A Unique Set of Friends

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For some people, a friend is found in whomever they’re with at the time. For others, friendship is only discovered after months or even years of searching for that connection with somebody. For me, friendship has been found in many interesting ways throughout my life. I’ve not often had the leisure of living next door to a friend, or seeing someone regularly—friendships haven’t always been extremely easy for me to obtain since moving an uncomfortable distance from many of the people that I consider my friends. Being separated from the world of constant sociality has done something good for me—something which I hold very dear to my heart, no matter how odd it may be. I found a way to create unique friendships with people in my television.

When a movie is made, the ultimate goal of almost every story is to engross the viewer until he feels like he is really, vividly experiencing it. In my case, many filmmakers succeeded flawlessly. Of course, there are always those bad apples—by no means did I like every movie I watched, but those that I did like, I didn’t just like…I was passionate about them. One of my favorite movies as a child was “The Black Hole”, a sci-fi movie made in the 70’s. All of your doubts of my normalcy can be tossed out the window now—I was far from normal. Everything about this movie entranced me; from the long discussions that took place in uniform around a giant glass and chrome table, to the massive extent of the space ship in which it took place. From the robots that played “video games”, to the stunningly accurate portrayal of zero gravity. Every time the opening credits began to roll, my brother Jared and I would hum along with the incredible and timeless main theme of the movie, written by the insanely talented John Barry.

Since we’re in the vein of starships and uniforms, I should definitely bring up another huge part of my childhood—Star Trek Voyager. This was one of the most viewed TV shows in our house. It ran every weeknight for a good four years or so; during that time, the crew of the starship Voyager became like a second family. We were acutely familiar with every aspect of that show—right down to the names of every crew member, their ranks, their uniform colors, how many buttons they had on their collar, and even most of their family histories which lay back on earth—far away from the Delta Quadrant in which they had been lost for years. Am I starting to sound like a geek now?

When we discovered Steven Spielberg, I think we pretty much hit movie paradise right then and there. Every Spielberg film we could find we drank in with all the fervor we could muster; The Indiana Jones trilogy, E.T., Jurassic Park, Hook…the list could go on and on. Each one of these exquisite films was accompanied by an equally magnificent score by the brilliant and undefeated John Williams. “Hook” especially held a very special place in our hearts. The magic found in the beautiful twist on the story of Peter Pan and the spritely vigor and nostalgic energy of the music were a tender sensory overload!

I’ve found throughout my life that these films have not only instilled a colossal appreciation for a good story and production in my mind, but they’ve also given me many valuable messages to ponder and expound upon in my own thinking. Though movies are made with a specific purpose, I still believe that they are what you make of them. As a child, they were the means of making thousands of incredible memories. Now, I find them to not only be that, but so much more. They inspire me to be all that I can be. They show me that not everything in life has to be dark and hopeless—life is what I make of it as I follow the divine will of my Savior, Jesus Christ. God gave me a passion for stories in every form. Without them, I wouldn’t be who I am. The world we live in is sinful and corrupt, but it is our job to dig the good out of the world and make the most of it. The earth is under a powerful light source—the Son of God, who gave us, His children, hope in a fallen world. With Him, there is a light for every shadow.

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GrandmaKathleen said...

Abigail, I love to read your blog, Your words have such beauty and you use descriptive words that may the reader feel your experiences.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Yes, we are certainly a family that appreciates stories! :)
I can't say much for The Black Hole (since I've never made it all the way through it), but on all of the rest, I agree. It's been fun, hasn't it.

Thanks for sharing about your "friends". That was a fun memory for me.

Love you.

Julie said...

I've never even heard of "The Black Hole" so I can't relate to that one. I do however love some Steven Spielberg! And yes...John Williams is amazing as well!

I have a lot of memories from watching movies. I drowned myself in movies and always imagined myself as the characters WAY after the movie was over.

I don't remember as a child really understanding the underlying messages, so you are WAY ahead of me there! LOL!

Karabeth said...

I love most of those movies, too. And I loved Star Trek Voyager and all of the Star Trek shows. Something about it must resonate with geeks like us. :)

karin said...

Very interesting set of 'friends'!Your post took me by surprise as I was expecting to hear of flesh and blood friends who reciprocate friendship. Different perspective - good reading.

Jill - Blessed Mom of 8 said...

I love stepping into a good movie too. I'm not into Sci-Fi movies - but I appreciate the power of your words to understand a character so much you can transform your mind to be there with them. I have really enjoyed the Love Comes Softly series recently. I imagine living that simple and just rest in those precious moments during the 1.5 hr movie.

Hugs and love sweet girl!
Blessed Mom of 8 :)

Anonymous said...

I am not much of a Sci-Fi person either. I like "real" things . .. But some of my boys like it! :) Thank you for sharing today.

Tanya said...

Thank you for sharing about your unique friends. :)

Lynette said...

Your post reminded me of a book I have called "Catching Light" by Roy Anker - it's about looking for God in the Movies.
I can never watch a film lightly - I have to dive right in there and live it too!

thanks for sharing,
lynette x

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

I notice that you already have the Lemonade award, but I have given you another one...and yes, you deserve it!
My 15 yr old does not have a blog, but my 18 yr old does. My youngest is on Facebook, though. Do you have a Facebook? It would be neat if y'all could connect.
Hope your weekend is awesome!

Caleb Howell said...

i like the final paragraph the most. it leaves you feeling optimistic about life.

keep writing abs. :)

Hannah said...

I really like your blog, my mom Rachel at finding joy referred me to your blog. Your artwork is amazing, very inspiring for me to see. I've linked to you from my blog and am going to follow your blog as well.


Kyle Kraft said...

Good stuff Ab. Brings back a lot of memories!


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