Pros and Cons of Summer and Asia on my Mind

Yup….it’s definitely summer now. It’s sticky and hot and hot….and hot. I can’t wear my precious long sleeves, *sniffle* snow is out of the question, and red alert is blaring for sunburns, zits, and ice cream cravings. It’s majorly sadifying….however, there is a bright side to this madness. For instance; there are lots and lots of thunderstorms in the summer! I always love a nice horde of clouds and ground shaking rumble. Also, swimming….not that I get to do it that much, but when I do it’s awesomely awesome. Also….

…$1.50 iced coffees at Starbucks!!! I actually am still hooked on my grande unsweetened latte right now, but I’m sure I’ll probably switch to these bad boys when it gets too hot to bear it any longer. I have to admit…we go to Starbucks a lot. Every time we go, we get the kid’s hot chocolates for Silas and Jonas. Well, the other day we went to a different coffee shop, and we got them hot chocolates there. Jonas was like *guzzleguzzleguzzleguzzle* “Thanks Mom! That was tasty!” Silas, on the other hand, took about 3 drinks before he pursed his lips and said “Mom, the whipped cream is already melted, the chocolate is weak…and….well, it’s not Starbucks.” Heehee…I love a 7 year old who can tell the difference between Starbucks and everybody else. That’s mah bro!

Ok, I bought a killer amazing bonsai tree!!!!

(In case you were wondering, this is actually my tree, not a stock photo. I just photoshopped it to death. Ha.) I need name ideas. Anybody got any? It should probably sound Chinese. It’s a Japanese Juniper, but the Japanese are too techy for my taste (what am I saying!?). I think I prefer the Chinese culture most of the time because I’m so into modern stuff and such that I like, for a change, the idea of tai chi and kung fu and drinking tea aaaaall day while tending a garden full of strange plants, miniature trees, and ginger root. Plus, who doesn’t want a Mr. Miyagi??? I DO! Sooooo, maybe I like the romanticized idea of China….and Japan doesn’t really have any kind of romanticization (that’s officially a word) except for insanely advanced technology, and that’s not fantastical at all.

Oh, here's my b-e-a-utiful orchid I've been telling you about. *sighness* It's my favorite. :)

I painted my room white and black. It looks awesome. I loooove it. ^_^ I’ll get pics and show you all once I get everything finished. It might be a while because I still have to paint two pieces of furniture black. I need to find an awesome chandelier looking thing.

Is this thing amazing or what?! I’m going to have to wait a long time to get something like that though, because first I’m going to buy some flooring. That’s what I’m saving up for now. My flooring is….old….and worn half through….and floral….and brown….and the tack strips are all exposed. Yup, I need new flooring. I want to get bamboo, or at least something that looks like bamboo.

Wow…I’m really stupid. I just misspelled “unintelligent” 3 times before I gave up trying.

Favorite new (to me) CDs this week….Danyew’s self titled EP, and “P.S. I Love You” by John Powell. Check them out, because they’re amazazing with a capital “zaz”.

Peace out, stay sweet, and of course, live long and prosper!

P.S. I just finished redesigning my momma's blog, "Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground". So, make sure you head over and tell either my momma or me what you think! :)


Unknown said...

You might be one of the most responsible 16 year olds out there...saving up for your own flooring?! Even adults don't do that! I love your new room design, very chic!

Kathryn said...

I love the new design you did for your mom! It is awesome!!!

Have you checked out the blog Blue Castle? Not exactly the same taste as yours, but still fun & funky. If you don't know it, it is listed on the blog list at my profile.

I use a few black accents in our home. We are much more "homey" with brown board walls. Not a lot i can do with it. I usually don't like painting wood. I've a couple of pieces of furniture i need to paint black, tho.

Funny, i tend to romanticize Japan more than China. Guess because i've known more folks from Japan.

Julie said...

I'm not a fan of summer. I like my long sleeves and jeans! Love your mom's new blog design! You do amazing work! I need to ask you for tips!

Kristin said...

Hey Abigail!

I can't wait to see your new room. I love your Mom's new blog too! I was cracking up that your brother could totally tell the difference between Starbucks and not....so cute! I keep having troubles viewing your blog....keep getting the "operation aborted" error...I finally got on. Am I the only one having probs? Anyways, I have no ideas on the bonsai name :)

Linda said...

Hi Abs,
Loved your orchid. Always water it with outside water. Softened water isn't good for plants,...too much salt.

Can't wait to see your room all finished. What furniture are you painting black?

Hey, you have hardwood floors under that carpet,...why not just re-finish them?

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Grams has a great idea...I LOVE hardwood floors!! I think your room sounds awesome...you are amazing to put so much into your own space!! I love it when you blog and miss you when you don't! I'm not much for naming things?! Although I did name my computer Tad...short for Thadeus!! You did an AWESOME job on your mom's blog design...it is so "her"!!

September said...

Awesome New blog design for your mom Abigail!!

Awesome new room colors!

Awesome tree - How about a name for your tree from Karate Kid? lol!!

Awesome post!
( Sarah would tell me I was such a dork writing this!)
BTW- she is 16 ( Thursday - I blogged a post about it.)

Kyle Kraft said...

Yo Ab,

How about naming your tree Spock. Or if you have to have Chinese, maybe "Al" after Al's Diner on Happy Days:) BYT (before your time). I'm sure whatever you name it, it will be a fine addition to the family.

Love you!

Lolli (aka Lisa) said...

love your blog...love your room...love your Mom's blog design by you and her blog...love your Mom...love you....only problem: I cannot see the orchid or bonsai tree. I sometimes have this problem on other sites, too. I can see some of what people post photo wise, but not all. Any ideas?

zbocaj said...

I am with you on the thunderstorms. When it rains, I want it to pour. I am not really a big summer person either, but the nice thing about it is that since I wear shorts all of the time, I don't look quite as insane when it is 100 degrees outside.

Anonymous said...

can i ask (and get an answer on my blog?)...how do you make the main and sidebar backgrounds semi-transparent?


Lauren Ann

Olivia said...

Haha! You are a hoot!

I love the orchid and chandelier. Very shweet. We don't get starbucks too often because it's so spendy, as a matter of fact I think I've only had starbucks once (but I've been there many times). We usually go to Caribou coffee, which has a really cool atmosphere to it.

I think you should name your tree Waun (or however you spell it). :D

Hopefully I'll talk to you in a little bit! God bless!

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