Christmas Time Has Commenced

I seriously appreciate all of your amazing comments on my last post. :) They are so special to me, and I just want to give you all a big hug for being so sweet! Love you all!

On Thursday, we put up the Christmas tree...same as every other year for the past 5 years, in honor of Anna and with her picture sitting nearby. We all felt a sense of melancholy I'm sure, but the tree is always something we look forward to. It's a time to blast Christmas music and get kind of crazy with experimental vocalizations--to have an excuse to be overly sentimental--and most of all, to remember and realize the sweet feelings, memories, and sensations that Christmas always brings...wait...does that go along with shameless sentimentality? heehee.

Isn't it PRETTY!?

Some people would probably say it's a little messy...we've never been the type to have uniform ornaments or a color scheme, but it looks like kids decorated it, doesn't it? And to me, that just makes it all the more special. ^_^


croleyc69 said...

It's a very beautiful tree and such a nice way to remember your sister, Anna. A very beautiful little girl.
Your tree looks great and I love it when kids decorate cause it doesn't look like one in a store on display. It has it's own special touch.
Thanx for sharing !!!!

Marissa said...

It's defiantly a pretty tree!
Ours always looks like that too, only it's not that tall =) hehe. It's like 6 feet or something. =) I love putting up our christmas tree, it's always a blast!

love ya!

Hannah said...

Your tree is DEFINITELY beautiful--and the tradition behind it even more so. :)

Our tree ends up looking like a mish-mash, because we have everything from home-made ornaments to glass ones...it comes with having little siblings. Besides, who cares if you put up a gingerbread cookie ornament you made when you were five? It has sentimental value--and that's why its up. =)

Love & Blessings,


Christina said...

How beautiful is that? Such great memories being made. Enjoy each moment.

Linda said...

Oh Abigail I LOVE these pictures sweety. They evoke warm fuzzy feelings! (:>)

You are sentimental and I love that about you. Pretty much I love EVERYTHING about you granddaughter.

Can't wait to go to your concert tomorrow!!!!!!!

Love, Grams

Anonymous said...

I think it is beautiful!!!! Just like your family!!


Kate said...

Lovely! It's a Kraft Family original!

Lauren Anne said...

very nice! looks better than ours!

Kristin said...

That's my favorite kind of tree, Abigail. Ours is the same. I let the girls decorate it with all our handmade ornaments from over the years, old ornaments that have special meaning from when we were kids. Those are the most special kind of trees, I think. While the uniformly decorated ones are beautiful, they just don't hold the same special meaning to me as a good old-fashioned tree. I think yours looked beautiful!

Have I mentioned how much I am LOVING my new website design??? :D

Anna Gray said...

LOL! Funny thing, as I was looking at the pics of your Christmas tree, before I saw that you wrote 'isn't it pretty?,' I was thinking how beautiful it looked! Don't ya love the Christmas season?

My mom's such a stickler about not putting anything Christmas up until after Thanksgiving (it's all she can do not to put everything up BEFORE Thanksgiving)...but this year...let's just say she's really feeling the Christmas spirit....we think we are going to put everything up this week. LOL!

You and your fam have inspired us. :-D

Anna Gray said...

P.S. That tree is HUGE! :0D

RaD said...

I personally don't like the trees with the color schemes and the matching ornaments, it's just not personal enough. It's too commercial. Our Christmas tree is much like yours with different ornaments that might tell a story or two (baby's first Christmas, the ones I inherited from my grandma's collection after she passed away, the one my second grade teacher made me with my name on it, the ones my kids made in preschool, etc.) It's the story of us, as I'm sure yours is, and each ornament you pull out probably gives you a smile as you remember when and where or who it came from. Thanks for sharing that beautiful tradition. What a great thing to do to honor a loved one.

Joshua said...

Hey, I like your "messy" tree. It reminds me of ours, except we have less balls and more of other things. And we usually don't set it up until December. My grandmother's the type that makes her tree look all serious and fancy. It's not nearly as cool.

Kelly said...

Such a beautiful tree! I'm sure it was a blast decorating it with your family :)

crystal theresa said...

beautiful tree.

Anonymous said...

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