You know those days when somehow all day you've been making unrealistic plans for your future? Well, I've been having one of those days. I've been daydreaming!

I want to one day become a brilliant violinist and play my brother's beautiful music in an orchestra...

I've fashioned up a lovely theme for my wedding day, I'll wear a brilliant pair of Converse high tops and have a vintage style wedding. I want my groom to wear designer jeans, and I will be wearing something like this.

I wish that someday I could live somewhere by the beach. I would loooove to live on the coast. :)

Oh, I know most of that will probably never happen...but daydreaming is so much fun sometimes! It's no wonder kids do it so often--when there's nothing pressing on your mind, sometimes there's nothing more entertaining or thrilling than dreaming up the future. So, there's my inner 5 year old for the day! :)

Thanks for bearing with my ooey gooey-ness...I think I should write Hallmark cards, eh? Well, Hallmark cards for the strange and bizarre sentimentalists of the world--Ok, not much of a market. :P

Aaaand I'm ramblings...


Jenilee said...

I love this post! How fun to day dream! :) and your pictures are great too. :)

Blakelyn said...

What makes you think all those things can't happen? My dream growing up was to get married on a beach with just my close friends and family there. Two years ago, I got married in Hawaii with exactly those people! Dreams are only unrealistic if you aren't willing to make them come true :)

Linda said...

Daydreams are fun. Keep on dreaming sweet Abigail. I still do it and I am 59. (:>)

I agree with Blakelyn's comment,...daydreams can come true.

God does say that He will give us the desires of our hearts when they line up with His will, and when we first seek things of the Lord.

Your dreams are possible. I liked the dress. (:>)

Love, Grams

Hannah said...

Daydreams are very fun...and your wedding outfit sounds awesome. ^^

Rambling posts are also fun...it was really fun to read. ^^

Love & Blessings,


Marissa said...

Daydreaming is fun! =) I do it often.

Your wedding outfit sounds awesome!!!!!!! Converse are amazing! And you wanting to wear those reminds me of the father of the bride. lol =D

I would love to live on the beach someday too. In fact I did for about 2 years, we lived in Michigan and had a house near the lake, we could see if from our house, and all we had to do was walk to the end of our street and down some steps and ta-da! the beach! It was awesome. I miss it. A LOT.

I think random rambling posts are pretty awesome. So I enjoyed this =D

have a great day! Love ya!

Christina said...

I could totally see you in that wedding dress & Converse. hehe

Kristin said...

I LOVE the shoes and the dress!!!! Perfect!!

I think dreams are so important!!

Kelly said...

It's so fun to dream!! I love the Converse shoes and dress...perfect!

Olivia said...

Haha, you amaze me Abs! I love those Converse and the dress is super cute. :) I find it so entertaining that us girls can know exactly the dress we want as our wedding dress. I want a short sleeved (preferably capped sleeve), off white, simple dress that is a mix between the 1700s and 1950s... think Jane Austen mixed with Audrey Hepburn. :D

Veronica said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with dreaming! As for wanting to live on the coast, you should come to CA. I have lived here my whole life and love it!

P.S. Congrats on getting your driver's license! :)

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