Short Answers - Unspeakable Joy...

Chiropractor - Apparently playing the violin isn't very good for your back/neck. = 20 planned adjustments. O_O Yeah right...I'll be fixed in 8...

Orchestra Rehearsal - 3 hours of crazy violin work and a little talk of discouragement on my part, and encouragement on my family's part afterwards. = renewed perspective and some extra motivation.

Church - A few hours spent worshipping with fellow believers = A lovely afternoon, even with an evil cold.

And of course Starbucks, web design projects, etc. etc. etc. Just another few days in the blissful presence of my crazy, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, family. :)

Further proof of my family's awesomeness...

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Where does popcorn come from?

Silas: Corn off of uh…fields? That one’s easy.

Jonas: Um, you mean how do you make it?
Uh no, I mean where does it come from?
A machine? Right?

If you had to decide between eating brownies all day or going to the park all day, what would you choose?

Silas: Eating brownies. *grins* See, I like to eat all day…but I don’t like to play all day. It gets boring. Anyway, brownies are delicious.

Jonas: The park. I hate brownies. They taste weird with nuts and stuff. And too much chocolate for me. I hate chocolate.

What’s your favorite movie and why?

Silas: Huh. Star Wars is my favorite movie because it’s got all the cool sounds and all the flips and cool moves…and the colors. It’s cool.
But star wars is 6 movies.
Yeah, I like all of them.

Jonas: Because it’s action.
Well, what is it?
I have hundreds of them. Men In Black…Indiana Jones…and that’s it. And Spiderman and Batman.

What exactly is it that an author does?

Silas: Author?
Probably plublish his books? Is that right?

Jonas: What is that?
You know…books?
It makes you learn how to read? So it teaches you how to read? I have an author book what’s red and it’s an owl and it’s a two layer…I can read the whole book.

If you could look just like anybody, who would it be?

Silas: Anakin.
I don’t know. He just…he’s got a cool face.

Jonas: What?
If you could look just like anybody, who would it be?
James Bond. That’s all.
Because I like his costume, but I don’t like him. And I like his gun.


Unknown said...

Great perspective on things! I love their answers!

Kristin said...

ha!!! I always love their answers!

Linda said...

Ab, I am sorry that your neck and back have been bothering you. I hope that...as well as your cold will be better soon.

I enjoyed the little boys answers to the questions today. They are so cute. Tell them grandma loves them.

Tell your mom too. I am sorry that she is sick today.

I will pray for all of you.


Marissa Kayann said...

I believe it! ( that violin isn't good for you back and neck) I've never had to go to the chiropractor for it... yet anyway. I probably should....
Your family has to be the motivators. They are always motivating me. Friends put it a lot too.
Starbucks can bring joy in any situation. They should steal Wendy's frost motto "You can never frown while eating a frosty" Only I'd be "You can never frown while drinking Starbucks coffee" XD

Your brothers are hilarious! My favorite was Silas's Anakin one. "he's got a cool face." LOL!

I'd better hurry and post mine. =) you already have more people then last week.... I think. =)

Have a great day! Hope you get over your cold soon!

Love ya!

Olivia said...

WHAT?!?!?! Jonas hates chocolate? The crazy boy. Hopefully he grows into loving it.

Playing the violin really isn't good for your back/neck... neither is running into a tree skiing... add those two things together and I have a horrible back and neck. :( I've had one for almost 5 years though so I'm used to it. It really stinks that you're having back and neck problems, they really stink.

Marissa Kayann said...

Well I linked up this morning, and I guess I didn't work or something... weird. Anyway I linked up again =)

Kelly said...

I love this carnival! Kid's are so cute! :)

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

I love the questions you come up with your brothers seem like a lot of fun.

Tina said...

The sweet things children say. I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

i'm with silas. eat brownies all day? bring it on :q!

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