you are doing. I am thinking about you and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header btw!! Did you make it yourself?? It is absolutely amazing!!


Lexi <><

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