The Stranger

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Carefree and hopeful;
Hand in hand they began.
Her dress, pure and white,
Trailed like water through sand

Their life held such promise
As love, their hearts held
Nothing could touch them
As their gazes so told
His soul stared in hers,
Blue, with innocent love
And hers pierced through his,
Green, glimmering,
Like bright diamonds above

Their eyes spoke the words
Which their mouths lacked in power
Their love was immortal,
Timeless it stood—
Its pulse staunch and sure
And strong as the sea,
Filling the basins
With awe in decree

Tendril of shadow
Darkness deep

Absence of light
Iron keep

Laden with stone
Blackened with blood

Hatred invades…

Clenched fingers gripped
Around her fair neck—
Bruises formed on flesh
Under Hatred’s right hand
A knife gripped in the other
To his throat it was held;
A token of hatred
Or envy untold

No room to struggle
Forced to sit in stiff stance
On his knees before she
Whom he’d loved at first glace

From her eyes spilled the tears
Which she’d vowed to shed
When her heart she had given
To his open and earnest hands
Her soul seeped out
In the rain of her eyes;
The soul which blindsided
Had met its demise

What once was connected
Was now rent twain
In her heart she longed
To be one again

His hands yearned
To touch hers—
His heart, screamed to whisper
In her ear,
“Have no fear;
My love, have no fear”

Their life which was calling
Was fleeing like sand
In an hourglass falling
In panicked attempts
To break free from the clutches
Of claustrophobic sense

In icy cold malice
He, Hatred, broke through
“You’re worthless,
Your love will never be true.
Love is selfless—
Every man hides evil within.
When faced with a choice
Love cannot transcend.
Who shall it be?
For one shall live,
But a life must be chosen
For the other to give”

Suddenly, out of the fog all around,
A Stranger walked through,
Had they finally been found?
So sweet was His voice,
Which was mercy in wealth
He took Hatred’s blade,
Cutting into Himself

Blood from his head,
His hands, his feet,
The Stranger unraveled
The lovers’ defeat
He smiled so softly,
And lay down his head,
As the blood soaked the ground:
The Stranger was dead.

And then with a scream,
Hatred kneeled on all fours
And was forced to the ground
Where then he changed form.
There in the mud, in Hatred’s wake,
Hissed and recoiled a slithering snake.

Her eyes met his,
Full of hope, fear aside
Then they both wept with sorrow
For the stranger who died.

He lifted her off of the ground
To her feet,
Where the touch of their lips
Once again was made sweet.

They danced and embraced,
And then said without fear,
“Because of his death,
We are free to leave here.”

Even as they, hand in hand,
Took the road
The Stranger behind them
Took breath and arose.


Abigail & Jared Kraft 2009


Kristin said...

That was absolutely beautiful. What a gift to be able to write so beautifully!

Lynnette Kraft said...

You and Jared are quite a pair - very well done and very deep and though provoking.

Oksana said...

Wow. :) That was an amazing illustration of Christ's love.

I especially loved the part that says "He took Hatred’s blade, Cutting into Himself / Blood from his head, His hands, his feet, The Stranger unraveled The lovers’ defeat." I love the mingled sense of pain and victory in these lines -- you expressed it so beautifully.

This is quite special to me, as I've watched several marriages fall apart among my family and friends, and this is a well-needed reminder of God's grace!


Betsy Markman said...

Some powerful imagery here! Good job!

Linda said...

This was so deep. You two young people are so old in spirit and in depth,...like CS Lewis! (:>)

I really liked it,...and think I understood,...at least part of it.

Keep on writing ,...I like it!
Love, Grams

Lucy said...

what a great idea! having a brief hiatus but will certainly enjoy joining in once I'm "back" :)

Sharon said...

I read the first verse. It sounds like a story poem - I dig those! I've saved it on my computer so I can read it later :-)

Olivia said...

That was so powerful Abigail! Great job, both of you. It's definitely deeper than the surface and one that takes some time to digest in order to understand, I love it when I have to chew on things! I will probably be thinking on this for the rest of the day, such a vivid description! God bless you my sister!

Kaysie said...

*choking back tears*

Wow. This is one of the most beautiful poems I have read in a LONG time. Such beautiful poetry. Such beautiful truth. I have chill bumps after reading those last lines.

Thank you for posting this... I was deeply touched.


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