Okie dokie….here goes that epic comeback post I promised y’all! KASTANG!!!

I was going to write about celebrity birthdays, but there aren’t any good ones today. lol. However, Jack Nicholson turned 72 the other day (April 22), which completely blew my mind. I'm not a Jack Nicholson fan, but he definitely doesn’t look like he’s 72! Oooooh…scratch that about there not being any good celebrity birthdays today—Conrad E. Palmisano is 61 today…for those of you too cultured to know, he played Santa on “Unaccompanied Minors”. That was one of the lamest movies of all time—if you’re the type of person that watches a movie and like judges it on movie making quality, acting, story, etc. (ya know…all those important things), then you probably don’t want to be watching that one. However, if you’re the type of person who can shut your brain off and watch whatever happens to be on the screen in front of you, you’ll probably watch it once and laugh your head off (partly because you feel so stupid for taking the time to watch it in the first place). Power to you…you can’t beat my record of watching it 3 times, and laughing…every…time.

Which is better?—a zebra or a giraffe? I think zebras are pretty awesome, because I love black and white, and stripes—y’all know, those are some of my favorite things. I also like giraffes though, because they have those fancy long necks—I’ve always wanted a long neck. I suppose, in my mind, it all comes down to Marty or Melman.

Hmmmm….I’m thinking Marty. Melman is classic, but he’s into all of the prescriptions and stuff, and I’m just not into that. Yays for Marty!!!

This Monday is “Monthly Monday Poetry”. I love reading everybody’s stuff! I’m really hoping that more of you will join in this month—it’s really a lot of fun to see how creative y’all can be. :) So, please come back and join in on that on Monday!

My sibs have been listening to the High School Musical 2 soundtrack practically non-stop recently. It drives me crazy sometimes, but I went in the other day, and I found Silas dancing and singing “Bet On It” and I was like “Good grief! That’s awesome!” He’s really good! So, for the most part, I’ve let them continue with their HSM2 excursions. At least they’re being constructive, right? It’s really adorable.

I’m enjoying the lulling sound of rain outside my window this morning. I haven’t been very peaceful the last few days (worrying about my orchestra audition). God’s really speaking to me today. Last night, I was so freaked out that I fell asleep during “The Incredibles” out of pure exhaustion at 6:30pm. Anxiety is like the flu, people!!! Anyway, this morning when I was reading my Bible, God brought a scripture to my attention that I absolutely love.
Philippians 4:6-7
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Praise God for that reminder this morning! I feel a ton better after spending some time with my ever encouraging Father.

I could really use your prayer on the subject of my audition though…which is why I’m linking up on my momma’s blog with my “Pray for your chum” pic.

I thought I would be creative…so, I spent way too long writing out really lame graffiti lettering (remind me never to become a graffiti artist). I added in “Blogging” because I thought it looked cool….and sounded cool….and yeah….I didn’t read the instructions carefully enough. :/ So, I’m officially the only chum who is strictly a blogging chum! lol. Also, yes...you guessed it...I AM still in my pajamas, and HAVEN'T done my makeup yet. I hate this picture, and yet I care so little, that I share it with you all. So, there you go.

Anyways, this morning is quite pleasant. I’m blogging about random things that I feel like rambling about, drinking one of my bro’s insanely awesome cappuccinos, watching the rain, and listening to our new Chris Botti CD, “Italia”. I love jazz…it’s so soothing and relaxing. Chris Botti is probably my favorite jazz artist, but I also love Aaron Goldberg, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, etc. for some more upbeat and exciting stuff. Check them out if you get a chance.

My daddy thinks I use the word insane(ly) a lot….maybe I do. It just fits me so well! My favorite word as a little girl was “vex”, because it made me feel all old fashioned and important. That’s what you get for reading Elsie Dinsmore at all hours of the day! Ha! I watched this awesome movie this last weekend with my bro called “Little Dorrit” (you may have read about it on my mom’s blog). It’s a 7 ½ hour long BBC flick. Yesterday, Jared and I were talking about the character of Arthur Clenham (the lead guy in the film), and how he compares to the modern man. He’s 100% gentleman, and one thing that is constantly apparent throughout the film is his respect for the leading lady, Amy Dorrit. Jared asked me if I would like it better if he treated me with the same kind of respect that was displayed in that movie. I got to thinking about that, and an interesting thought came into my mind.

A trademark of movies such as this (stories of Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell…) is contrast in characters. I find that as I’m watching I start to think “No one’s that perfect” or “No one’s that stupid” or “He’s comically evil”, etc. I think the composition of these stories is comparable to that of a parable—like they are based around what people would see in a person. For instance, if we see someone that we care for deeply, we know they have flaws—that’s a given—but what we see is all of the amazing things that they are. In a film, book, etc., we are given the opportunity to view the people in the way that the writers want us to view them—a character can be written in with only his good traits so that we can look up to that person and glean wisdom from the idealistic nature that they have portrayed of him. It’s the same way with the characters that are portrayed as the villains or nuisances in the story. Anyway, the answer to Jared’s question is that in my eyes, he does treat me with the same respect as Arthur Clenham does Amy Dorrit, he just doesn’t see it because he doesn’t view himself with the same affection as I do.

Did y’all watch American Idol on Tuesday? It was rat pack week, and I absolutely LOVE rat pack music! All of that stuff that just makes you want to smile with its happy feelings and lightheartedness. Yay…I loved it.

Well, this is my longest post ever, so I guess I’ll leave y’all now…but I told you that I was going to do an epic post! :) I’ll let you know how my audition goes tonight…thanks for all of your prayers! Oh...and YAY! I have 42 followers now!!! That's 10 more than 32!!! ^_^

P.S. I just realized that this is my 32nd post in 2009! :D


Olivia said...

haha Abigail! You are so very entertaining. :D And of course random as well.

So you were an Elsie Dinsmore fan too?!?!!? The second Elsie book (the new version) was the first book I stayed up past midnight reading (3 am in fact, and for an almost nine year old that's pretty good). I even had an Elsie Dinsmore birthday party when I turned nine. I too was obsessed with all things old fashioned and such. :D

Kristin said...

I hope your audition goes well! I will try to think of a poem to write for Monday. It always sneaks up on me! I thought American Idol was great this week too. I saw a special last night on all the American Idol contestants who have went on to be successful Christian music artists. It was on the Gospel Music Network channel....do y'all have that? It's awesome! I liked the program. It talked about Mandisa, Chris Sligh, Phil Stacey, Melinda Doolittle, and Danny from this year. I had forgotten that Mandisa had a whole thing where she told Simon she forgave him for making mean comments about her weight at her first audition. They replayed it and it was awesome! She said if Jesus could forgive us then she certainly could forgive him.

Anyways, you have more than twice as many followers as me! When you did my blog makeover and put the followers thing up, I was like, Oh no...everyone will know now that I only have like 2 followers. LOL!!!

Linda said...

Hi Abigail,
You are such a fun teenage girl! I like your love of life!

You made me feel happy and carefree when I read this post.

I like zebras and giraffes,...and colorful cartoon-y ones like you added in your post.

I never care for Jack Nicholson's movies. It seems he always uses bad language that offends me. (And so many times he plays a bad guy).

Grandpa and I prayed for you several times today so that you would do well and not be to nervous at your audition. I am anxious to hear how you did. I will call you tomorrow and find out.

I have my poem ready for Monday. I am so glad that you asked me to start writing poems,...I love it now. I never knew I could do it. But it justs pops into my head and comes out my fingers when I am typing it. Ha! ^_^

Well, Sweet-Ab-of-Mine,...I will close for now. Just wanted to comment on your post.

Love ya lots and hope to see ya soon.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love, love your blog....I will be back...often

I am new to the land of blog, but have found it so true that everyone has a story.
I am enjoying reading those stories.

Hope you will stop by and see me. The May give-away has started and this month there will be 10 winners.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Sorry I am just finally getting here...I missed praying for the audition. But, I'm praying the Lord's blessings for you anyway. You are so fun, Abigail. I loved this "epic" post. It was "insanely" entertaining! =) Aren't words fun?


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