There are a few disadvantages....

...to having 2 avid bloggers in the same house. You know the saying "Great minds think alike"? Well, think about how much truer that statement is when both of the "great minds" live in the same house.

I had my post aaaall planned out for last night. You see, I got a really cute video of Harrison with Mom's iPhone...but guess what happened...

I caught my mother last night posting the SAME THING!!!! Same video, no...she got her own, but the video is of the exact same thing!--that is Harrison quickly and efficiently navigating Mom's iPhone to find the latest preschooler app.

As cute as it was, I--like a lovely, respectful, and overall honorable daughter--let my mom have the topic, taking with me the satisfaction that I thought of it first and that I would get to write this post. So, my wrongs have been rectified...and I'm happy...until the next time it happens (please note, this happens quite often).

Buuuut...Oh, I can't help it. Here's the video I got of Harrison, just in case (1) you read my blog, and don't read my mom's (which would give me great satisfaction. heehee. Just kidding of course), or (2) you're curious to see whose video is better (of course, that is no mystery to me).

No, you're not hallucinating..you saw correctly--mother WAS sitting right next to me when I was getting that video. And afterwards I even said "Ooh! Great blog material!"...but she still claims it was completely accidental. Oh well...never fear, I'll get her back. ;)


Unknown said...

Well, dear ORNERY daughter! I didn't know that you were going to blog about it! You said you said that - but we're talking 'miss a lot mom' here. Common' - you are just plain CRUEL!!!!

Well, your video IS better than mine - I'll give you that - but I had a cute picture to go along with mine, so there. PLLLLL (That's my tongue sticking out and making loud tongue stick out noises!)

I promise to get your approval before posting each and every time (well, maybe) I HAVE given some topics to you, ya know. You really should be more patient with me. (snicker)

Well, I personally think people will understand... because really we DO blog about the same events and the same little people because they belong to both of us, right?

Love you dearie.

Alexis said...

I think it just goes to show how close you are as a family.

And your video was better. :)

Aspiemom said...

lol I haven't visited your mom's blog yet so I saw yours first! Very good! I'm sure it's the best!

I liked your mom's comment. You guys are so cute. I'm reading a Karen Kingsbury book right now and you guys remind me of the Flanigan's. Do you know who I'm talking about?

Kari said...

Moms! You know how they are :o) I will say we all enjoyed her photo of the 'toilet paper lady' she got on her iphone!

Kristin said...

Hahaha! Y'all are so funny! I never thought about the blog competition that might be going on over there :P Harry is adorable! I loved your video!

Tina said...

First I want to say that no matter whether it's written ONCE or TWICE from the same household, I LOVE READING BOTH OF YOUR BLOGS, no matter what.

And second, you are younger & faster right? So........... {need I say more?}

TEEHEE that was supposed to make you laugh , me trying to be funny! I know your mom is going to read this. And I love your mom like a sister. :) She will read that and "gasp". hehe I love you Lynnette.

this is for you Miss Abigail.....{one of the sweetest girls I know}.....even if you do steal your mom's blog ideas. {hehe} On the Friday before Halloween I am having a Contest/Giveaway on my blog.

So for your ORIGINAL blog post next Friday, if you send your friends over to my blog {they must say they came from 32nd Street}.... I will pick a winner from one of them too.

That means ONE winner from Pooh's Corner & ONE winner goes to 32nds Street friends of yours.

Whaddya say? Wanna play?

Marissa Kayann said...

Haha. Your hilarious. I'm sure if my mom got a blog, we would have that problem too. I keep telling her she should get one.... haha.

That video was SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! It made me smile =)

(and you vid. was better ^_^)

Love ya!

oh BTW how about we trade winters this year. You can have all the snow and I'll take the 3 snows. =) lol

Anna Gray said...

LOL! He is soooo cute! Loved the vid!

Also, thanks so much for your comment on my blog. It was very nice! I like getting the more 'encouraging' 'sweet' comments (like the one you posted)...not the mean ones like I've had before. :0)

Kristen said...

He's precious and ... Smart!

I enjoyed both posts! ;)

Barbie said...

Great minds think alike! I've really enjoyed your mom's blog over the last few months and recently found yours and I love it!

Linda said...

Hi Abigail. I am catching up on blogs today and I thought this was fun about you and your mom's great minds that think alike! But let's face it,...Harrison is just good blog material and you both have him there with you everyday, so it is only natural that he inspires you both~~~I AM SURE THIS WILL HAPPEN FROM TIME TO TIME. He is adorable. Give him a kiss from Papa~Meme!

Love you all.

RaD said...

Thought I'd pop by and say you did a great job designing the Shoulders blog and I like the design of yours as well!

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