Short Answers and One of my Favorite Songs

In my daily walk with Christ, how often do I attempt to demonstrate the fulness of His love with the same caliber of potency that I feel it introspectively? Taking time to have a little small talk with the people at the drive-thru window at Starbucks; Giving a little energy to smile at the lady sitting on the bench on the side of the road; Surprising a friend with a beautiful bouquet of daisies to put on her table on a spring day--these things seem little, but these little reflections of our Father's joy and love are what set Christians apart from the rest of the world. We have a contagious spirit--like a bright flame in a dark room. We have a gift and a calling, and it is not only our responsibility, but our joy and privilege to be able to carry that captivating spirit of hope, love, and absolute purpose and spread it to the world around us.

Listen to "Smile"
On a plane somewhere again
I take my place in line just like every other time
I slide into my window seat
She was sitting there
One seat over so I said "Hello, how are you today?"

With my smile I could see the hope within her eyes
And I knew that something's different today

Though everything's the same inside there's something real
A faith which causes me to change. (But what's different now)
A spark is gleaming in my eye like diamond stars that fill the sky
I think a smile says it all
A smile says it all

The conversation presses on
As miles pass below, she said I have to let you know
You seem so different to me
There is a joy inside
The love of God is all I know from which this could originate

With one smile I could see, the faith we share inside
And I know that something's different today

I see what a smile can say about me
I know that words are not always what speak
Sometimes it's not what I say
That the world around me seems to understand


It's time for Short Answers again!

To join in, just ask the following 5 questions to the kid(s) in your life. Post their answers on your blog, then come back here and link up so we can read the brilliance of the child's mind!

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Where does electricity come from?

Silas: Oceans and electrical pills and…uh…don’t know. LIGHTNING! Because lightning is crazy, so it can make stuff crazy like arms. That’s why we don’t have electricity for arms, because we have muscles.

Jonas: Lights?
Yeah, but like where does it come from?
You mean like who makes it?
Yeah, that works.
Who made it? Um…I know God did.

Where does salt come from?

Silas: Well, the ocean. Because sea water…sea SALT. Or probably sand. Crush it up in little pieces and stick it in a little thing…that’s why it’s crunchy.

Jonas: People.
Because people make salt and then crush it and make it real small and put it in stores and stuff. And I definitely know how people make lamps.

How many years have you been alive?

Silas: 8. Pretty obvious.

Jonas: Um…like a lot of months. Like 2 days…Not 2 days. Like a hundred months. Well, not a hundred. It seems so long…but it’s not. I have been like a baby since I was like…wow. It is long…like 2 weeks. 2 years ago when I was a baby.

How much money does Daddy make?

Silas: More than twice as much as he does at the King of the Blues thing.

Jonas: 30 hundred…right? No, 20 hundred I think. Does he get 20 hundred? No, I think it’s 100. No! $34! Wait…is that too much?

What is your favorite kind of car?

Silas: American cars! But I also kind of like old cars…you know, like old Mustang awesome GT stuff. Like Xbox GT, Mustang GT and stuff. Jonas likes Bugs and stuff like that and trash stuff. If there was a car with wings, he would get one.

Jonas: Oh, a Mustang GT. I’ve been wanting one of those. I want like 3 fancy cars when I grow up. Like THREE. FANCY. CAR…S!

Edit: I forgot to add whose answers were whose! Oops! Sorry about that.


Kristin said...

Hahaha! Love those answers! I thought the money one was funny! $34?!! LOL! And Mustang GT is the perfect answer too =) Sorry I didn't have a chance to participate last week. It was our first night of dance and pretty crazy around here. I will try to do it today!

Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

Sorry I posted twice :(

Marissa Kayann said...

haha. those were great! I liked the sand salt one. ^_^
And the "$34...... wait is that to much?"
I can't wait to ask my sister these :D


Caroline said...

Great answers & the $34 was so cute. I really enjoy this it's fun to see what they say !!! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Those were so funny!

Short Answers is such a good idea! I love reading these. My younger sister is 15, almost 16, so I highly doubt they would work on her!

Marijah said...

I just started Short Answers on my blog today! (:

Your little brothers are too funny Abigail! (:

Bekah said...



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