"A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words"

Oh boy, have I found this statement to be true! Or rather "A picture elicits a thousand words." I've got this HORRIBLE problem! I need pictures in order to blog! Without pictures, I'm uninspired, boring....and let's face it...it's just not fun to read my stuff!

My new camera lens is taking its time getting here--as a matter of fact, it hasn't even begun its journey across the universe (okay okay...the country) as of yet. Just as my head was starting to fall into my hands in utter defeat, I remembered something.

Mom and I used to share a camera! So, whyyyyy can't I just keep using that for the time being? I ran out of legitimate excuses why I shouldn't just tell it like it is and label myself as temporarily idiotic, so this afternoon I was back at it. And my brother wasn't too happy to have the demanding photographer back.

I even bribed him! Can you believe that! Of course, he probably just knew that I would totally love this picture, and decided that he would go ahead and follow through--for the greater good, right?

Silas and Jonas are at a creative peak, let me tell you! Today, I think they were cowboys, archaeologists, Robin Hood and his Merry Men, and secret agents.

Despite my strong dislike for all things country, cowboy, etc.....It does look pretty adorable on my bro-bros.


Ok, so about orchestra auditions (a week from Saturday)....I've been working really super hard, and I'm going to start playing the audition spots for my family this weekend. I want to get the hang of them while playing in front of people. It's kind of my tendency to get sucked into my own little world while I'm practicing, which is great! But I want to be able to get the same results while playing for other people. So, thank you SO much for your prayers! :)

And now, I bid you adieu, my beloved!


Hannah said...

Oh, no! Your posts are NEVER boring. (that wasn't sarcasm, btw. ;)

But I do love your pictures--so awesome. The one of Harry is AMAZING. The colors are beautiful and I LOVE the chair. What camera does your Momma have anyways? :)

Glad to hear violin is going well. *grins* That's kinda how it is for me when I'm writing, or designing. The violin is so beautiful...you'll have to put up a video of you playing it. And soon. ;)

Thanks for all your LOVELY comments--I LOVE getting comments from you! :)

Love you & Blessings,


Hannah said...

Gah! I just had to come back. I keep opening up my dashboard and this picture (the one of Harry) pops up for your post and I keep going "Ahhh..."

Seriously. SO beautiful. Love it. Love it. LOVE IT.

Love you! :) (and blessings),*


*trying out variations here...;)

Kate said...

I hear ya! I feel boring w/out pics or at least something visual! Good luck on auditions. I think it's a great idea to practice for your family!! I will be praying for you!!

Kristin said...

I always feel bad to post without pics too, but nothing seems to be going on lately to take pics of. I know you'll do great at your auditions! I'll be praying for you!

Linda said...

Oh Abigail you are never boring my sweet girl ... pictures or no pictures!

However you do take lovely pictures and I truly enjoy them. (:>) So let me get this straight...you have momma's old camera but you ordered a new lense for it??? A wide angle one, or one that can zoom in closer?

I am praying for your auditions to go well. I am certain that all of your hard work and practice will pay off.

Oodles and bunches of love!

Bekah said...

Your posts are NEVER boring. Never. Your blog is probably one of my very favorites out of all the hundreds that I read (yes, I follow WAY too many blogs ^^).

Wow...that picture of Harry (right?) is SO beautiful. I love the colors. The contrast between the vibrant yellow globe (what is that, by the way? A candle?), the dark black, and then the white of his skin...GORGEOUS! It's so beautiful. :)

Jonas is so cute. I love his hair. Sure to be a heartthrob in a few years. ;)

He looks a LOT like my younger cousin, Matthew. Crazy! I find relatives resembling your family every day. Your mom, my mom, your little brother, my little cousin... Next I'm going to find out your family are my long-lost relatives. ^^

YAY! I was just playing violin for a half-hour or so this morning...ohmiword, I never really realized how much I LOVE it. How long have you been playing? (I am sure I have already asked you this, but I forgot! ^^) I've been playing about 2 1/2 years, and have loved it from the beginning I picked it up. I remember getting tired after playing one scale, and now I can play about seven Bach/Boccherini Minuets without tiring. And I'm sure the difference is even more great for you!

I know! Isn't it weird how you completely shut everything else out when playing? It's like that for me with violin, singing, and writing--and of course, thinking. Once I was playing my violin in front of my co-op, and I remember being SUPER nervous while walking up--like my knees were literally shaking. But when I stroked the notes, everything else just DISAPPEARED! It was SO weird. It was like I walked up there, put up my violin, set my bow on the A string, and then the next thing I knew, I was walking back to my seat. It was SO crazy! But it's also very awesome. Instead of stumbling over the notes, all I have to deal with is the brief nervousness before performing. :)

Anyways--this is a super long comment. (I LOVE your blog design, by the way. Super cool.)

Love you!! :)

Bekah said...

Oh, wow, my comment is even longer now that I look back on it. *winces* Though it never hurts to get long comments, right? ^^

Love you,

Miji said...

I agree with the rest of 'em Abigail, you blog is never boring, it's awesome(:

Goodluck on the auditions. My prayers are with you! :)

Love you.


.lauren.anne. said...

good luck with auditions! I don't know why, but I DEFINITLY DO NOT get nervous at all. Okay, here is an example.

I was auditioning for a jazz band. 50 other schools had alto saxophones trying out.

I walk in there, not nervous at all. He (the judge) tells me to play some part of the song. I play it, but then mess up. I keep playing util he tells me to stop.

When I stop, I start laughing, because I messed up so bad. Thankfully, he let me redo it. :)

btw, your posts are not boring. i don't know what made you think that. I, though, do enjoy the pictures. Both of those pictures, are truly ADORABLE!

i am on the young end of my family, so i don't have any little girls to take pictures of. (and yes, there is only one guy of the 7 kids in my family. thankfully the oldest)

Sorry, I think I kinda got off topic there. :) if you can't tell, i am a talker.

"Lolli" said...

SSSSooooo.....I am confident you are going to do an outstanding job on your audition! Also, why not have your family video it and either put it on your blog for us to hear (another audience, you see) OR just send it to specific folks in a link and let us hear it (another audience of which I would LOVE to be a part!) Good idea, huh?

As always, I love your blog! And...I love you!

Mindy said...

Oh Boy do I ever get you! I HATE to put up a post without a picture or two or three... In fact I've been known to not post for weeks and weeks, until I have an interesting enough picture to write about =) LOL How annoying!

Mindy said...

By the way... Good Luck on your audition!!

Verna said...

Good Luck on the audition!

Your blogs are never boring...

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