Picture This...

You're walking down a brick sidewalk; you can hear yours and several others' heels hitting the ground as you walk. You can see your breath in the air, so you pull your seasonally colored scarf closer to your face as you quicken your pace, heading towards your favorite coffee shop at a street corner about two blocks away.

As you enter the modern, sleek, and still inviting building, warmth floods your being, sending a rosy color to your cheeks. You wait in line just long enough to make the never quite made up decision between something old and something new. You settle on the new holiday special--a triple shot peppermint mocha with unnecessary chocolate shavings on top that somehow just make it that much more appealing.

Sipping the liquid comfort, you open the glass portal to the outdoors, which now feels about half as cold as it did before. The sun peeks out from behind a tall building, sending warm rays down to meet your skin. With a renewed vigor in your step, you charge onward to your ultimate destination--the charming little book store which conveniently is only one block and a crosswalk away from your previous stop.

Approaching the store, you see a young boy turned backwards on a wooden bench and perched up on his knees so he can see inside the far window--a large and detailed toy train chugs along a world of cotton balls and tinsel on the other side of the glass. Taking one last look at the adorable curly haired child, you step inside and are greeted by the sound of a bell ringing above your head and saxophone lazily, beautifully ringing through the speakers across the room.

Welcome to my mind...my home...

As long as I have my imagination, I don't care if I live in the flatlands of Kansas, the metropolis of New York, or the thick forestry of Washington. I have a home...and it follows me wherever I go.


Lexi said...

You write so vividly..its beautiful! Made me in the mood for a big hot chocolate! =)

Adorable pic of Harrison! Love that little guy!


Stephanie @ dirtandlace.com said...

Beautiful writing!

Marissa Kayann said...

My goodness Abigail. You can to write! You defiantly have the touch of painting pictures with words. Unlike me. I have to work at that. I defiantly think you could write a book. =) And It'd be wonderful because you're so good at writing! ;D

love ya!

Kristin said...

Okay, you have to write a book, because I could picture everything you were describing, and I was thinking, this is like my perfect day that Abigail's talking about! :) And about the coffee decision, that was so me yesterday. I was like, do I try the peppermint mocha or stick with the pumpkin spice latte? Life's decision are hard! LOL! I'm going to be adventurous and try the peppermint one next time!

Olivia said...

I loved it Abs!

Also, I just had the Peppermint Mocha yesterday at Starbucks... yummy! I knew you MUST be talking about Starbucks when I heard you mention it. :D

Hannah Nicole said...

Ah...so wonderful. So beautiful--and so--real. You COULD write a book, y'know. Or do a devotional book. That'd be great. :)

Loved the post, Abs. ;)

Love & Hugs, (and now longing for that Peppermint Mocha--the chocolate shavings DO make it all the better ^^)


Naomi said...

That was wonderful!...And gorgeous! I love that type of writing-I need to do more of it. :)

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