The Day the Sky Wept Blood

Darkness around, blood luminescent
His vision blurs in dim light of a crescent

Smoke hangs in the air with a pungent wake
The sickly sweet when death partakes

Broken spears and tattered banners lay all around
“Defeat” speaks the whispering ash on the ground

He walked through the swarms of lifeless warriors
They fought for death—the justice of collectors

He sunk his iron knee in the gut of the defiant
Kneeling, sword in hand—to due plan, compliant

The world in his hands, our fate in his grasp
Wearing a broach with a jewel of merit
Black underneath, silk in its clasp
Power misplaced, he’s too wretched to bear it

King of man,
King of filth

Midday, the sun shines with sweat in its touch
Iron glistens around, muscles flex in their clutch

Man against man—struggling to die
Survival moves in and reason walks by

Closing in doom—unavoidable death
Both sides resume in bloody bequest

A whinny sounds; the hoof-beats draw near
White light—for shame of their blood they do fear

Buried in stone by darkness’ hand
Screamed the light inside of man

Shockwaves of power emit from His face
Great Knight, so bright; they are a disgrace

White flag in his hand and a tear in His gaze
Halted in the midst of their vicious maze

He speaks a word, and the light falls away
Covered in dust, in their blood He lay

They look at Him, power withheld from their sight
“Kill Him!” They scream with their fists held tight

The Knight blinks as love drips from His green eyes
“Forgive them.” He speaks in a sob to the skies

Broadswords sink deep, steel fusing with flesh
Crimson pools spread across His unmoving chest

Purity, man’s prey, stares from un-shifting eyes
Undying love, man’s shame sent down from the skies


One by one, the feelings arise
From the hearts and the souls: drowning demise

A longing, a whisper as loud as a scream
The birthing of shame of love like a dream

A few drop their swords, others lift up their hands
As the corpse of the knight takes a breath and then stands

Light from his wounds, forgiveness aglow
To all who believe in the love that was shown


The Battle Rages On
Abigail & Jared Kraft 2009

*From the eternal


Linda said...

Jared and Abigail,
I can just picture the two of you working together on this poem! You two are such a good brother and sister team. I think it is neat to be such great friends as well as siblings.

Ok,...I must confess that I don't always get the full meanings,...but the words and the flow are very powerful! You must give gramsy a full explanation so that I can truly get the full meaning. Ok?

You two are so gifted and talented. God has truly blessed you with great minds and deep feelings from your hearts.

But I know there is a goofy side to both of you,...and I can relate to that cuz I am of a simpler nature. (smile)

I love you both so much!

Aspiemom said...

Wow, I am very impressed! You two have so much talent and I'm glad you are using it for God and using your talents together.

I won't participate in this one. Writing is not my gift at all...and I'm extra busy taking care of my son (age 14) who had a bad accident last week. He fell 12 ft. over a waterfall!

Kristin said...

Another amazing poem, Abigail. I totally forgot about poetry Monday. I'll see what I can come up with!

Kathryn said...

I've just tagged you to post your fourth pic from your fourth album. I don't know why this is popular. I of course had to put a twist on it (i can't do anything straight). !!!

Hope you want to play & enjoy it. :)

Olivia said...

Beautiful Abigail! This was a depiction of Christ's death, am I right? Like you wonderful grandma, I don't always catch the full meaning without truly studying it (and since I had a bunch of coffee last night and so didn't get to bed early or wake up early, I need to get back to school).

Just a note about my poem, Wordpress hasn't been working right so there are no paragraphs! (EEK!) So just imagine that there are. I've tried more than five times to fix it but it wont save right. Oh well, I'm sure eventually it will work...

I love you girly!

Raye Ann said...

That was so beautiful. Just WOW!

Oksana said...

My goodness... that just bowled me over. Absolutely stunning imagery -- you really captured all of the emotion of the crucifixion, and you really added context to it, so that the purpose behind Christ's death is unmistakably clear to readers. Beautiful. :)

Sadly, I don't have anything this month -- my life is absolutely crazy at the moment. In fact, I might not have any poems to offer until July, when school (finally) ends. There are a few quick verses that I scribbled last week on my blog; they weren't meant for M.M.P., though.

Anyways, I really, really enjoyed reading your piece! :)

Oksana said...

Abigail, do you mind if I tweet about Monthly Monday Poetry from my Multi Media Ministry (@mmministry) twitter account? I'd love to get word out about this!

This is what I would write:

Calling all poets -- if you want to share your work, check out @AbGK007 's poetry carnival, Monday Monthly Poetry: http://tinyurl.com/daglkvLet me know if you'd like that! (You can delete this comment later)

Hannah said...

Nice poem! :D

I was wondering, what's the html code that you use to make your pictures pop up in that...window thing on your art gallery? I've been googling it and can't find it...:]


Linda said...

Hi Abigail, I think it is a shame that more people don't participate in your Monday Poetry blog post once a month! Ask your mom to do a blog about it just before it comes up again,...maybe that will help.

I enjoy reading them,...and writing them.
Love, Grams

Elizabeth J. said...

Very good poem.:^)

Lexi said...

Wow Abigail! That was absolutely beautiful!!

You are a very talented poet! And it is even more awesome that you are using those talents for Him!

Hope you are well!

Lexi <><

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

I love this poem. It is so anointed. I could feel the climax rising with every verse!


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