Jackie Chan....is the MAN!

Jackie Chan's favorite number is 32!!!! Yay.

So there.

I'm really excited. Know why? Know why!?!? *spoken as Willy Wonka* Momma's Harvest of Friends Blog Party starts this Monday! Guess who I met through her last blog party? Only the lovely Marissa, who is now my tweeting/Starbuck's buddy! Yay. ^_^ So, you should definitely grab the button off of my mom's blog so you can join in! It's going to be awesome!

I'm feeling really really schizophrenic right now...I'm kind of wondering if I'm sleeping....don't think I am. Oh my word, I love the sound of the keyboard.

Ooh, I just remembered...I was nominated for a blog award! So, if you get a chance, skip on over there and vote for me! Or not, if you don't want to... :( lol.

The End.


Kristin said...

You're so funny! That is too weird that Jackie Chan's favorite number is 32!!!! Wow!

I think the blog party will be lots of fun too! I will head over and vote for you :)

Marissa said...

Are you joking? You favorite number is 32? haha! Sos' mine! Also the number 13 because no one ever likes that number. :D Pretty awesome.

Aw ^_^ I am really glad your mom had that blog party and told me about your blog. Other wise... I wouldn't know you!!!
I'm really excited for this one too! :D
Go Starbucks!!!!!! haha.

I went and voted for you yesterday =) The award defiantly fits you!

Love ya!

Christina said...

I can't wait for the blog party! hehe

Cassie said...

I just found your blog and it is WONDERFUL!!!

Blessings In Christ,

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