Missing the Simple Life...Onward and Upward

I don't know why I felt the need to post right now. I should be sleeping (trying to catch up on my sleeping hours from my crazy insane weekend). On Friday, I went to an incredible concert that featured a couple of my favorite Christian bands, on Saturday morning I had a 3 hour orchestra practice, and on Saturday night I had to usher for the Wichita Symphony for 5 hours. It doesn't seem like that much, but each of these activities is extremely tiring, and one after the other for 2 full days is enough to make you feel sick.

This afternoon I got some chill time with Oxley (computer) and Sir Francisco (Rubik's cube).

I seriously think I stayed in that position for about an hour and a half. It's almost as relaxing as taking a nap!

If y'all think about it...I really could use a lot of prayer with orchestra stuff. I tend to stress over things, and I have a chair audition this next Saturday. I expect to get like last chair...but I would love to get higher. Anyways...that would be fantastic. :)

So, I guess that's about it.

Thanks, and I love you all!


Christina said...

I love your new profile picture. Adorable!

Good luck. You know violin is my favorite instrument & would love you to post more video of you playing.

Marissa said...

Oh man. I can defiantly relate! My weekends these days are nothing but pure craziness! This weekend was actually a nothing-to-do weekend and it was SOOOO nice! To bad it only happens once every 100 weekends. At least it seems that way....
I will defiantly be praying for you girl! I know how chair tests are... I'm not in a "real" orchestra anymore because there isn't one in our area. But I was in one for 4 years. I hated the chair tests! I always got REALLY nervous! I like the violin ensemble I'm in now. We don't do chair tests, and we all just take turns playing the different parts. A lot of fun, but I kinda miss the orchestra experience...
Anyway, good luck! You'll be in my prayers :D

Love ya,

PS. btw I LOVE the fact the you named your computer and rubiks cube. That is just SO awesome. :D

Linda said...

Dear Abigail,...How is my sweet granddaughter today?

Sounds like you have been busy while grandpa and I were on our trip.

Five hours of ushering at the symphony! Wow! You are indeed experiencing new things.

I can't wait to see you perform with the symphony and hear the beauty of harmonies.

Don't worry about the chair try outs,..just do your best and leave it to the Lord. I am sure you will do fine.

I am so thrilled that Jonas became a Christian. Isn't it thrilling?

God is so awesome!!!!

We will do a party for Jared and Adelynn soon and get to see everyone.

Love you,
Grandma Linda

Hannah said...

Hey Abigail,

Yep, weekends are pretty crazy around here. Sounds like you had a great one though! :)

On Friday we had a homeschool group thing called ROCK which was from 9:45 to noon (I think). Then later that night, my sister and I had dance. The next day, I had dance from 10-12, then on Sunday we had a thing for church, before church, and then church. Then we came home and cleaned a bit, to get ready for my grandparents to come over to celebrate Caleb's birthday, and then later that night, Chloe and I had 180 (youth group). Today, I taught dance from 9:30-10:30, and then stayed at the studio so I could have some quiet time (much appreciated! :D).

I love your new profile picture! It's super pretty. Goes well with your look.

Thanks for giving me the link to the font tutorial, I used it on my test blog and am (probably) going to put it into action as soon as I get my laptop, so I can use a custom font. Where do you get your fonts?

Anyways, gotta go finish up some school. Rest up and have fun with Sir Francisco (love the names. :D)



Lynnette Kraft said...

Gotta love that pic that your momma took (if I don't say so myself, ha!).

Stop stressing - it's bad on your adrenals! You just have to learn to REEEEE-LAX - Yeah Cool it - Fall apart in my back yard... the bare necessities of life will come to you... they'll come to you.

Look for the bare necessities, the simple, bare necessities... forget about your worries and your strife... I mean the bare necessities - old mother natures recipes for just the bare necessities of life.

Love you dearie.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Are you singing yet?

Kristin said...

You are such a remarkable young woman, Abigail! I will pray that you do well in your audition and for the anxiety to go away :)

Kate said...

I always got stressed auditioning for chairs in orchestra! I know you will do great! You look awesome in your picture! I think you are such an amazing girl, and I hope my Molly turns out like you! Sending you lots of encouragement!!

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