I have a confession to make...

You know, I have all of these things that I think…When I was 8 I thought “Why would a girl want to get her hair cut short?” Then 6 months later, I got my hair cut short.

When I was 11 I thought “Why would a girl want to wear high heels? They look so uncomfortable!” but 6 months later I was wearing high heels.

When I was 12 I thought “Why would anyone want an iPod? It’s just a poor excuse for a bunch of CDs.” But for my 13th birthday, I got a 4gb pink iPod Nano.

When I was 15 I said “I’ll never be a phone person. The basics are all I need!” Well…..now I’m 16, and this is my confession…

I bought an iPhone.

Yup, you heard me right. A brand new, b-e-a-utiful 32gb iPhone 3GS. *sigh* That’s like a happy sigh…like a thrilled sigh.

So, now I’ll be able to keep you all updated on the happenings while I’m on vacation next week! I’ll post pics and videos to my twitter for you all to check out, and I’ll try to keep my blog updated too. Yay! I’m excited! Oh, and I promise you I will never be one of those "texters". ;)

On a random side note—I’m at home alone babysitting Harrison…right now he’s sitting on the floor drinking juice, eating rice crackers, and watching Camp Rock. Even though he can barely talk, he can seriously quote like this whole movie! lol. I’m telling you, the kid is brilliant.

HAHAHAHAHA! Ok, the movie just got to the most annoying song in the world, and Harry walked up to the sound system and turned it all the way down. High five, Harry!


Alexis said...

I envy you.

So much.

Hannah said...

Well, that's probably one of the best phones you can get, so good choice. :D

Aw, that's so cute. I LOVE the name Harrison. :)


Anonymous said...

Did you actually say " I will never be one of those texters"....if so I want to know when we can expect that one to come to light?? ;)

Awesome phone...congrats for you!

Enjoy that vacation and I can't wait to see your pics and hear all about it!

Aspiemom said...

You're funny! Let us know how you like your new iPhone. And have fun on your vacation!

sparkle24 said...

The iPhone is soooooo cool! Have fun on your vacation!

Kristin said...

You're hilarious! I'm starting to think I'm missing out with my plain Jane phone. Let me know if I am!

Linda said...

I guess we should never say never huh Abigail? (:>)

The things you were confessing to weren't bad though.

It's just that we women change our minds sometimes! Ha!

"They" say it is a woman's perogative,..(I don't know how to spell that, but I think you know what I mean!)

I still have a killer headache, so keep me in your prayers ok? I have to get to feeling better before our party on Monday, Lilian's wedding, and our vacation at the end of the week.

Love you,

Marissa said...

That's like super exciting! My dad REALLY wants to get one :D They are pretty snazzy.
I thought the beginning was hilarious. Never say never I guess...... *lauhgs*
Have fun with it : )


Christina said...

Love the Iphone!

Would you believe, we are getting Emily the Ipod Touch {not the phone version} because you can watch movies on it.

It is way more convenient to carry one of those little guys around than a portable DVD player. Plus, it has a way longer battery life.

So I have a confession to make too. My 3 year old will have an Ipod Touch for Christmas. LOL

After all, she is our "special" little girl who has a CONSTANT need for watching movies.

I know that ALOT of parents don't agree with their children watching TV/movies....but for some reason, the C17 children thrive from it.

Who woulda thought.

Enjoy your phone.....it's gorgeous!

clauren said...

yay sooo can't live w/o my iphone, she's a beauty!

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