Oh, the Lengths to Which I Will Go

Remember that snow I was talking about? Well....it came. In great abundance, I might add. So, I--your beloved friend, Abigail--decided to do something completely insane.

You often hear people talking about all of the crazy things they'll do for a great picture. Basically, I'm almost positive I've topped the list.

Do you see those sleeves (or rather, lack thereof)? I went outside, in 15 degrees, snow blowing from every direction, dressed in a sleeveless formal....and I took pictures using the timer on my camera and a tripod.

My personal favorite...

It doesn't look very painful, does it? Well, this is what I looked like most of the time.

Yeah...trust me, it WAS painful.

Afterwards, it took me five minutes to get enough feeling back into my hands to untie my shoes (it was still really really hard)...then I walked upstairs and got freaked out about hypothermia, so I started blasting loud music.

I'm ok now.

*shiver* The things I'll do for you guys. ;)



Did you think I was talking about the solo? HA! I gotcha! No, I haven't even auditioned for solos yet--so I laugh. XD

...but you know what I did get??? Huh? Huh?

I got my new lens!!!

It's the same as the other one I've been using, but I'm ecstatic, because Mom and I have been sharing her one lens for weeks, and it's been driving us nuts! You know what else this means? It means I get to take this one picture that I've been wanting to take FOREVER! You'll have to wait to see what it is, because I need to wait until the outdoor conditions are absolutely perfect. Heehee...I feel sneaky. I guarantee though...you guys are going to L-O-V-E it!

Guess what else...it's supposed to snow today. HELLO! That's just awful, and I strongly dislike it. Snow is amazing...snow is pretty snow is fun snow awesome. But snow is not welcomed at the end of January. Just yesterday, I was outside with Harry, and it was warm enough to tear off all of the extra layers.

Harry's ready for Spring!

Oh well though...We shall live.

By the way--I just finished re-designing my blog boutique! Check it out, and let me know what you think! :)



Fine, you guys talked me into it! I played my audition spots from Capriccio Espagnol for my family today, and I did have my mom record the solo that I really really really really really want to get. I'm glad I decided to play it in front of them, because it was surprisingly difficult with eyes on me! I'm going to continue playing for them throughout the week so that I can get used to it. Gah! I hate having these stupid nerves!

So, this is the ONE. The one that would absolutely fly me to cloud 32, if I got it.

In other news...several months ago, my mom mentioned a "Chum Gathering" that she wants to have this June. Wouldn't that be totally awesomely fantastically fun?!?! Oh my word! I'm DYING to meet you guys! The paradoxical tentative and yet final date is June 19th, 2010!

So, you comin'?

Yup....you should come. ;) Cuz like...I love you more than a million pepperoni pizzas! (...And seeing as I'm craving one of those right now, that's a LOT of love, people!)


"A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words"

Oh boy, have I found this statement to be true! Or rather "A picture elicits a thousand words." I've got this HORRIBLE problem! I need pictures in order to blog! Without pictures, I'm uninspired, boring....and let's face it...it's just not fun to read my stuff!

My new camera lens is taking its time getting here--as a matter of fact, it hasn't even begun its journey across the universe (okay okay...the country) as of yet. Just as my head was starting to fall into my hands in utter defeat, I remembered something.

Mom and I used to share a camera! So, whyyyyy can't I just keep using that for the time being? I ran out of legitimate excuses why I shouldn't just tell it like it is and label myself as temporarily idiotic, so this afternoon I was back at it. And my brother wasn't too happy to have the demanding photographer back.

I even bribed him! Can you believe that! Of course, he probably just knew that I would totally love this picture, and decided that he would go ahead and follow through--for the greater good, right?

Silas and Jonas are at a creative peak, let me tell you! Today, I think they were cowboys, archaeologists, Robin Hood and his Merry Men, and secret agents.

Despite my strong dislike for all things country, cowboy, etc.....It does look pretty adorable on my bro-bros.


Ok, so about orchestra auditions (a week from Saturday)....I've been working really super hard, and I'm going to start playing the audition spots for my family this weekend. I want to get the hang of them while playing in front of people. It's kind of my tendency to get sucked into my own little world while I'm practicing, which is great! But I want to be able to get the same results while playing for other people. So, thank you SO much for your prayers! :)

And now, I bid you adieu, my beloved!


Need I say more?

Oh, the digital age....isn't it beautiful? Washing machines, computers, TVs.....and cameras that allow us to take as many pictures as we want until we get a good one! You know what that means? It means oodles and oddlets of crazy pics that we have no intention of publicizing! Or do we?

I was trying to get a cute and quirky pic of JoJo in a cute a quirky hat...

...but THIS is what I got!

Remember this one?

THIS is what he looked like when I approached with the camera...

Look at this sweet one I got of Mom and Dad on their anniversary. AWWW!!!!

...but then again, look what we had to go through to get there...

*Double Take*

Oh, and remember that fun photoshoot I had with the li'l bro-bros last fall? Well, telling them to "look cool" isn't always enough.

I won't even attempt to be witty on this one....no words can describe the fear I feel looking into my own dense stare. *shudder*

Hm....I look pretty fat too.

Now, I KNOW you have some insane pics to post on YOUR blog, so please do, and then hop onto my momma's blog and link up so that everyone can see!

Later peeps!

P.S. My violin teacher gave me permission to audition for solos in orchestra!!!! YES! I'm so excited! More about that later. ^_^


The Will, The Desire, The Urge....To Achieve

Her dreams were dashed in that one moment; the moment when she knew that she couldn't live up to her goals.

Isn't this the most disgusting kind of disappointment? The kind which we, alone, so carelessly place on our own brittle spines? Every time I disappointment myself, the effects are a million times more devastating for me than when inflicted by another. Because the moment that I don't take a leap of faith and just try--if nothing else--try to achieve my goals, is the moment that I die a little bit inside.

The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again.
Proverbs 24:16
Why was this one so difficult? Why couldn't she jump in faith like she had other times? She knew the answer to these nagging questions, but she couldn't stop asking them, because to make them quit would be to admit to her greatest weakness--her cripple.

I can be disciplined...I can be bold and determined. The problem is that when it isn't just "me", a couple of factors come into play--they are my shackles. I can't get myself to verbalize what I'm thinking. I'm a passionate person, but my passion suffocates me when I can't get it out. The only way I have of getting it out is by writing. That's when the second immobilizing factor comes in--pride. Humility tells me that no matter what other people think, I need to make known these things that beat on the walls of my mind, but Pride tells me that looking passionate will just make me look stupid.

Idly, she sat--fingers fiddling with random items on the table in front of her. Try as she may, nothing could keep her mind off of what she needed to do. Finally, she stood...

So, what do I do? I try to disregard it--"I'll have tons of times to rectify the results of this decision." I tell myself. But conscience and mind will have none of it. So...I JUST DO IT.

"Message Sent" the computer reads. Now, it's just the waiting game...

"What is this all about anyway!?", I'm sure you're asking. Well, I had violin lessons today. I planned to tell my teacher how much I wanted to audition for orchestra solos and ask her permission to do it. I walked in, stars in my eyes...but then we started lessons--and though I had practiced for hour upon hour, I couldn't play anything. I was SO disappointed, and by the time I left I just couldn't bring myself to ask her for permission. I felt I had ruined my opportunity.

I told my mom what had happened and she encouraged me...But after twiddling my thumbs for about an hour, I decided that I couldn't rest until I emailed my teacher and asked her (no matter how crazy I looked) if I could audition. She responded encouragingly--so, tomorrow I'm going to have an hour lesson to see if it's at all possible for me to be able to audition in 3 short weeks. It's taking some major humility to tell you all this, because I honestly don't know if I can do it...and even if I do, chances are I won't get a solo. But what is life if you can't seize those little opportunities to do something that will do your inner being such a service? PRAY PEOPLE! Please please pray. I don't need a solo (though, that is the ideal resolve to all of this madness), but I so desperately want to be given the chance to try.

....but playing a solo would be a dream come true. ;)


New New New....

Well, whatcha think? You likey the new lookey? I absolutely ADORE this kit! Isn't it just fun and quirky and amazing?

Thank you SO much for all of your encouraging comments on my last post! You've all been such a help to me already! The morning after posting that, I set my alarm (*gasp*) and woke up at 7:45 a.m....Yup, you heard right. ABIGAIL woke up at 7:45 am. Aren't you proud of me? (Well, I know a bunch of you wake up at like 5:45 every morning, but It's a miracle for me to wake up before 8:30. Ha!) I dug straight into the Word after my shower, and you know what I read???

9 How long will you lie there, you sluggard? When will you get up from your sleep? 10 A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest- 11 and poverty will come on you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man.

Proverbs 6:9-11

So, after a few fist pumps and attempts at patting myself on the back, I continued on with my day. I haven't touched sugar or grain since I posted (went to Starbucks and had an unsweetened latte), and so far I haven't had any detox symptoms....I'm sure they're coming, but I'm thankful that I don't have them yet! lol.

I also practiced violin for 2 hours (and change) today and yesterday. It feels so good to do that, because you can actually see yourself improving throughout the practice time. So rewarding!

I wish I had pictures to share with you all today, but sadly with all of the camera transition stuff, I haven't been able to get any lately. :( Oh well though...I'll have a bunch to share with you all as soon as we get lenses and such sorted out!

Ta Ta For Now!


Don't Laugh...

Ok, I’m back to my blogging, and still partially sane….partially. Isn’t it ironic that Christmas “break” can be the busiest time of my year? But still…it was fun.

Now, I won’t call it a “resolution”….don’t you think that word cheapens things? But, I have a few goals for 2010. First of all, I want to get really super-dee-duper-dee fit. I’ve weighed the same since I was 11 years old (with maybe a 10 pound fluctuation), been this tall since I was 11 years old, and I promised myself years ago that before I entered adulthood—and consequently, ran out of time to do it—I would work myself into shape. So, I have a game plan. I think I’ll keep you all updated on my workout/diet, and let you know some of my goals for myself. I find it FAR too easy to talk myself out of fulfilling those types of goals, but if I have you all as accountability, I’m seriously thinking this might work. (Well….we’ll just say hoping. lol.) I’m not sure what I’ll do for a workout yet…that might take me a few days to figure out. As for the diet...well, no more "a-candy-candy", as Harry would put it. Ha! (Of course, that lolli was organic.) ;D

Next, I want to become a crazy awesome violinist (or something like that), and make it into at least 2nd violins (but working hard for 1st) in Youth Symphony (the orchestra above the one I’m currently in). This is the last year I can be in the youth orchestras, so I have to get in, or I’ll lose my chance forever….and I’m completely sure I won’t let that happen. So, here’s me promising you, myself, and Jesus that I will give it my all, and all of it for the glory of God.

Most importantly…I will attempt to follow every prompt from the Holy Spirit. I tend to let my own plans and desires plug my ears, rendering me incapable of listening to His plans for me. Isn’t it sad how we do that? Even if this overrules any of my other goals, I will follow his leading to the furthest extent that my feeble humanity will allow. This is a constant struggle for me…and I know I can’t be perfect (won’t ever be close)….but to experience a vivid change from day to day due to my spiritual growth is a necessity. So, rather than calling this a goal for 2010, I’d like to call it a daily prayer.

You know what’s like….AMAZINGLY exciting? My mom bought a new camera for herself a couple of days ago, so as soon as she gets it in the mail….*squeals*….her other one is mine!!!!! What a great way to document my great aspirations for the big 1-0, right?

Anyway….my great adventure starts tomorrow morning. On my to-do list:

  • Start my morning in the Word

  • Do my wretched fantastic school

  • Cut refined sugar and grains out of my diet (ouch)

  • Practice violin for 2 hours (balancing that and workout is going to be….nigh impossible.)

  • Begin evaluating workout options

  • Hang my head in shame for being the only person I know who is actually making resolutions….ahem….excuse me….goals.

On top of all that, I still have to keep up on laundry and be excellent to my family—cuz, let’s face it; I would be LAME if I didn’t do that. Haha. :D

P.S. New blog design is coming sometime in the near future! :)