The Essence of True Beauty

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My momma is one of the most beautiful, courageous, and incredible people I could ever hope to know. I don’t know what I did to deserve her as a mother (I’m thinking nothing), but I’m blessed beyond my wildest dreams to have her wisdom and love in my life. I love you mom! *hug*


What I've been up to....

I have been really lazy with my posting lately! However, I shall soon make a return (on Friday) which none of you shall ever forget…It's randomness and awesomeness shall never be matched.

My family has made a tradition out of going to the Valley Center citywide garage sales every year for as long as I can remember. I’ve never been a great garage sale-er, but I always tag along if for no other reason than to spend some good time singing along to the radio and to have good conversations with my family. The citywides were this past weekend, and I was actually very pleasantly surprised with the amount of fun I had. It was great walking up and down the streets and finding multiple great movies for 50 cents a piece. I also found a couple cool things for my room (3 things to put on my wall…I’m going to have to organize my wall d├ęcor pretty soon, because it’s getting crowded). When I get everything put up, I’ll get pictures to show you all.

In other news, my friend Olivia and I started a new monthly feature over at Imperishable Beauty called “Pearls of Wisdom”. Follow this link to find out what it’s all about. We’re very excited to see what kind of insight we will gain through our moms’ input on this blog, and we hope that you will all stop by and join in so that we can keep it going! :)

A couple weeks ago—as you may have read in my “100 Things” post—I had a violin recital. It didn’t go that great, but it went a lot better than I expected it to! I get sooooo nervous playing in front of people; I was shaking like crazy through the whole performance. It takes a lot of courage to share this video with you, but I love y’all…so enjoy, and laugh at all of my wretched mistakes if you like. (I'm trying very hard not to make weird faces when I mess up!) Heehee.

I would also be so incredibly grateful if you would all pray for me this week. I have an orchestra audition this Friday at 6:44 pm (odd time, isn’t it?), and I’m really, extremely nervous about it. If you could just pray that I’ll do well and won’t be all shaky and nervous when I’m there, I would be beyond thankful.

If you read my momma’s blog, you might have seen that I also went to my friend’s 16th b-day party on the same day as my recital. She said that she would share pictures, but I told her I would do it here. I don’t really like dressing up—that fact was made apparent when I became dreadfully impatient in waiting through everyone’s hair and makeup time.

What can I say, I’m into jeans! It takes me about 3 minutes to put my makeup on and do my hair in the morning…it’s not because I don’t like to look nice, but I’ve got more interesting things to do, like blogging. lol. ;)

This last Friday was the Golden Belt Festival Concert. I woke up at 5:40 a.m., jumped in the car, and went to Salina to spend aaaall day singing. In the evening, my parents came to watch the concert and then we all headed home.

I haven't seen the video yet, but if I can, I'll get one up on YouTube so y'all can see what it's about.

Well, I plan to keep up on my blog more now that things have become a tad bit more organized for me, so stay tuned for my epic comeback post! You will seriously never forget it.


"Once Upon a December"

Join me in "Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane".

Dancing Bears, painted wings,
Things I almost remember,
And a song someone sings
Once upon a December

Someone holds me safe and warm.
Horses prance through a silver storm.
Figures dancing gracefully,
Across my memory

Far away, long ago,
Glowing dim as an ember,
Things my heart used to know,
Things it yearns to remember…
And a song someone sings
Once upon a December

--"Once Upon a December" - Anastasia 1997

My two little sisters, Cecily and Anna, and I used to have girls' nights with our momma, and we would almost always listen to music from the animated movie, “Anastasia”. The quoted song is “Once Upon a December”, Anna’s favorite number from Anastasia. It was used on the video that was played at her funeral, and I haven’t been able to hear it since without thinking about her.

You see, Anna was always a hopeless romantic (yes, even at the tender age of 6 years). She always sang her heart out when this song came on, and you could just see how much she was feeling the melody and relishing the story behind it as she sang along. Anna loved to sing so much—I know if she had lived longer that she would have been an incredible singer. I have yet to find a little girl who has such a deep perception of emotions.

For the months after Anna went to be with Jesus, we found it too difficult to watch “Anastasia” or listen to the music. Every time we tried, we would all break down in tears, knowing the kind of fun we had had in the past relishing the mystery enveloped in its magical development. I honestly was afraid to pay any attention to it at all for several years, but just recently I watched the film again, and I had an amazing time gathering in the living room with all of my cherished siblings and dissolving myself once again in the story that had for so long haunted me with melancholy memories of Anna. Yes, it did make me think of Anna, but praise God I can have those memories without being filled with sorrow and pain! His healing is truly miraculous.

To know that my little brothers can enjoy that little aspect of life that Anna loved too is a special feeling. They’re getting to experience little pieces of their sister’s life every day. I’m so happy that we were given the opportunity to make such wonderful memories with the sweet little girl who graced the earth for the 6 years that she did. What an incredible impact she made on so many lives with her example of a life lived with purpose and a Love worth sharing!


100 Completely Random Things that you Never Wanted to Know About Me!

I promise, this is my last post about me for a long while! lol. This could possibly be the most boring or the most interesting post you ever read here. Either way, I hope you'll do it too, and make sure to comment and let me know if you do so that I can head over to your blog and read 100 random things about you. :)

1. I hate feet…like I really really hate feet.
2. I used to be completely obsessed with pink, but now I don’t even like it.
3. I once got 39 points in one round of Up Words. My grandma thought it was so awesome she called like 3 of her friends to tell them. lol.
4. I got my first grey hair when I was 14. I still have it, and I call it my lucky hair.
5. I’ve never had a boyfriend, and I don’t want one (yet).
6. I often say that I should have been born in the 80s, but then I remember all of the technology that didn’t exist back then, and I conclude that I am definitely a child of the future.
7. My favorite movie between the ages of 9 and 10 was the Rogers and Hammerstein play of “Cinderella”. Cheesy, but it gives me warm fuzzies. Check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIe2Y5lgahQ
8. I like to watch the same movies that my dad and broseph do (all of the "guy" flicks full of explosions and action), and I get indignant when I’m not allowed to.
9. I’m a total health nut.
10. I love rain, thunderstorms, snow, etc. but for the most part I’m not really an outdoorsy person.
11. Ever since I was a baby, I haven’t been able to sleep anywhere but my own bed. Seriously, I get about an hour of sleep every time I sleep somewhere else.
12. Regardless of the previous fact, I still sleep on the couch every Friday night, to an awesome movie. Which brings me to…
13. I have seen all three Shrek movies countless times. I have them almost memorized.
14. I’m on a quest to figure out the perfect healthy brownie (no sugar or flour). Brownie’s are the only thing that I crave on a regular basis.
15. I didn’t like peanut butter at all until I was 13 years old, and now I eat it like at least 4 times a week.
16. I’ve met Brian Tyler, (composer of scores such as “The Greatest Game Ever Played”, “Rambo”, “Eagle Eye”, etc.) took a tour of his studio, and talked to him for over an hour. It was AMAZING!
17. I love where I live so much that I’ve cried myself to sleep just thinking about moving away. Praise God I don't have to!
18. I’m not a shoe person, but I do really like Airwalks and Converse. I even wear those with dress clothes. Haha.
19. I’m learning to drive…well, I should be, but I only have 8 hours in. :/ I have nowhere to go!
20. I love social events and people, but I’m not a very outgoing person. I’m pretty shy around people that I don’t know really well.
21. I secretly do social experiments at every party I go to. It’s so much fun to hypothesize about social dynamics!
22. I can’t stand being in the spotlight! I get nervous when my family is paying attention to me.
23. I play the violin…
24. …and I’m auditioning for a youth orchestra next month. PRAY FOR ME!!!!! = 0
25. I laugh at people aaaaall the time, and I think they like it.
26. Hm….some of you will kill me for saying this, but I have a confession…I don’t totally dislike High School Musical. Ok, ok….so, I still don’t like them that well, but the third one is actually pretty entertaining.
27. I love love love American Idol! I’ve been watching it since season 1 and have not missed an episode since. I’m voting for Adam Lambert this year. Y’all want to share your faves?
28. I could spend my life in Barnes and Noble. Starbucks, books, movies, and music…pure bliss.
29. I used to have insanely crooked teeth.
30. When I was 5, we had goats and I milked them every day. Ew. Not appealing anymore.
31. I keep track of celebrity birthdays on IMDB.
32. <--(=D) I love Jackie Chan!
33. I'm not a touchy feely person…I like hugs sometimes and I used to like to sit on my daddy’s lap all the time, but I don’t like shoulder rubs and stuff.
34. Orchids are my favorite flower. I point them out everywhere I see them (even in the background on movies).
35. Chinese culture totally interests me. I love it!
36. I don’t cry at movies that easily or that often, but I cried at the end of Star Wars Ep. III. Poor Obi Wan! =(
37. I have an analytical mind, but a creative soul.
38. I like hanging out with my crazy mother, because I’m not that crazy normally, and she brings it out of me.
39. I have a thing for disco/dance music. It’s so much fun!
40. When I was little, I always referred to myself in the third person. I’d say things like “Abigail wants to take a nap.” and “Abigail’s hungry.”
41. When I was like 2, I told everyone that my dad was my second daddy, because the first one died. Don’t know where I got that. Haha.
42. I love thinking and talking about Heaven. It’s so exciting!
43. I think the word “superfluous” is absolutely incredible, but I haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet.
44. Keanu and Yvaine are my two favorite names.
45. I used a pacifier until I was 4 years old.
46. Up until I was 8 years old, I named every doll I ever owned “Alice”.
47. When I was little, we lived in a house that had a GIANT play room. My little bros are so jealous when I tell them about it. Heehee.
48. I stink at video games, but I still play them almost every day with my bro.
49. I’ve been asked 4 times in the last month if my purse is real….What??? I guess it’s supposed to be a nice brand or something, but it was a gift, so I really have no idea. lol.
50. I’m not an animal person at all, but I have a soft spot for cats….
51. …and a certain chipmunk named Theodore!!!! *hug* I LOVE HIM!!! ^_^
52. I’ve never liked being called Abby.
53. I really really dislike talking on the phone.
54. I love super spicy food. My favorite salsa is XOCHiTL.
55. I had a dream about a week ago that I got in a fist fight with Miley Cyrus. I whooped her. It ruled.
56. I have been mooned…by a truck full of teenagers whom we have “affectionately” labeled “The Butt Brothers”. We even wrote a theme song for them based on the Ghost Busters theme.
57. I know absolutely nothing about sports. Seriously, nothing.
58. My mom brings out my competitive side all the time.
59. I’m typically a pretty even-keeled person, but if somebody annoys me I can be very intense.
60. I listen to Christmas music at random times all year long.
61. My typical bed time is between 1:00 and 3:30 am.
62. I have way more hobbies than any one person should have.
63. Harrison calls me Mommy or Daddy, depending on what he wants.
64. I love health food stores.
65. I have never been to the hospital for myself. I was even born at home.
66. I didn’t go on any roller coasters or anything until I was 13, but I’m a huge daredevil now.
67. I get sayings wrong all the time...I know I inherited that from my mother.
68. I call people “dearest”, and I think of Sense and Sensibility every time I do.
69. Currently, the only two things I want for my birthday are a flexible keyboard (so that I can carry it with me everywhere…♥), and a bonsai tree.
70. I pay attention to obscure details in movies like cinematography, sound mixing, etc.
71. I couldn’t live without paper towels. They’re tho thanitary it-th inthane!
72. I often ask myself theoretical questions to become more in-tune with my strengths and weaknesses.
73. I make really dopey faces when I swim.
74. I sunburned so badly on my last family vacation (in Cali), that I had to wear long sleeves to the beach to keep from breaking out.
75. I hum along in “harmony” to every single song/jingle/production company theme that I hear.
76. I am a creature of habit. I can watch the same things, eat the same things, do the same things, every day for weeks at a time, and I’ll classify it as “classic”.
77. I use the word “classic” all the time. It’s kind of my trademark.
78. I get goosebumps from emotional/sentimental highs all the time.
79. Dillons is my favorite grocery store.
80. People always say that Jared and I look like twins.
81. I like the taste of baking soda and water.
82. I hated writing until September of 2008.
83. I think my bro is a literary genius.
84. I think this kid is awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkNoglgsidE
85. I’m running out of ideas.
86. I love my life!!!!
87. I really want to play Nocturne in C Sharp Minor by Chopin someday on the violin. It’s gorgeous!
88. I love to type…I’ll type for no reason sometimes just because it’s so much fun!
89. Kara DioGuardi reminds me of myself sometimes.
90. I got the giggles last night because of the last name “Hudson”. ???? Yeah, I have no idea.
91. I want to paint a mural someday.
92. I feel really vain after filling out 92 things about myself.
93. My family is way cooler than me….
94. I think it would be a ton of fun to attend a formal event that I actually had to dress up for.
95. I’m scared to death about introducing myself at my recital this Saturday.
96. Bear attacks happen when you least expect them.
97. My dad thinks I’m random.
98. People always catch me smiling or laughing at my computer.
99. You’re all really weird…that’s why I’m smiling. :D
100. It took me 3 hours to put this blog together. WHOA!!! It must be easier for people who have lived longer.


Top Ten Tuesday - Simple Pleasures

I'm participating in Amanda's "Top Ten Tuesday". Head over and check it out!

There are so many things in my life which bring me joy—I can’t really even begin to make a good list of the simple pleasures that I enjoy most, but here are 10 things that I absolutely love and that always bring a smile to my face.

1. Smiling!

I love it when other people smile…it always makes me happy! ^_^

2. Coffee Mugs

And I’ve got a googillion of them! But I bought two new ones the other day that I absolutely love. Aren’t they awesome?!

3. Poetry

I love reading the poetry written by my blogging buds every month for Monthly Monday Poetry. Make sure to check out yesterday’s post and read all of their awesome stuff!

4. Nancy Drew PC Games

These are the extent of my gaming skills…all brain, no action! Point and clicks are just my speed. I’m currently addicted to “Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis”, but I’m also working on “Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy”. Gah! I love ‘em!

5. Granny Smith Apples

Without a doubt, the best apples in the world. Can’t live without them.

6. Mechanical Pencils and Gel Pens

Can’t use anything else (aside from when I’m drawing)! What’s the point of using a normal pencil when you can use a super cool mechanical pencil that never needs to be sharpened? You do the math. Gel pens….well, some people love them, some people hate them—I happen to adore them.

7. Rainy afternoons on the couch, in my pajamas, watching a BBC flick with my Momma

Can you spell “bliss”?!

8. Long, deep, and overall awesome conversations with great thinkers (a.k.a. chats with my peeps)

There’s nothing better than an enriching conversation that leaves you revived and on fire for life. Without these, I wouldn’t even have a blog!

9. Stripes

I love wearing stripes. They’re so funky and awesome.

10. Eccentricities (Live long, and prosper!)

I love finding out weird things about people (maybe because I know that I have so many oddities).

I could go on and on, but I have to limit my list to 10. What are some of your simple pleasures?



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Innocence and obsession, source in the eye
One more confession as temptation walks by
Signs of the Lost, in need of Love’s guide
Whisper to rise or fall—live or die

In the mind’s eye my choice appears
Succumb to dark spells, a leeching incision,
Or use the Light that dwells in my Heart
Weakness or Strength makes my decision

With my good intentions, Failure seduces
Then Fear of pollution constricts Compassion
An endless cycle: carelessness and panic
Awareness of self, the only solution

One man’s life is another’s death
In my soul, I know what these things do to me
Will my eyes spill thick blood from a gaze of shame,
Or pure tears of sorrow for Hope’s birth asleep?

“Oh God, I yearn for Your perfection!
Show the strength of Your Heart through this gaping hole
Searching and shifting, Eyes, rest on Might
Innocence, reflect off the steel of my soul!”

Abigail Kraft 2009


Arts and Crafts with Superman

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I desperately wanted to post an April Fools memory today, but I don’t have any! Oh well...

I couldn’t think of anything to write about this morning, so I started going through my pictures for inspiration. I think you’ll all appreciate this one.

You like? This was a combined effort of Jonas’ and my psychedelic artistry. Jonas did the original cutout (except for the ears, which I added later). Also, the big “S” on his chest was a product of me li’l bro’s brilliant mind and ability to reproduce what he sees on the cover of coloring books perfectly. Oh yeah…he’s the man. The face is my favorite part. Jonas drew it first—little dots for the eyes, a thin line for the mouth, big arches for eyebrows, and the nose pretty much stayed the same. Then, I—of course, being the stellar big sister that I am—took Bobo’s work of art and “enhanced” it with my aptitude for shading and detail work. (Check out that cleft!) Pretty classic result…I’m rather fond of it. Oh, and you’ve got to love the hair. Bo thought that was pretty hilarious; it had him laughing hysterically.

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Since it is April Fools, I had to share this with you--The top 5 April Fools pranks of all time. They are HILARIOUS! Enjoy!