A Fun Giveaway! And Friday is the New Thursday

Hello my lovely friends. Remember my friend Christina @ Pooh's Corner and how she made "100" using 100 candy corns for me when I reached 100 followers? Well, it seems she has an affinity for candy corn, because she's got a fun idea for a giveaway on her blog, using...you guessed it....CANDY CORN!

Here's the best part....Christina is giving away 3 prizes, and one of them is being saved for one of my personal minions. How awesome is that!? All you need to do is head over to her blog, tell her you're visiting from my blog, and guess the number of candy corns in the jar on her latest post. Whichever one of you is closest to the correct number of candy corns wins a prize! Fun stuff, right? Don't forget to tell her that you're visiting from my blog!

Now go and join in on the fun!

Now...I know I'm a little late for this, but it was just too fun and I had to join in. My friend Marissa @ A Peek Into My Life hosts this fun meme called Quirky Thursdays.

A Peek Into My Life

To join in, click on the button above.

This week's topic....

Your top 6 (or just 6) of your favorite characters from a movie.

You all know how I love movies. *giant smile* So, here goes! (In no particular order...)

(1) Mr. Edward Magorium from "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium"

I don't think there's ever been a more inspiring character in movie history--not to say he hasn't been matched, but he's definitely special. He has this distinguished wisdom about him, but its buried beneath a childlike exterior. Overall, I think Magorium has the perspective on life that I strive for.

"Life is an occasion....rise to it"
Mr. Edward Magorium

(2) George Banks from "Father of the Bride"

One of the most real characters in any movie that I've seen. Sentimental is probably the best word to describe him. His sarcasm is trademark to the nervous closure of one chapter of life, and progression into the next. Aren't we all like that?

(3) Lucius Hunt & Ivy Walker from "The Village"

I know that's two, but can you seriously separate them? I've got to admit...to those people who find Pride and Prejudice to be the most romantic story of all time--The Village tops the list for me.

Ivy Walker: When we are married, will you dance with me? I find dancing very agreeable. Why can you not say what is in your head?

Lucius Hunt: Why can you not stop saying what is in yours? Why must you lead, when I want to lead? If I want to dance I will ask you to dance. If I want to speak I will open my mouth and speak. Everyone is forever plaguing me to speak further. Why? What good is it to tell you you are in my every thought from the time I wake? What good can come from my saying that I sometimes cannot think clearly or do my work properly? What gain can rise of my telling you the only time I feel fear as others do is when I think of you in harm? That is why I am on this porch, Ivy Walker. I fear for your safety before all others. And yes, I will dance with you on our wedding night.

*sigh* :)

(4) Shrek

Um...need I say more?

(5) Roy O'Bannon & Chon Wang from "Shanghai Noon" and "Shanghai Knights"

I know I know...I'm just breaking the rules left and right--but it would be a CRIME to split these two up! Jackie and Owen...how much better could you possibly get?

(6) Clark Kent from "Smallville"

I was never a fan of the whole Superman franchise, but then I discovered Smallville. I've got to hand it to the people who made Superman, the alien, into a relatable Kansas farm boy! (P.S. I am aware that this is not a movie...but TV shows officially count.)

Aaaaand there are about 10 googillion more, but there are the 6 that were required of me. :D

Later Peeps!


Kristin said...

I entered the contest when I saw it on your mom's blog last night. It was a fun contest :)

Those are all great characters, although I must admit I haven't seen Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium before or Smallville. I don't watch movies that much anymore :(

Lynnette Kraft said...

All of those are great! I totally agree on Ivy and Lucian. Such beautiful romance. I also absolutely love George Banks. I love how sentimental he is. Reminds me of how Jared will be when he has a family. Ha!

Fun post sweets.
Happy 2nd Thursday.

Marissa said...

haha. I LOVE George Banks! =) He's SO hilarious.
So I haven't seen a few of those movies, Shanghai Knights, Smallville, Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium.
Now my interest is sparked....
The movie I REALLY want to see is the village!
OH man. I watched a pre-view online of it.... AH! Looks amazing! I'm going to have to watch it soon.

Thanks for joining in this week! =)

love ya!

Hannah said...

George Banks is great, and your totally right, he's SO sincere! I love the scene in the grocery store...*laughs*

Oh, yes, I'll have to add starbucks to my survival kit. *grins*

And also, thank you so much for your lovely comment! It was so encouraging and so very nice, so thank you! :) I'm glad that it comes across that way. =)

Love you, and God bless,


Hannah said...

One more thing...I love the new fall look for your blog! The red texture is so pretty...=)

Christina said...

You are so fun!

Miji said...
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Miji said...

Oh, Abigail! (:
Your posts are such fun and almost always are sure to make me laugh!
On #3, Lucas and Ivy from The Village.....hmmm, I saw it a few years ago, but can hardly remember anything about it except that it was odd and kind of creepy. Lol. I will definitely have to watch it again soon!

I hope you had an awesome week. (:


P.S. I know I still haven't picked out the stuff for you to makeover my blog..... :( I plan on asking my neighbor to help me with it today so I can finally figure it out, make a decision, and let you know! (:

Bekah said...

*laughs* LOVE Mr. Magorium. *sighs* he's AMAZING. :)
*laughs* Shrek... *shakes head* You gotta love 'em. And Donkey. :D


Kelly said...

I entered the contest using your name, even though I saw it on your mom's blog too...don't tell her I said that! :)

Great character choices! I love the Village!

Anna Gray said...

I entered Christina's contest, and I am going to do the quirky thursday too. :0)

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