Alone Time? NO!!!!

Join me in "So We Don't Forget..." -- This week's topic: What is a favorite "alone time" activity?

I have to admit--this subject is an ironic one for me. I really don't like to be alone--I don't like the quiet, I don't like having no one to talk to; it seriously creeps me out! Because of that, I think the main activity that I engage myself in while I'm alone is making as much noise as I possibly can.

For instance...

A couple of weeks ago my whole family went to the zoo except for Jared and I--Jared was in his studio in a building behind our house. So, I was completely alone. At first I thought "Oh, how fun! Now I can do all of my 'alone time' stuff that mom always talks about!" Well, I guess it works for mom, but not so much for me. I sat down with a cup of tea and a book, and I couldn't even finish the first paragraph I dug into because I kept hearing things--the stairs creaking, the wind blowing through gaps in our pocket doors, the screen door slamming shut after being blown open, the dishwasher--every single sound in the house I was suddenly aware of.

So, what did I do? I ran around (literally ran to make more noise), blasted the loudest music I could think to put on, and stuck a movie on really loud at the same time. On top of my obnoxious singing, it was a very interesting scene. At the time, I didn't think about how it would look if my brother walked in the back door from his studio--lucky for me, he didn't. (Yay. :P )

All of that being said, if I could do aaaaanything I wanted with my alone time, and I didn't have to fight against my own insecurity with being all alone and lonely, I would probably....uhhhh....as lame as this sounds, sleep. GAH! I hate myself for saying that! Somebody please slap me!

Ok, now that you all think I'm a complete bum, let me set that in stone with a display of what I do with my time.

Yes...I spent my free time last week learning how to tear a phonebook in half. I'm still working on it--I've only worked up to half of a phonebook so far, but I'll let you know when I get a whole one! It's going to be epic, and I will be soooooo (awfully) proud of myself.


P.S. There's still time to join in on Short Answers! Also, 1 more day to get on my waiting list for a blog makeover! Check out yesterday's post for more info.


Kristin said...

Oh, you are so totally awesome with that phonebook! Ha!! You are hilarious! Just add that to your many talents! :)

I'm going to have to think about this alone time post too, because I rarely get alone time!

Holly said...

I guess your so used to having noise around. :) I usually have the tv on low for background noise, even when I'm reading a book. When it's quiet that's when you hear all the creepy noises!! lol

croleyc69 said...

Great post & I have to agree with you I like alone time to a point. When all the kids are gone & there's no one to yell at it's just to quiet, LOL. I have alone time at the end of the day but I know they are still here in the house, LOL Thanx for sharing & Have a AWESOME day !!!

Lisa said...

Oh how funny! I had three siblings so when they were all gone, I did pretty much the same thing. Instead of enjoying the quiet, I missed the noise!
And LOVED the phone book demolition demonstration. Is that your mom talking?

Olivia said...

Funny girl! I do love being alone because then I can be as loud as I want and I don't interrupt anyone. :D My bedroom is in the basement so my room is like that too.

That ripping of the telephone book is hilarious to me! Ahh... the uniqueness that lies within you Abigail... it makes me smile. :D I loved what you were wearing too! It seems that especially lately whenever I see a picture or video of you I find that your style is more and more like mine! :D You are so beautiful Abs!

Marissa said...

I know what you mean! I often am like YES the house is empty! I can do whatever I want and it will be QUITE!
haha. I start hearing every little thing too, and then I HAVE to do something to make noise, I'll turn on some music or something. Start talking to my myself, put on a movie. Anything to get some noise going!
I think it comes from living in a house with little kids who yell and scream all the time, and your just get used to it and then when it totally quite, your like "whoa scary!"

I loved the video of you tearing half a phone book. I've always wanted to learn how to do that.....I'll have to try it sometime.


September said...

Ok,, this was such a great post Abigail! I really enjoyed reading it. I was THE Same way when I was your age,,, and little did I know that I would never have alone time as a mom. Heehee... I could just picture your running around the house like that. Keep us posted on the phone book thing.. AWESOME IDEA!!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I never had that problem. I am the oldest of 3 girls, and I loved spending time alone in my room reading, I never even heard any other noises when I was reading, I was totally absorbed in my book!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Gracie, you're awesome! I love the slow mo in the video! What a great effect!

You feel weird being alone because you NEVER ARE! I didn't have as many siblings growing up, and I LOVED being alone!

Love you sweets.

Bekah said...

Haha! :D


PS Man, I love your blog layout, template, header, and gadgets...your signature is awesome too! :D

Elizabeth J. said...

Hey there, this is my first time visitng your blog (I arrived here from Lauren Anne's blog). I love your unique blog look. If you get a moment, stop by my blog (Footprints in the Sand).

Marissa said...

Hey, I noticed you have twitter, mind if I follow you?


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