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Moment by moment pressure takes its toll
This way, then that, the pendulum moves
Ringing so softly the rhythm of voices
Telling you which side you should choose

"Holier than thou" one side states, reserved
Steady the ticking of judgmental clocks
"We’ve taken no vow!" the other shouts
Pushing, pushing, the pendulum rocks

Both are beckoning with promise in words
Fingers slip from their hold as the others call
A taste of one leaves craving for the missed
Like sun and stream; just one and you’ll fall

An ill fit for any, the hands of the left,
Yet same the alien touch of the right
Faster, faster the pendulum swings
Inner struggle, the cause and effect of the fight

Eyes closed, teeth gritted, a silent scream
Love would be ashamed of this sight
"Silence! Silence! This Life was for peace!
Love, brethren, Love…Light, daughters, Light"

Hands froze in air, hatred suspended in echo
From Love’s eye fell a tear, crimson for sorrow
Down, down it fell—dancing through atmosphere
To the hum of man’s dirge, lamenting the morrow

Further it sank into depths of the air
Then it broke; a burst on the face
Of Judgment, seized by unauthorized man
Rolling down filthy skin in patterns of Love’s grace

Then tears fell all around, like rubies from the sky
Covering each man with the blood of His eyes
"Remember, remember, my children, my cherished
It was for your gift to love that I perished"
Abigail Kraft 2009


Jared Kraft said...

I love your poem. It's deep and profound, and yet full of simple beauty. If only my poem this month were half this good! : ) Keep up the superb writing... I'll definitely be in anticipation!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me about it Abigail :-)

Linda said...

Why can't we all get along?

I kind of feel like this is what the Lord would be saying,...after reading your poem.
He loves us all and died for us all, and as you said,...He gave us love and light, and we should walk in them.
"Let each esteem other better than themselves",... is a good thing to remember from the book of Philippians.
He should be our all in all,...and we should love one another as He loved us.
Good poem Ab,..and very thought provoking.

Kristin said...

Beautiful Abigail. You still amaze me with your writing. It is such a gift.

Tracy P. said...

Abigail, how wise of you to recognize that one extreme is as wrong as the other. Following Christ demands discernment at every turn. He does not offer one set of answers that can be memorized and then broadly applied for a lifetime from a position of piety and smugness. His word is living and active and demands our moment by moment dependence and humility.

Thank you for this meat to chew on!

Tracy P. said...

P.S. I didn't write a poem, but I did piggyback off your poem in a post today. Hope you don't mind. ;-)

Joy said...

Your poetry is very thoughtful and beautifully written. Tracy P sent me to read it. I'm glad I did. God Bless you Abigail.


Olivia said...

So beautiful Abigail! You have such a talent for communicating. Whether through poetry, your drawings, and other blog posts, God has really given you that in order that you may share the love that He has shown to you. Keep up the fantastic work! I KNOW that God has big plans for your life and He is going to use you! God bless!

writergirl said...

Hey Abigail, I love your poem. You used really good word images that paint a pictures in a person's mind.
I posted a poem for Monthly Monday too, but couldn't figure out how to link it to your blog. Maybe next month, I'll figure it out.

Oksana said...

Wow! What a powerful message. It is indeed for love that he died -- I'm so often tempted to defend Christ with angry words, or get legalistic about things that have nothing to do with salvation. This is such an amazing reminder of the purpose -- the only purpose -- that we were called to: to love God and love one another.

My poem for this week is another oldie. It's a different style from yours, and it's so cool to see the diversity in the content and style of the poems posted to MMP... when I have more time, I'll go through the links to read them all!

Unknown said...

Abigail - what a powerful poem!

God is glorified once again by the talent He has given you!

What a breath of fresh air it is stopping by to read your latest work!

Blessings and love,
Mrs. S

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just wow. Especially the end. I love the end.

Keep letting Jesus write through you girl. It's beautiful when He does.

Marrdy said...

Abigail, I stopped by because of Tracy's recommendaton. I am so glad I did. What a beautiful poem. Thank you so much for sharing your wondeful gift!

Karin said...

Beautiful and meaningful poem! What a blessing to allow the words to flow!

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