"Monthly Monday Poetry"

With my newfound love for poetry, I have done some browsing around on blogs to read other bloggers’ works, and I have been completely inspired by what I’ve found. So much so, that I decided to start a monthly poetry blogging challenge. It will take place on the first Monday of each month. The goal is for you all to post your own original pieces of poetry on your blog and then link them back here so that others can read them and be inspired and encouraged.

We’ll get started this Monday, February 2nd. To get involved, copy the code of the “Monthly Monday Poetry” button (on my sidebar) and put it in your sidebar. On the first Monday of every month, post your poetry on your blog with the button at the top of the post and a referral to my blog so that others can join in. Then, come to my blog and post your link on the Mr. Linky, which I will have in my post. Make sure to stop by each other’s blogs and give feedback—remember, the purpose of this is to lift each other up in our creative expression and share reflections on what has been written.

If you would like a monthly reminder to participate in “Monthly Monday Poetry”, please email me and I will make sure to send you one on the Friday before. I’m looking forward to reading what everyone posts. If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll be sure to answer them.


Grobuonis said...

I would love to join this. But I write my poetry only in Lithuanian language and when I try to translate my poems... They just lose their taste and meaning. I wish it was as easy for me to write in English as it is in Lithuanian.

I'm looking forward to these "Monthly Mondays" :)

Best wishes,

Rebecca said...

I wish I could write poetry but it just doesn't come easily to me. I look forward to reading others.
Thanks for visiting my blog on Monday.

Jared Kraft said...

I shall participate if I can! : )

Oksana said...

I'm in! Thanks for the invitation! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Abigail, I was meaning to reply to your comment on my blog earlier but kept forgetting. I would love to be a part of this. It would really be a way for me to keep practicing my poetry because I enjoy doing it but never seem to do so. I'm excited for this! I'll also share it with a few blog palls of mine that are good at poetry.

Joshua said...

I've been having some difficulty writing recently, so I don't know if I'll participate yet. Since my creative abilities are no match to yours, I generally need an inspiration, which I haven't gotten recently.

On a separate note, did you design your blog yourself? I really like the current theme. It's actually relieving to look at, after seeing so many blogs with generic themes. It's also a big improvement over the one you were using before, which was a little too bright for me to read easily.

Kristin said...

I will definitely join in. It's been a long time since I've written a poem and it will be good to get back to it again.


Anonymous said...

This sounds really great! It would really make it much easier to find other Christian poetry (which I really enjoy).

I'm not able to go on the internet as often as I'd like anymore, but I do want to join in on this. :-)

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