The Best Things in Life Aren't Things...

...but the greatest thing about life is that God even cares about that! I just can't quit marveling at the idea that Christ knows and cares so much that He even arranges the extra little things for me.

You know what my Heavenly Daddy did for me?

He gave me Star Trek Voyager season 2...what's more, at an affordable price. I know so many of you simply cannot relate to that particular topic, but I have to tell you, that pretty much made my weekend. I found it in the middle of the Wal Mart electronics section. For the longest time I just stood there, staring with mouth agape at the DVD pack that held many of my childhood friends and memories. I was literally shaking as I hurried to finish up the rest of the grocery shopping with Mom so I could get home and revitalize my inner trekkie. Oh dear...it felt amazing.

So...I kinda sorta forgot about Short Answers again today. *sideways grin* But I figured instead of canceling altogether, I would just post all of the questions for YOUR kids to answer, and I'll post my brother's answers later on. Sound good?

...Good, cuz it's happening. heehee.

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If you could meet anyone on earth, past or present, who would you choose?

If you could be really good at one thing you're not very good at right now, what would it be?

What's the best dream you ever had?

What are the four basic food groups?

What's the difference between a cow and a bull?

Edit: Oh my word....I was SOOOOO tired when I was writing this, I think I made about a million goofs--one being that I forgot to put on the link up! Gosh. Thanks Charlotte for reminding me! Now, you should all remind me not to post at 1:00 am anymore...okie doke? heehee.


Charlotte Ann said...

You forgot to have it so we can link up...

Becca said...

So we will not be participating in short answers today. Autumn says that she does not feel like talking. We will be back next week hopefully!

I can't relate to the Star Trek love as I don't believe I have ever seen it. So glad you were able to get such a great deal!

Kristin said...

Ha!!! You're so funny! I do LOVE that God cares about even the littlest things that He knows will make us happy! That happened to me the other day when I got a free Starbucks. I was super excited too :D

Marissa said...

Haha! Your hilarious!
I can actually relate, because I too am a Star trek fan =) There awesome.

Can't wait to ask Meredith those! Should be FUN!!!!!!

love ya!

Blakelyn said...

I have something for you at my blog this morning!

Marissa said...

ach! So I'll have to post it later. I was up til like 5:30am trying to finish a paper for these classes that I do. And man am I tired. Only an hour of sleep and now I'm relly tired, so I'll have to post it... I don't know, could be friday. I did interview them, but I just havn't posted it yet... =) Meredith's answers were SO cute this week hehe.

love ya!

Anonymous said...

i love star trek!!!

Anonymous said...

i love star trek!!!

Anonymous said...

i love star trek!!!

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