Short Answers is NOT over!

Yay! I'm so happy! Short Answers is not gone forever! Wouldn't you know it...God worked it all out just perfectly. So, from now on, Short Answers will be hosted here. I hope you'll all continue to participate...I certainly will when I can! :)

So....snow is in the forecast for next Tuesday!!!!!

That's fantastic, except my guess is that it won't snow, and we'll have multiple frigid days before the white bliss finally makes its way to the ground. :( Oh winter...where art thou sweet essence?

Oh...speaking of snow...and *giggle* Christmas, I'm getting ready to make over my blog Christmas style! I just finished up my momma's too. Want one??? Check out my prices here.

Just so you know...I think my brother looks like a Land's End model...is that weird?

What? Am I lyin'!? He totally does!


Charlotte Ann said...

I checked out your momma's blog and I love the design, and I checked out your photography design and I must say that you are very talented. I will be hitting you up pretty soon to design my photogrphy blog... by the way; I agree about your brother looking like a Land's End model... :)

Lexi said...

Horray for Short Answers!! =D Soo exicited they will be back!

CAN'T WAIT to see your new header!! lol will there be snow involved?? =)

I also agree with you..Jared does kinda look like one of those Lands End models. haha too funny!

Love ya!


Marissa Kayann said...

Yay! So glad it's not gone! I would have totally taken it over... but you know =) Busyness.

So I was wondering, can I order just a header from you? Or would I have to buy the whole makeover thing?

Haha. Yes I agree. Jared does look like a Land's end model. lol.

love you!

Unknown said...

That picture of Jared is cool. That's when we all looked to the side to watch Truman chase the rabbit huh? Funny! You just cropped him out huh?

Glad somebody is taking over Short Answers. It was a fun idea - and especially the name - who DID come up with that awesome name for it? Oh wait - that was ME! :)

Love ya.
PS Can't wait to see your Christmas makeover.

Kristin said...

I LOVE your Mom's new blog makeover!!! You're so funny about your brother. It does look like a page right out of their catalog. We may get snow here in TX today.....miracle! The whole City of Houston will shut down if one flurry hits the ground. It's so hilarious! They're even letting out school at lunchtime today and the girls are so excited! :)

Hannah Nicole said...

Oh, yes. Snow is fun--very fun, until it becomes slush. That or it freezes and loses the white brilliance. Why couldn't it just forever stay untainted? Light, fluffy blankets of it?

I love your Momma's blog look. Can't wait to see what you do with yours. ^^

Ha, yeah, he kinda does. That IS funny. ;)

Love & Blessings,


Bekah said...

YAY! I'm so glad that Short Answers isn't dead. (this reminds me of a conversation I had with Hannah [Aspire] and some of my friends. She was like "Yeah, and then my character dies...but not quite! He comes back...and then he almost dies again...but he's only MOSTLY dead! He comes back!" Random, I know...)

Your Momma's blog looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! (SO excited for yours!! And its so awesome how you put her ahead of you. *high-fives you* (I'm in a high-fiving mood today ^^)

And yeah, he does! That is SO weird!! :)

Love ya,

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