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I need me some of that...
I've got an orchestra performance this Sunday, and I've been working like CRAZY to be ready for it. Besides that, I finally got my license last week! Yay! So, needless to say...I've been very busy. Should I take up yoga? *taps chin thoughtfully* Hm...

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What are the benefits of going green?

Silas: What do you mean?
You know like doing stuff that’s good for the environment.
Umm…envilo-o-n….what? What does environment mean?!
Um, it’s like the atmosphere, like nature.
What’s the nature of the color green?

Jonas: You already asked Si that. *raises hand* RAIN! Right!? *grins really big* When grass has lots of grey dust on it, rain can spill all of the dust off.

How do remote controls work?

Silas: Ok, there’s this flat green thing with thorns that stick up, and um…um….an orange cord, an white cord, a blue cord, and a red cord, a silver cord, a couple more whites, another blue, and another red…and um….batteries, aaaaand Jonas would say electricity wouldn’t he? *giggles*

Jonas: Batteries.
Right, but how do they work?
A machine, right?
Yeah, but how does the machine work?
I don’t know. I’ve never broke a control and looked in the machine. You plug it in. You get this machine thing, you put the batteries in, and then there’s a giant cord and it plugs everything in. That’s a machine, right?!

Where do they make Coca Cola?

Silas: Coca Cola? You mean like the pop? Yup. Lots of places. Um, let me see. McDonalds, um…ummmm…what is it? Kwik Shop, aaaaaand uuuuumm….*sigh* let me think. I don’t know…that’s the only places I know. OH! And uh, Pizza Hut!

Jonas: Um…water?
Yeah, but I said ‘where’.
Out of the thing.
What thing?
New York? Is that true, New York? POP! Starbucks!

If you had to define your mom in one word, what would it be?

Silas: Hm. Mom. *laughs*

Jonas: One word? What do you mean? Say it slowly.
*repeats question*

What about your dad?

Silas: Dude. *does the Vulcan “live long and prosper” sign with his hand*

Jonas: D-A-D-D-Y…and then D-A-Y….no wait, don’t do that. Do this…D-A-D. And then it says Daddy after that. I’ll tell you how to write it: D-A-D-D-Y.


Linda said...

Abigail, you must have a blast living with those little boys! They are so much fun. (:>)
Loved the answer about the rain washing off the dust on the grass! Ha!!!

I hope you can get some rest and relaxation soon honey. And I just can't wait to go to your concert on Sunday.

Love you lots!


Megan said...

he he he!!! I can't wait until Marissa does our little sister!


Kristin said...

That is so funny!!!!! I love the Mom and Dad answers. Ha!!

Good luck at your concert!!!

Marissa said...

I could use some good relaxation right now too....
Good luck on your concert! =)

Those questions were HILARIOUS! Your little bro's answer are TOO funny! I was laughing out load! =)

Have a great day! A great some relaxation in okay? Go to starbucks or something =)

Love ya!

Bekah said...

*starts laughing*
Ha! They are so cute. :)

Love ya!

Hannah said...

Ahh...relaxation...what a pretty thought! ^^

*laughs* Ha, ha, ha...your brother's answers are so funny. Totally cute. And I LOVE the coca-cola one. That's too great. ;)

Love you, & blessings,


Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

Wow, that is a lot of wires!!! Congrats on your license that is great!!! Hope all goes perfectly on Sunday!!

Anna Gray said...

LOL! I love reading Short Answers. Your brothers seem hilarious!

Congrats on getting your license! I still have...hand on let me count...3 more years before I can get mine. Urgh. Oh well, life FLIES by. :0)

Anna Gray said...

Oh, and by the way I put 'hand on' I meant to say 'hang on'. Sorry, whenver I do a typo, I HAVE to correct it. :0)

Anna Gray said...

Oh yea, and 1 more thing. I would link up, but I keep forgetting to ask the Q&A to some 'small kids.' :-)

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