The Affinity of Soul and Song

A voice, a call,
Melancholy so sweet,
It haunts, it dances,
Tempting hearts to weep;
A life in a life
So sacred its touch
Power inbred
In explicit approach

Time held in space
In a beautiful face
A face filled with
Agony, love, or defeat;
Tears strewn on cheeks
A glimmer in eye
Hope, faith, passion,
Want, sympathy, pride.

Souls’ tendrils of sense
Weave through strings unseen.
Through sensation they glean
Sensitivity keen
Roots are entangled
A parasitic embrace;
The voice chokes
Under crushing strength
Souls take with thirst
What’s been theirs at length—
The song that at first
So gently rang,
Now much deeper
More solemn
The souls’ theme it sang.

At the mercy of minds’
Own tender state,
The notes resonate
They form jagged lines.
At last, perhaps
Though perilous the weight,
The voice that called sweetly
Has endured its due fate.
To live under rule of heart,
Soul, and spirit,
And grasp onto hope of
The life that clung to it.
Abigail Kraft © 2009

As I listened to the beautiful opening track of one of my most cherished soundtracks “The Time Machine”, my heart felt something it’s never felt before. I’ve been inspired countless times by the haunting, heartbreaking, and breathtakingly sweet melodies held in this work of art, but this time the inspiration was new. For the first time in my life, I felt a poem in my heart, and knew I had to write it down before the magic of its presence left me in the dark.

Poetry has always enlivened my soul. I find it’s almost like a song put into words instead of music. After reading the works of several poets, both famous and unknown, I found a whole new world of imagination which I knew I held inside of myself—otherwise, how could I feel such potency in their tender or mighty interpretation of feelings, hopes, fears, sensations, etc.? I knew it was there, but the ability to express myself through poetry remained undiscovered until the song that has made my heart weep so many times touched my senses once more. It was in that moment that I was inspired more than ever before to attempt to grasp the unity that I feel with music and put it into the lyrical rhythm of a poem.

Though I know it’s far from being as vivid as what I felt, I thought I should share it with you all. Please let me know what you think! If any of you has ever written a poem, I would love to read it! I encourage you all to post the best work of poetry that you've written and link it here. I hope you will all take the time to do this, and give feedback to the ones who link up.


Linda said...

Abigail, I really felt the emotion of your poem,...as I told you in my other email.

I love how God has blessed you with so many gifts. I love that you are using them for Him and for His glory!

You are only fifteen and yet your soul is so wise. I am your grandma and sometimes I wonder if I am even on the same level of understanding as you?

I know that the Lord is pleased to have such a yielded handmaiden in you.


Love you always and forever,
Grandma Linda

The Demigoddess said...

Hey Abigail,

You are a very inspiring young woman. I wish more of us were like you.

I checked out the soundtrack...and it's beautiful!

Lynnette Kraft said...

I wish I was a poem writer - I'd join right in. But, well...poems aren't my thing...you must have gotten that from somebody else in the family. :)

Love you.

Jared Kraft said...

Cool poem. I really like it!

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