And the Winner is....

Ok, before I tell you I just want to say THANK YOU so much for all of your help! It was a hard decision, but the chosen title is just exactly what I was looking for.

The victor is…..

Jared Kraft @ The TravelerRear Window Observations of 32nd Street

Does he look like he's yanking it from me? HE IS!

I know, I know….it’s so unfair! Trust me, I tried to ignore it—I tried to pick a different one—but as fate would have it, my own brother’s entry kept popping back into focus. He had quite an unfortunate advantage since he knows me better than just about anyone.

Have you ever heard of or seen the Alfred Hitchcock film “Rear Window”? Well, I failed to mention in my party post that I have a thing for mysteries—and Jared has the art of sneakily worming his way into my favor down to a science. Sadly, I succumbed. (I really do love it bro. ^_^)

Still, I felt horrible gypping you all when you worked so hard thinking up so many great ideas! So….I decided to give away a SECOND PLACE prize!

A complete, custom blog makeover, designed by yours truly.

I don’t have a proper business going with this yet, but here are two blogs that I’ve designed (and of course, I designed my own).

Imperishable Beauty

Truthful Tidbits

The winner of the blog makeover is…

Kristin @ These Little Girls of Mine
for her idea for the blog title: "32 Oxley Avenue"

It was my first pick until Jared came up with the winning title.

Kristin if you want the blog makeover, it's yours!

Congratulations to both of you!


Kristin said...

Oh My Goodness, Abigail! I cannot believe this! Earlier today I was looking at Veronica's new blog (she just got a makeover recently) and I was at your Grandma's blog and I remembered that you designed it.

I thought to myself:
"Abigail sure is talented, I wonder if she has gotten her business going yet. I should get her to design me a blog makeover!" I swear I'm not making this up! LOL! I was dying laughing when I read your post! I truly cannot believe all the things like this that have been happening to me lately! God is so good!

Thank you so much! I would be honored to have you makeover my blog! I think you should definitely make this a business....you are so talented!

Love ya,

Linda said...

Hi Ab, I am excited that Jared won your contest. That is a cute picture of him accepting his prize.
Isn't it great being best friends with your brother?

You two are just two peas in a pod. (Are you sure that your not twins??? Just kidding). But you sure do think alike. (:>)

I have never seen the movie Rear Window, but I am sure your new blog will be great. Can't wait to see it. I love mine by the way. You did a great job making it for me.

I am also thrilled that you picked Kristin for a blog makeover for your "second" prize. She has a nice blog already,...but her comment shows that she is very excited about it,...so I know it was meant to be.

God is so good! He directs our paths,...that's for sure.

I love you girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Abigail! Goodness, next time just say, "Hey 'Broseph', give me a new name for my blog" then go spend $25 at Barnes & Noble to celebrate...just kidding!

My mama & I think alike (cuz we are also like 2 peas in a pod). MY FAVORITE PART of your contest was reading Kristin's reaction to her blog makeover. Genuine gratitude is a beautiful thing.

Can't wait to see how you interpret your new blog name visually...(I'd pay you to do my new one, but I'm very stubborn and want to learn how to do it myself :))

Love, Aunt Lisa <3

Rachel Poschen said...

I love it Ab...good job Jared. The name is perfect! :)

Love you!

Aspiemom said...

My goodness! I checked "Blessed" this morning for updates and saw the feature to your mom's blog. I just loved her blog! I love her content, I love her personality, I love the blog design...

Then I decided to check out your artwork. It's absolutely incredible! I couldn't believe someone your age does such wonderful artwork like that.

THEN I saw the link to your own blog. You amaze me. You are such an awesome young lady! (My son is 14 and I want to show your blog/artwork to him when he's up. Not that I'm wanting to fix you up or somethig, I just think he could be inspired by your maturity and Christian testimony. I homeschool him and he is an "only child" so I take any chance to show him other great teens in the world!)

I digress...You're an amazing young lady!

Joyeful said...

You are such a talented artist and beautiful daughter of God! I LOVE your blog designs!!!! I hope you start your business SOON because I am in desperate need of your flair!!!

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