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Innocence and obsession, source in the eye
One more confession as temptation walks by
Signs of the Lost, in need of Love’s guide
Whisper to rise or fall—live or die

In the mind’s eye my choice appears
Succumb to dark spells, a leeching incision,
Or use the Light that dwells in my Heart
Weakness or Strength makes my decision

With my good intentions, Failure seduces
Then Fear of pollution constricts Compassion
An endless cycle: carelessness and panic
Awareness of self, the only solution

One man’s life is another’s death
In my soul, I know what these things do to me
Will my eyes spill thick blood from a gaze of shame,
Or pure tears of sorrow for Hope’s birth asleep?

“Oh God, I yearn for Your perfection!
Show the strength of Your Heart through this gaping hole
Searching and shifting, Eyes, rest on Might
Innocence, reflect off the steel of my soul!”

Abigail Kraft 2009


Linda said...

Abigail,...Another deep and thought provoking post! I often talk about the "death of innocence",...it is something that you can't revive once it is dead.

I hate it that so many teens are so ready to grow up and lose this innocence by wanting to become adults and leave their innocence, and childhood behind. I was one of them,...so ready to be in control of my life, and not letting God protect me.

Also we as Christians should think on these things,..."things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and things of good report,...virtuous things."

Life is full of temptations, and we all need to resist them, Daily,... by filling our hearts and minds with God's good things,...His Word, His Love, His Actions,....and of course the Holy Spirit is the power who helps us to be victorious. Left to ourselves we will fail.I fail many times.

Ok, my sweet and intelligent granddaughter,...you have me thinking again. Thanks for this very thought provoking post! I take it as a challenge to yearn for the things of God and to stick close to Him for my protection. I want my eyes to rest on His Might! And I want my heart to always trust in Him!


Olivia said...

Beautiful poem Abigail! Very thought provoking and I will be musing over this for awhile. God bless!

Kristin said...

Abigail, you are so wise beyond your years. That was another excellent poem. I totally forgot about poetry Monday today, so I will try to see if I can come up with something!

Heidi Anne Williamson said...

This was good and thought provoking. I really liked the rhyming in the first four lines. :)
Keep up the good work!

Caleb Howell said...


Oksana said...

Oh, this is one of my favourites yet. Your personification and striking imagery grabbed my attention right away, and the ending rounded it off perfectly. Beautiful. :)

Christina said...


Wow, what a great poem...and very well written! I love the words you choose..and even more, the meaning that came across when I read it! This world is full of temptations and sin...but it is our job to cling to God for his guidance and choose right in a world of wrong. :)

In Him,

Em said...

Oh Abigail! Never stop writing! You have such a wonderful gift... I miss you girl, but yet...I feel close to you through your writings. They cause me to think. I love you!

Your Sis By His Grace,

Kaysie said...

Girl -- I LOVE your poems. Each one leaves me breathless and amazed. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

I wrote a poem this weekend after my grandma's funeral that I posted on my blog if you want to check it out. Thanks for inspiring me to keep trying my hand a this beautiful marvel we call poetry. :)

Love you,

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