Short Answers - And 100 FOLLOWERS!!!

Yay! So happy! I just checked my blog and I finally hit 100 followers! You guys are awesome!

I'm still brainstorming the plan of action as far as celebration goes...but don't worry yourselves about it...I'll think of something. ;)

I'm super disappointed...I looked up 100 layer cakes, and this is what I found.

What kind of a cake is that!? I'm looking for some giant crazy awesome cake, and this is what I get?! What is this world coming to?...

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To join in, just ask the following 5 questions to the kid(s) in your life. Post their answers on your blog, then come back here and link up so we can read the brilliance of the child's mind!

What is soap made out of?

Silas: Milk, plants, cream…I bet? Is that it?
Well, no.
Oh. Well that’s good. Next.

Jonas: Soap? Water and soap. I’ve made it a lot of times.

Why does Batman wear a cape if he can't fly?

Silas: Fashion. I don’t know. Fashion.

Jonas: Just that it look cool. That’s what dad told me…and Si.

What's the hardest thing in the world to do?

Silas: Hm…carry the…carry a…house.
When have you ever carried a house?
Well then, how do you know?
Because they’re big and heavy and they have walls and they’re interesting…and they’re kinda big.

Jonas: Hm…um…building 3000 houses. That’s the hardest thing, right? Well, probably not. Ok, well digging all the way to outer space!

What’s something you wish you didn’t have to do?

Silas: Clean.
Why don’t you want to clean?
I don’t know.

Jonas: Um, clean. And school. And always have to doing these answer things!
(Jonas always has ants in his pants!)

If you had a blog, what would you name it?

Silas: Scooter’s Court!
That was quick. Have you thought about that?
Um, no.

Jonas: Um…Let me think for a second. The Blog Person. Yup.



Marissa said...

YAY! Congrats on 100 followers! I've got 10 more before I get to 100. I have no idea what I'll do when I get there... lol.
Thats really pathetic that thats the only 100 layer cake...I would expect something wacky too. Maybe I'll make some crazy cake with 100 layers just so there is one.... ^_^

=) I can't wait to ask Meredith the questions! She was SO funny last week. She came down stairs and said "Are you going to interview me?!?!" I said "Well Abigail is taking a break this week" She gave be a blank stare, then she smiled and said
"Marissa stop joking."
"I'm not! Abigail does the questions are she's taking a break this week"
"Marissa...there isn't really a girl named Abigail, you come up with the questions!"

I had to go on you blog and show her a picture of you and explain it about 10 times before she would leave me alone about it. It just made me laugh. =)

Have a great day! Hope you win that award! =)

Love ya,

Kristin said...

Oh, that's so hilarious! He wishes he didn't have to do these answer things. ROFL!! I love the batman answer too....it's all about fashion. Ha! I love hearing little boys' answers because they are so different from little girls, which is all I'm used to.

Happy 100 followers!!! That's so neat! Woo Hoo!!!!!!

Christina said...

I voted! And yum..........i want cake. hehe

Christina said...

PS. I love the fall tree out your banner window.

Aspiemom said...

Congratulations on your 100 followers! That's great!

Alexis said...

Oh, I love this. Your brothers are never allowed to grow up, okay? Love the first three questions. ;)

croleyc69 said...

I just love there answers especially Batman. Kids just amaze me with there answers. Congrats on 100 followers. I thought that cake was soooooooo cute. Have a great day !!

Whitney said...

Way to go on reaching 100 followers! I love the Q&A fun. I can't wait until my son is old enough to give me answer, but I can only imagine what they will be!

Holly said...

Congrats on 100!!! Wahoo!!!

Anna Gray said...

LOL! The cake looks hysterical.

Congrats on getting 100 followers and getting nominated (I voted for you)! That's so exciting! :0)

Becca said...

Congrats on reaching 100 followers. Which, by the way, you now have 105 followers!

I think it is so cute that Jonas said that he wish he didn't have to do "these answer things"! Such funny little guys!

Olivia said...

Congrats on 100 followers! That's just awesome. Maybe someday I'll have that many... maybe... ;) I really hope with my new blog to keep with my "serious" article type posts but also have a more personal feel and some more randomness. :)

Your brothers are so adorable! I seriously feel like I know your family so well... it's crazy! :D

Anonymous said...

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