Vacation Stuffs and Other....Stuffs...

Hey Guys! As you probably know (since I couldn't seem to quit talking about it in past posts), we are on vacation in Branson, MO for the week! We have been having a complete BLAST, plus some great relaxation time--yes, I took a nearly 4 hour nap the other day, so I'm definitely getting some good R&R. :D

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures on my computer to share with you or anything (if you want detailed posts about our trip, feel free to hop over to my momma's blog), but I have been updating tweeting throughout the day about all of the goings-on, so please follow me if you're not already. I love getting replies and will reply to any and all that I receive! :) Yay...I love my iPhone.

I was planning on going ahead and doing Short Answers today, but the day went by really fast and I didn't get a chance to ask my bro's any questions--So, take a week off to tell all of your friends to join in next week! It'll be awesome, I promise! ;)

Sorry I haven't had a chance to respond to all of your amazazing comments recently! I'll try and get caught up when I have some time, but we do try to keep our vacations as packed with spastic activities as we can--you should have seen us when we walked into Starbuck's yesterday--*happy sigh*--It was beautiful. You ever wonder why Starbuck's workers are so nice? I think I know--I mean, who wouldn't be like the happiest person in the world when there's coffee all around you all day long!?!?!? GAH!

Ok....better quit before I get my mind so hyper that I can't sleep. lol. I do that to myself too much. So, I'll leave you all now with much love.



Kate said...

So glad you all are having fun! You deserve a nice, restful break from the world! Enjoy your time!!

Kristin said...

Amen about Starbucks! LOL! Glad you're all having a fabulous time!

Marissa said...

Sounds like you all are having a BLAST! I know we did when went to silver dollar city a few years ago. Me and my siblings are begging our parents for a return visit for our vacation next year : )
I love starbucks!!!!!
I'm following you on twitter now : ) I'm the violinest16 :D :D :D
Have a great day!


Stephanie L.S. said...

Hey, I came across your blog through my friend Marissa. I love it! Have fun on vacation!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I'm Stephanie's sister and Marissa's friend.

I absolutely LOVE your blog. You have given me great ideas for my own! (i also love art and web design.)

Anonymous said...

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