100 Completely Random Things that you Never Wanted to Know About Me!

I promise, this is my last post about me for a long while! lol. This could possibly be the most boring or the most interesting post you ever read here. Either way, I hope you'll do it too, and make sure to comment and let me know if you do so that I can head over to your blog and read 100 random things about you. :)

1. I hate feet…like I really really hate feet.
2. I used to be completely obsessed with pink, but now I don’t even like it.
3. I once got 39 points in one round of Up Words. My grandma thought it was so awesome she called like 3 of her friends to tell them. lol.
4. I got my first grey hair when I was 14. I still have it, and I call it my lucky hair.
5. I’ve never had a boyfriend, and I don’t want one (yet).
6. I often say that I should have been born in the 80s, but then I remember all of the technology that didn’t exist back then, and I conclude that I am definitely a child of the future.
7. My favorite movie between the ages of 9 and 10 was the Rogers and Hammerstein play of “Cinderella”. Cheesy, but it gives me warm fuzzies. Check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIe2Y5lgahQ
8. I like to watch the same movies that my dad and broseph do (all of the "guy" flicks full of explosions and action), and I get indignant when I’m not allowed to.
9. I’m a total health nut.
10. I love rain, thunderstorms, snow, etc. but for the most part I’m not really an outdoorsy person.
11. Ever since I was a baby, I haven’t been able to sleep anywhere but my own bed. Seriously, I get about an hour of sleep every time I sleep somewhere else.
12. Regardless of the previous fact, I still sleep on the couch every Friday night, to an awesome movie. Which brings me to…
13. I have seen all three Shrek movies countless times. I have them almost memorized.
14. I’m on a quest to figure out the perfect healthy brownie (no sugar or flour). Brownie’s are the only thing that I crave on a regular basis.
15. I didn’t like peanut butter at all until I was 13 years old, and now I eat it like at least 4 times a week.
16. I’ve met Brian Tyler, (composer of scores such as “The Greatest Game Ever Played”, “Rambo”, “Eagle Eye”, etc.) took a tour of his studio, and talked to him for over an hour. It was AMAZING!
17. I love where I live so much that I’ve cried myself to sleep just thinking about moving away. Praise God I don't have to!
18. I’m not a shoe person, but I do really like Airwalks and Converse. I even wear those with dress clothes. Haha.
19. I’m learning to drive…well, I should be, but I only have 8 hours in. :/ I have nowhere to go!
20. I love social events and people, but I’m not a very outgoing person. I’m pretty shy around people that I don’t know really well.
21. I secretly do social experiments at every party I go to. It’s so much fun to hypothesize about social dynamics!
22. I can’t stand being in the spotlight! I get nervous when my family is paying attention to me.
23. I play the violin…
24. …and I’m auditioning for a youth orchestra next month. PRAY FOR ME!!!!! = 0
25. I laugh at people aaaaall the time, and I think they like it.
26. Hm….some of you will kill me for saying this, but I have a confession…I don’t totally dislike High School Musical. Ok, ok….so, I still don’t like them that well, but the third one is actually pretty entertaining.
27. I love love love American Idol! I’ve been watching it since season 1 and have not missed an episode since. I’m voting for Adam Lambert this year. Y’all want to share your faves?
28. I could spend my life in Barnes and Noble. Starbucks, books, movies, and music…pure bliss.
29. I used to have insanely crooked teeth.
30. When I was 5, we had goats and I milked them every day. Ew. Not appealing anymore.
31. I keep track of celebrity birthdays on IMDB.
32. <--(=D) I love Jackie Chan!
33. I'm not a touchy feely person…I like hugs sometimes and I used to like to sit on my daddy’s lap all the time, but I don’t like shoulder rubs and stuff.
34. Orchids are my favorite flower. I point them out everywhere I see them (even in the background on movies).
35. Chinese culture totally interests me. I love it!
36. I don’t cry at movies that easily or that often, but I cried at the end of Star Wars Ep. III. Poor Obi Wan! =(
37. I have an analytical mind, but a creative soul.
38. I like hanging out with my crazy mother, because I’m not that crazy normally, and she brings it out of me.
39. I have a thing for disco/dance music. It’s so much fun!
40. When I was little, I always referred to myself in the third person. I’d say things like “Abigail wants to take a nap.” and “Abigail’s hungry.”
41. When I was like 2, I told everyone that my dad was my second daddy, because the first one died. Don’t know where I got that. Haha.
42. I love thinking and talking about Heaven. It’s so exciting!
43. I think the word “superfluous” is absolutely incredible, but I haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet.
44. Keanu and Yvaine are my two favorite names.
45. I used a pacifier until I was 4 years old.
46. Up until I was 8 years old, I named every doll I ever owned “Alice”.
47. When I was little, we lived in a house that had a GIANT play room. My little bros are so jealous when I tell them about it. Heehee.
48. I stink at video games, but I still play them almost every day with my bro.
49. I’ve been asked 4 times in the last month if my purse is real….What??? I guess it’s supposed to be a nice brand or something, but it was a gift, so I really have no idea. lol.
50. I’m not an animal person at all, but I have a soft spot for cats….
51. …and a certain chipmunk named Theodore!!!! *hug* I LOVE HIM!!! ^_^
52. I’ve never liked being called Abby.
53. I really really dislike talking on the phone.
54. I love super spicy food. My favorite salsa is XOCHiTL.
55. I had a dream about a week ago that I got in a fist fight with Miley Cyrus. I whooped her. It ruled.
56. I have been mooned…by a truck full of teenagers whom we have “affectionately” labeled “The Butt Brothers”. We even wrote a theme song for them based on the Ghost Busters theme.
57. I know absolutely nothing about sports. Seriously, nothing.
58. My mom brings out my competitive side all the time.
59. I’m typically a pretty even-keeled person, but if somebody annoys me I can be very intense.
60. I listen to Christmas music at random times all year long.
61. My typical bed time is between 1:00 and 3:30 am.
62. I have way more hobbies than any one person should have.
63. Harrison calls me Mommy or Daddy, depending on what he wants.
64. I love health food stores.
65. I have never been to the hospital for myself. I was even born at home.
66. I didn’t go on any roller coasters or anything until I was 13, but I’m a huge daredevil now.
67. I get sayings wrong all the time...I know I inherited that from my mother.
68. I call people “dearest”, and I think of Sense and Sensibility every time I do.
69. Currently, the only two things I want for my birthday are a flexible keyboard (so that I can carry it with me everywhere…♥), and a bonsai tree.
70. I pay attention to obscure details in movies like cinematography, sound mixing, etc.
71. I couldn’t live without paper towels. They’re tho thanitary it-th inthane!
72. I often ask myself theoretical questions to become more in-tune with my strengths and weaknesses.
73. I make really dopey faces when I swim.
74. I sunburned so badly on my last family vacation (in Cali), that I had to wear long sleeves to the beach to keep from breaking out.
75. I hum along in “harmony” to every single song/jingle/production company theme that I hear.
76. I am a creature of habit. I can watch the same things, eat the same things, do the same things, every day for weeks at a time, and I’ll classify it as “classic”.
77. I use the word “classic” all the time. It’s kind of my trademark.
78. I get goosebumps from emotional/sentimental highs all the time.
79. Dillons is my favorite grocery store.
80. People always say that Jared and I look like twins.
81. I like the taste of baking soda and water.
82. I hated writing until September of 2008.
83. I think my bro is a literary genius.
84. I think this kid is awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkNoglgsidE
85. I’m running out of ideas.
86. I love my life!!!!
87. I really want to play Nocturne in C Sharp Minor by Chopin someday on the violin. It’s gorgeous!
88. I love to type…I’ll type for no reason sometimes just because it’s so much fun!
89. Kara DioGuardi reminds me of myself sometimes.
90. I got the giggles last night because of the last name “Hudson”. ???? Yeah, I have no idea.
91. I want to paint a mural someday.
92. I feel really vain after filling out 92 things about myself.
93. My family is way cooler than me….
94. I think it would be a ton of fun to attend a formal event that I actually had to dress up for.
95. I’m scared to death about introducing myself at my recital this Saturday.
96. Bear attacks happen when you least expect them.
97. My dad thinks I’m random.
98. People always catch me smiling or laughing at my computer.
99. You’re all really weird…that’s why I’m smiling. :D
100. It took me 3 hours to put this blog together. WHOA!!! It must be easier for people who have lived longer.


Kathryn said...

Well, i enjoyed reading this. You are fun & creative.

I won't be doing this, can't imagine anyone would be interested in 100 things about me!

As a massage therapist, i once worked on a teenage boy (who was there because his mom thought he needed it) & even tho he really did need the work, everything - even my lightest touch - hurt him. Hope he grows out of it, hope you do, too.

I also re-read the same books or watch the same movies/tv shows over & over. I find it soothing & relaxing.

I don't like American Idol, but i'm thinking of you as i hear it on in the other room.

Thanks for sharing your life.

Kristin said...

You are so much fun Abigail!

I love American Idol too! I hated Adam at first, but now I love him. I loved Danny at first, but he's been disappointing me with his song choices. I totally hate feet too, alot! And I almost left a comment on your mom's blog the other day that you and Jared look like twins. I agree with you on Barnes & Noble too....there's just nothing better! I get really frustrated when I go there because I want to buy everything and I can't!

Grobuonis said...

Hi, Abigail!
It was really fun to read so many random things about you.
I don't think that I'll do my list, but still I want to inform you that I now have a blog in English language. You can find it here http://grobuonis-eng.blogspot.com/.

vera said...

That was awesome! I've lived a lot longer than you, and your post was more interesting than mine :)

Hannah Nicole said...

Wow! Lots of random information! :D It was fun to read...;]


Olivia said...

Haha, you are a hoot Abigail! But that's just another reason why I love you. :D It probably would take my at least three hours to come up with 100 things too... it took my a long enough time to do 25 on facebook! I might do this as a facebook note... it would be fun!

On another note, my little 2 1/2 year old brother Hudson LOVES feet and toes, especially mine. He loves to "tickly toesies", he will cuddle my feet like they are a stuffed animal, and he pretends to eat my feet. Yesterday he even was kissing my feet! (Before I stopped him telling him that was icky!) :D

I love you Abs! God bless!

Anonymous said...

all's I can say is your Mama and Dad must be so proud of you! you're an amazing young lady! I wonder if you want a Kindle as bad as I do if you love books like you say? i loved your lucky grey hair! I may think of mine differantly now! I will be praying for you as you near your audition! Blessing Shi~

Linda said...

Abigail Grace, I loved your quirky, and fun 100 random things about yourself.

When you were really little, you used to get in my purse every time I came to your house, and you'd put my lipstick on, and get it all over the place. I started putting it on top of the refrigerator so you wouldn't get into it when I wasn't looking.

You used to climb on everything too. Myrna has a memory of you when you were tiny, of you standing on a chair looking out the window when she came walking up the front sidewalk at your house.

You had so much dark brown/black hair when you were born that you looked like a little Indian baby.

And once I was holding you in a doctors office and your hair was sort of standing straight up and a lady said,...."bad hair day?",...and I wanted to sock her because you were my beautiful grandbaby and I didn't like her making fun of your hair! ha!

You probably wouldn't even exist if your brother Samuel hadn't died and gone to heaven, because when momma is nursing all of the time she doesn't usually get pregnant cuz her cycles are irregular...so how can it have not been our Lord's perfect plan,...even though at the time Samuel died it was so hard,...but we all love you sooo very much we couldn't even imagine YOU not being in our lives.

Maybe this is a weird thing for me to say on a public blog,..but it came to my mind and I just decided to write it,...because it just makes me so appreciative of the Lord's grace! I love you Abigail,... my precious gifted girl!

Erin said...

I laughed SO hard when I read the first one. I am in the process of taking reflexology, which is...FEET! Ha, ha. :)

And the second one made me smile because I used to hate pink and now I love it. Perhaps having 2 little girls changed that.

When you find the healthy brownie, pass it on. I'm a health nut too, but I love me some brownie!!!

I had to giggle about the "social experiments" one. My best friend and I used to do that when we were in high school. We'd go to restaurants or shopping and do them. Ah, the good old times :)

Barnes and Noble...hear, hear!! I could live in bookstores.

#57, 62 and 64...DITTO :)
#88 - I'm the same way with filling out forms. I love forms. I'll fill them out just because.

AWESOME list!! I loved reading it. You rock.

Raye Ann said...


I have popping in on you site from time to time. Since just before you change its name. You are an amazing young women who shows greater wisdom than most. You are well on your way to being an amazing woman. You living up to your name. (I Sam. 25)
As far as #100 goes I am quite a bit older than you and it took me a little over 3 hours to write mine. I got down to #80 and got stuck for a bit.
I love your name. I have an Abigail as well. She is two.
Great list.

Sarah said...

I can't stand feet. They're really gross. I've told people I'd end a friendship with them if they ever asked me to give them a foot rub, or anything else foot related.

I keep track of birthdays on IMDB too. It's an odd habit, but I enjoy it.

I liked yor list.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Hey Abigail...I finally posted my 100 list this weekend. I loved yours...can't believe how much we have in common. I also do not like feet...except my own children's when they are little. Once they are big...no thank you! I love orchids too, but lily's are my favorite. I always mess up sayings...hate shoulder rubs, etc. It was the purse comment that got me the most, though. My father is a stock broker in Chicago and sends me name brand purses sometimes. The first time he did, I had no idea that my purse was "fancy". I buy purses on clearance at Wal-Mart for $10 or less. So I'm not really "up" on the names. It was a Dooney and Bourke purse...but I had no idea what that meant. At a benefit at a golf course, the waitress stopped me and asked, "Is that a Dooney and Bourke purse?" I said "Yes...what does that mean?" She said that it's a high end purse worth about $200. I had no idea! So...your purse comment cracked me up!

Great list Abbigail...thanks for sharing more pieces of you!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Oh...and I love American Idol...and ahem, sometimes watch some High School Musical.

Lucy Mills said...

I like #99. Quite right. :) I've just done '25 things' which was hard enough...thinking of 100 must take some effort!!

Marijah said...

This was fun to read, you seem like such a neat girl!

I agree with you on #100! (:

I did this (100 random things about me) as my first post on my blog, so you can go read it if you'd like! (:

For His Glory,

Navajogirl said...

Hi Abigail, just wanted to let you know I LOVE # 71!!

D said...

You and my mom would get along well. She LOVES that version of Cinderella.

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