Don't Laugh...

Ok, I’m back to my blogging, and still partially sane….partially. Isn’t it ironic that Christmas “break” can be the busiest time of my year? But still…it was fun.

Now, I won’t call it a “resolution”….don’t you think that word cheapens things? But, I have a few goals for 2010. First of all, I want to get really super-dee-duper-dee fit. I’ve weighed the same since I was 11 years old (with maybe a 10 pound fluctuation), been this tall since I was 11 years old, and I promised myself years ago that before I entered adulthood—and consequently, ran out of time to do it—I would work myself into shape. So, I have a game plan. I think I’ll keep you all updated on my workout/diet, and let you know some of my goals for myself. I find it FAR too easy to talk myself out of fulfilling those types of goals, but if I have you all as accountability, I’m seriously thinking this might work. (Well….we’ll just say hoping. lol.) I’m not sure what I’ll do for a workout yet…that might take me a few days to figure out. As for the diet...well, no more "a-candy-candy", as Harry would put it. Ha! (Of course, that lolli was organic.) ;D

Next, I want to become a crazy awesome violinist (or something like that), and make it into at least 2nd violins (but working hard for 1st) in Youth Symphony (the orchestra above the one I’m currently in). This is the last year I can be in the youth orchestras, so I have to get in, or I’ll lose my chance forever….and I’m completely sure I won’t let that happen. So, here’s me promising you, myself, and Jesus that I will give it my all, and all of it for the glory of God.

Most importantly…I will attempt to follow every prompt from the Holy Spirit. I tend to let my own plans and desires plug my ears, rendering me incapable of listening to His plans for me. Isn’t it sad how we do that? Even if this overrules any of my other goals, I will follow his leading to the furthest extent that my feeble humanity will allow. This is a constant struggle for me…and I know I can’t be perfect (won’t ever be close)….but to experience a vivid change from day to day due to my spiritual growth is a necessity. So, rather than calling this a goal for 2010, I’d like to call it a daily prayer.

You know what’s like….AMAZINGLY exciting? My mom bought a new camera for herself a couple of days ago, so as soon as she gets it in the mail….*squeals*….her other one is mine!!!!! What a great way to document my great aspirations for the big 1-0, right?

Anyway….my great adventure starts tomorrow morning. On my to-do list:

  • Start my morning in the Word

  • Do my wretched fantastic school

  • Cut refined sugar and grains out of my diet (ouch)

  • Practice violin for 2 hours (balancing that and workout is going to be….nigh impossible.)

  • Begin evaluating workout options

  • Hang my head in shame for being the only person I know who is actually making resolutions….ahem….excuse me….goals.

On top of all that, I still have to keep up on laundry and be excellent to my family—cuz, let’s face it; I would be LAME if I didn’t do that. Haha. :D

P.S. New blog design is coming sometime in the near future! :)


Hannah said...

Wonderful goals! (resolutions DO take something out of them :P) I'm sure we'll all try to keep you accountable. :)

That's so awesome about your momma's camera. What kind is it? After I buy my laptop (note the after) I'm gonna start saving for a camera (as in, a REALLY good one) so I've been trying to gather info on them. ^^

I can't wait to see your new blog look--you have SERIOUS talent for that. :)

Love you & Blessings,


Hannah said...

Oh, in regards to the comment you left on 2010in2010, I was wondering how you think I should go about setting that up. My momma and I were actually thinking about something like that, but I've been wondering how to go about doing it.

And you're so good at that sort of thing, sooo. ;)

Love you & Blessings,


Anonymous said...

Beautiful goals my dear!! Keep them in the front of your mind and keep on doing the "next thing"...you will achieve!!

And you are NOT the only one...last year my GOAL (I also hate the word resolution)was to work on becoming physically healthy....better diet...etc....I spent time studying and learning and then changing some old habits....I have continued that to be my goal for this year as well!! (never fully achieve right??)

Second...and yes, I know it should have been first....I have set the goal to put the same if not MORE energy into my spiritual health! I have been long guilty of routine and taking things for granted...so I am studying and learning and changing so that spiritually I am healthier at the end of this year than I am now....and then that will be two goals for me to add to this time next year!!

I love your heart for the Lord and for your family!! One day...your husband and children will rise up and call you blessed!!! You are a true encouragement to me!!


Christina said...

You are still one of the most amazingly awesome, spiritual, self motivating, awesome picture taking, beautiful, music making young ladies I know.

Christina said...


I have never even met you in person.

Kristin said...

I know you'll accomplish your goals! I just finished reading a book about the holy spirit the other day, so that's one of my goals too. Good luck with the workout plan. I need motivation in that area!

Kristin said...

I know you'll accomplish your goals! I just finished reading a book about the holy spirit the other day, so that's one of my goals too. Good luck with the workout plan. I need motivation in that area!

Callie McCann said...

I am curiously wondering why you would be cutting out grains from your diet?
Being diabetic, my doctors tell me grains are pretty essential for the fiber they provide. I am not crazy about whole grain anything, so I am very interested in what you will supplement for those and why you are doing away with them.

Thanks and by the way, I think you are such a special teenager and if we lived closer, I'd be doing everything I could to line you up with my son! (smile) I think you are great daughter-in-law material!

Good luck with your endeavors!

Laura McCann (Callie's mama)

Marissa said...

ah. I don't like the word resolution eiter! It sounds like a chore! ugh. But goals. Thats a better word =)
So you are wanting to get into shape to eh? Me too. It's going to be a hard one. It's like at the top of my list of goals for this year. As soon as I get back to my home state I'm starting =D
Yes sugar and grains much less of that stuff is better. Thats what I'll be trying to cut out too. I hope you can achieve all your goals! Maybe with a fellow blogger trying to get into shape. I'll be more likely to stick with it my self. XD

Can't wait to see you new design! They are always awesome.

love ya!

Bekah said...

Awesome resolutions! Ugh...you're right. Resolutions...such an ugly, imposing word. Though, for some weird reason, it does make me feel...determined. Though I hate the word, it's nice to be filled with resolve. "Goal" is a MUCH better word though. Reminds me of soccer. ^^

I LOVE violin. I have only been playing for a few years, but have loved it ever since I picked it up. ;)

I love trills, especially, and any notes on the string of E. I love using my pinkie-finger, too. :)

Love you,

Linda said...

Hey girl...you will do it all by the grace of God and in the power of His might!...One step at a time!!!

I love you,

Lexi said...

awesome goals Abigail! I don't like the word resolutions either!! its a yucko word.

Good luck with your 2010 goals!! If you keep God in focus, He will direct your paths!

Love ya!


Bekah said...

And I just read your little profile blurb up at the top there...Your full name is Abigail Grace? That is funny, because my sister's full name is Abigail JOY, and my full name is Bekah GRACE. So your name is like a combo of sorts of me and my sister's. ;)

Love ya,

Ben McCarthy said...

lol I had to laugh when I read the thing about how you've been the same since you were eleven! I can completely relate! Since I was 12/13 I have weighed the same (with maybe a 5 lb fluctuation) and have been the same height. (which I think I have grown an entire 1/2 inch in the last year!!) lol pretty sad. But I just had to laugh when I read this. :D

Anonymous said...

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Kyle Kraft said...

Great post, Ab. I especially love how you plan starting your day! The Spirit will speak to you through the word. Speak to the Father in prayer and let the relationship flourish! And, my dear, take it for what it's worth, don't go for volume, but just as we converse, try to read until you find yourself in conversation with God and then dwell with Him there... meditate. I know you know this, but wanted to remind.

I'm excited to continue deep conversations with you and the crew, on what you and God are talking about.

I love you!


Stephanie L.S. said...

Your header is SO cute!

Miji said...


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