Brushing Out The Tangles

You know what guys...I've realized something. Simplifying life is not as easy as it sounds! It seems no matter how many schedules I make for myself, or how many rules I set for myself...I always end up crumbling within a matter of days. Life just doesn't fix itself up and stay that way.

Life is such a tangled mess most of the time!

I find myself not wanting to cater to other people, because--Hello!--I'm being so diligent and following my schedule! But isn't that stupid? Because the main reason I started doing all of this was so that I could be more productive without losing any of my family time, and so that I would be more consistent in my bible study. All the rest is just delicious icing on the ogre-sized brownie, ya know?

Life often brings giant gusts of wind that send our hair flying in all directions...but I'm trying to just brush out the tangles as they come, and live life with my priorities set in stone.


Jenna said...

I LOVE schedules and making them...however, I have had a real tough time following them lately too;) I can't even get up at my appointed time.

Well, as soon as you figure out how to get on track and stay on track, let me know!!


Lynnette Kraft said...

Love the creative post and boy do I need to brush out my tangles!!!!! First I'm going to put a castor oil pack on my stiff neck so brushing the tangles out won't hurt so bad! :)

Love you daughter,

Hannah said...

Wonderful post. You've summed up how I've been feeling lately. Beautiful pics to go with it, too. :)

Love you,

Christina Egner said...

Baby steps. Make schedules that are easier & that you are more likely to stick with ....then you can up the anti later.

PS. What did the comment before mine say? hehe

.lauren.anne. said...

I like the pictures! I guess I am not a schedule maker type of person. I am more of the type of person to do things if I feel like it.

Maybe I should do a schedule! :)

God Bless,
Lauren Anne

Kristin said...

You are so wise beyond your years Abigail! For me, making schedules actually stresses me out more, because then I feel like a failure if I don't adhere to them, and if I make a to-do list and don't do it all, it nags at me and bothers me. So, I am a more go with the flow type girl now and it works for me! :D I do have to write some things down though, because I have a horrible memory and I'll forget what I need to go buy or do. Ha!

Have a great Valentine's Day!

Linda said...

Great post Ab. Hey sweetie,..I recommended your blog design to "Grammy Girlfriend" who is wanting a new look. So you may be hearing from her.

Love, Grandma Linda

Linda said...


Ben McCarthy said...

Great post! Creatively said...

Jessica Faith said...

great post!! :) and nice pics...

Katherine said...

Totally know what you mean- I think we need to remember that life is about living, and though there should be structure, it should be the foundation, not that cage.


Josh said...

Great, great, great post!
And the picture of Harrison is just too cute!

God Bless,

Bekah said...

I've been feeling like I need to brush out the tangles too. You worded it perfectly. Great pictures.

Love you,

Olivia said...

Whoa to us naturally curly haired people. ;) It's not that bad now, but oh.my.goodness. I have probably cried more in my life over my hair and untangling it then anything else!

Oh, and was this written the same night you watched Shrek?

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