Short Answers....and I'm Pretty Sure My Parents Rock with a Vengeance

It's time for Short Answers again, but...first things first.

I would like to wish my dear mother (and bosom friend) a happy "what's-that-number?" birthday! No, I shall not disclose her age, because that would be rude of me....

Then again...I was never very tactful...


Ok, I came this close, but I really don't want to get whacked upside the head tomorrow morning, so I think I'll do my best to remain on her buttered up side for now. ;)

I was a bad blogger and didn't post on my daddy's birthday last Friday. So, I'll throw that in too--happy birthday to my perfectly incredible pops! ^_^

I would put up touching pictures of me being awesome with each one of them...but unfortunately all of my uber photogenic pictures of me are on my mom's computer...so you're going to have to settle for this totally un-adorable photo that I took several months ago...

Hm...I guess I'm a little disappointed in myself right now. Almost every paragraph in this post has started with the unintelligent interrupter "Hm..." the annoyingly overused "Ok..." or the stereotypically discouraged "I". I'm lame.

Anyways...since I obviously have nothing of any consequence to say, I'll leave you with this week's questions and my bros' crazy answers!

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How are you planning on staying healthy this winter?

Silas: Um…*clicks tongue*….uh…colloidal silver? Breathing colloidal silver. Barley green, sauna…number 4, that’s it.

Jonas: Going in the sauna…and taking colloidal silver and drinking water.

How do you spell CD?

Silas: Uh...C-D?

Jonas: C….no…S….
Ok, C….D….E-E. No, C-D….Y I think?

If you found a wallet full of money on your property, what would you do with it?

Silas: Spend it.
What would you spend it on?
Well, if it were a thousand dollars…’k…3 thousand and 55 trillion! I would spend it on a house, three mustangs, and a farm.

Jonas: I would put it underground where no one would find it. I would put it deeper so it would be in the Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Why do you sweat when you’re hot?

Silas: Um, I don’t know I guess you got water in your body and you have to. I don’t know. Because the flames of your water connect inside your brain and explode out your insects!

Jonas: Because….What do you mean? Well, I know why you have to sweat. Because it’s good to sweat because when you eat hot peppers, they’re kind of hot.

If you were a superhero, what would your name be?

Silas: Give me an hour….Super boy…..Ok, Bob….Bob the Hero. Because I like that name…and I like the name “Hero”…and…and…and I like “and”. And I like more of it. I know I’m going too far.

Jonas: Um…I don’t know. There’s many names that I know, so they’re all cool and I don’t know which one. Actually, I can’t even think of one. Um, what about…Super Jo? Or something?


Holly said...

Haha I love their answers to the money question

Kathryn said...

Ok, i love that you do this. I can't participate as i've no children in my life, but it is so much fun.

However, i have to say that i often find your questions every bit as amusing as their answers. What makes you think of such thing? Today it was "How do you spell CD?" that made me wonder . . .

Have a lovely day! :)

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday to both of your parents. I love that picture of them!

And the answers were so funny too. I'm so sorry I haven't been doing good about participating! I promise I'll try to at least ask Lily the questions in a minute!

Bekah said...



Marissa said...

haha. These were great! I liked the sweat one..
"Because it's good to sweat because when you eat hot peppers" haha!

can't wait to ask meredith these!

love ya,

Becca said...

AWE! That is such a sweet picture of your parents. Happy birthday to the both of them!

I love their answers. What silly boys! I really liked what they both had to say about the money question.

Have a great week!!!

croleyc69 said...

Great picture & Happy Birthday to both your parents. I love those boys answers soooooo cute. I really liked the money one. :)

Kate said...

The picture is awesome! Their answers are so funny! Have a great day!

Miji said...

Oh my, I loved these ones! (: Especially thier answers to the last one's "I know I'm going too far."

Thanks for your prayers Abi!
I hope to be up and posting again when I'm all better and feeling up to it....hopefully that'll be soon! (:

Love you!

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