I completely forgot about Short Answers last night (again)! So sorry everybody! I was so caught up in trying to get my orchestra videos on my computer that I spaced it. And I haven't even gotten the videos to work yet...so my brain is just evil right now.

Well, I'll post with something substantial later on...like perhaps my orchestra videos (that is, if I can get them to work). *sigh* Later peeps!


croleyc69 said...

That's ok I have been busy and just when I read it I thought oh yeah this is Tuesday. It's the wonder the kids didn't remind me they love it soooo much. Take care and don't stress it's Thanksgiving week anyway.

Marissa said...

hehe. I thought so =) thats okay though! It's Thanksgiving week =)
Oh man! I hope you can get the videos to work!!!!!! It would be sad if they don't work! =(

love ya! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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