Orchestra Concert etc.

So, after much trial and error...I FINALLY got my orchestra videos to work! Yay! These three videos make up the full performance, but if you don't want to hear the whole thing, you should at least listen to the last one. It's too fun!

I admit...I've got the after orchestra blues. We turned our music in directly after performing on Sunday, and the sense of loss was felt as I handed it over. All of the reminders I'd scribbled in between the lines...all of the notes which I'd spent hours and hours learning, memorizing, practicing...all of it was gone, and in a few months I won't remember how to play those pieces. It makes me terribly sad to think about--but, we're getting next semester's music sometime at the end of next month...I can't wait to see the trial and triumph that await me! It's going to be fantastic.

Oddly, I think one of my very first motivations to work harder with the violin was when a small blister formed on my neck. I know it sounds weird...but it was my first moment of pride. The first time I felt like I'd practiced enough to pat myself on the back. It's really an adrenaline rush when you can feel yourself working and getting better. The correlation between hard work and success is intoxicating.

But enough about that--I'm sure my family's getting sick of hearing about the violin. heehee. This is my hundredth post on Rear Window. That's nifty.

And this is just really random, but I had to show you this precious picture I got of JoJo. :))))))

*sigh* I love my family.


Lynnette Kraft said...

I LOVE that picture of Jonas! What a cutie! :)

Your orchestra concert was amazing and I'm very proud of you (in a good way of course, hee hee).

I think your readers will be very impressed with the videos.

Love you dearie.

Christina said...

20 seconds into your concert & I was getting goosebumps on top of goosebumps. Such beautiful music. Thank you for sharing it with us. And by the way... you are SOOO talented!

Is that your mom's camera clicking in the background? hehe

Christina said...

Oh I forgot to say, LOVE THE PICTURE OF JONAS! hehe

Alexis said...

I've never been to a real concert before, and you make me really want to see one. That was awesome, Ab! I wish we lived closer. I would come to your next one. I'll come back to watch the second one later. :)

crystal theresa said...

you guys sound great! and that is a beautiful pic of your little bro bro ;).

Lexi said...

oh my goodness Abigail!! The concert sounded amazing! WOW! soo pretty! The violins sounded extra fantastic of course! =)

Great shot of Jonas! You take amazing pics and I love looking through your photography!

Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

((Jesus Hugs!))

Linda said...

Hey Ab...congratulations on your 100th post. isn't blogging fun? It is almost a year for me and I can't believe I still love it so much. I especially love the nice people I have met.

I loved the wonderful picture that you posted of Jonas. He is such a handsome boy. (Proud grandma here). And you are a great photographer.

The concert was awesome, and I am glad to relive it here with your video.

I am proud of you and of your hard work. It was so worth it sweetie. You did great! (As I said I am a proud...and thankful grandma)!

Have a good day...and a safe trip tomorrow to Abilene.


Hannah said...

I'm listening to your concert as I type this--and I gotta say, it sounds great. =)

Motivated by a blister, eh? Ha, sounds familiar. After an hour and a half dance class and a half hour of pointe, one of my toes was bleeding, and I was so proud of it. Bleeding toes and blisters. What fun conversational items. ^^

Love the picture of Jonas--he's so cute. Looks a lot like your momma. ;)

Glad the concert went well, though--sounds great. :)

Love & Blessings,


Marissa said...

Your orchestra is AMAZING! It sounded great!
It really makes me wish that I played in a orchestra like that. Being challenged in that way would be REALLY good for me. Right now, the ensemble of ONLY violins I'm in is not challenging what so ever. A few little things are, but I hardly ever practice the songs except one, and it's like no big deal. That sounds REALLY bad, but it's true.

okay now I have to go practice until I get a blister. =) lol I have never gotten a blister from practicing, black fingers, yes. Sore arm, yes. But blisters, no.

I always found it sad as well when we had to turn in our orchestra pieces too. We would work SO hard on them, have one concert, and never touch the music again. It's really kinda sad. (I'm talking about an orchestra I used to be in Michigan)

I actually don't mind you talking about Violin so much. Maybe it's because I can relate to it all =)

Your brother is to cute! He looks a lot like your Mom ;-)

Congrats on 100 posts!

Have a great Thanksgiving Abigail!

love ya!

croleyc69 said...

Great music and wow you are talanted.
Great picture of your brother. :) He is a cutie !!!
Congrats on your 100th post.
Have a wonderful, Awesome Thanksgiving !!!!

Anna Gray said...

I would watch/listen to the vid, except that when I started watching it at my house last night, it started freezing up and we were about to leave for SC.
I also would watch it right now, except that my grandparents' computer doesn't have sound! Urgh. Oh well, I will watch it when I am home again. :0)

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you and your fam have had a GREAT day! :0D

Kyle Kraft said...

Ab, You worked very hard and did an outstanding job!!! You make me a very proud papa! love ya bunches!!

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