I've Been Dreaming of a Truuuu.....

....ly amazingly awesome laundry room!

You know that you all have those little BIG things that you would give almost anything to have, this just happens to be mine.

My perfect laundry room would include 3 of these babies--extra-large load capacity, all wrapped in a relatively pretty package...isn't it just to die for? *sigh*

Next, I'd get three beautiful dryers. The one I was just looking at is spectacularly amazing, because it senses when the clothes are dry and switches off. Is that not a totally epic and brilliant development in laundry technology!? Oh, it definitely is.

Now, coming from a family of 8 that lives in a two story house, the idea of a "community" closet (alright...family closet.....but same diff!) sounds completely enthralling--like TOO good to be true. You know...like the giant walk-in closet on Princess Diaries 2? Yeah...I didn't love that movie, but I LOVED that closet.

Slap some deep purple orchid colored paint on the wall...and I'm in heaven. Purple is just about my favorite color now. Isn't it just perfect? Playful enough to keep your attention, yet still subtle enough that it's comfortably elegant.


But don't worry...as long as I've got a space heater and a working washer and dryer, it's all good! After all...in the words of Anne Shirley to her bosom friend, Diana Barry...

"We are rich. We have sixteen years to our credit, and we both have wonderful imaginations. We should be as happy as queens."
Anne of Green Gables (1985)


Jessica said...

You are so cute! After your mama =] I now have to agree with the color purple. I never thought about it like that. May have changed my mind about my dislike of purple. That washer is pretty amazing!!

Jenna said...

Ah, washing machines and laundry rooms!! You wouldn't believe what ours looks like - ugly and small, but it works and we are blessed to have running water etc.!!

We do laundry about 7 days a week, several loads a day, so I think that a few of the dandy machines is a fantastic idea...I also love the closet idea. In this old farmhouse only half of us have mini closets, so it would solve that problem:)

Have you seen a picture of the Duggar's laundry room? I really like that!!

Love you {adopted} cousin!

Hannah said...

Mmm...yeah, we have an unfinished laundry room, and I can tell you, those babies look great. In fact, I've ASKED my mom if she could get my sister and I our own washer/dryer for our room. We're weird that way. ;)

I've always wanted a walk in closet...it'd be SO fun. To have something like that...that would be awesome. ^^ hehehe...

You're very right about purple--it's such a pretty color. It's nice and bright, yet it's got enough elegance with it to add to the spunkiness. ;)

Oh--I LOVE that quote. Montgomery's one of my favorite authors. ^^

Love you!

Megan said...

A washer?! That's funny!! :)


Marissa said...

Hahah! Abigail you make me laugh =)
But I wouldn't mind having a laundry room like the one you dreamed up. Laundry is my chore.... so I'd love a few extra washers and dryers =)
And purple is a very awesome color.
I to have always wanted a walk in closet, like the one in princess diaries. That would be SWEET!

I hope someday you get that amazingly amazing laundry room and walk in closet =D

Love you!

Kendrabelle Logan said...

I just love your posts! They're always creative and so much fun to read.


Kristin said...

You're so funny!

Nana said...

LOVE the purple. And so agree about the closet.

Our washing machine is currently going like fast! Every time it goes into spin cycle it sounds like a four engine jet preparing for take off.I am not exaggerating. Yeah, we're looking for a one.

Mindy said...

I LOVE Anne of Green Gables =) She has always been my hero!

I had a purple bedroom for awhile. Hubby dared me to paint it purple so I did! It was my favorite room, besides the Lime Green bathroom =)

Olivia said...

You know when someone is the oldest daughter in a family when she's dreaming of a laundry room! Oh, us Cinderella-like big sisses who slave away "tirelessly" for our families! We "deserve" fancy laundry rooms and self stopping dryers! (Or... maybe that's a bit far stretched...)

.lauren.anne. said...

warning: in order to FULLY understand this comment, you have to talk like me. but you don't know how I talk, so never mind. :)

I dream of an amazing bedroom. :) I LOVE the picture of the bedroom. I think I'll go clean my room....actually no. I don't want to, but still that is so beautiful!

Linda said...

So...are you thinking of adding some purple to your black and white room? (:>) You know I like purple too so I do understand your love affair with purple! (:>)

I admire that you do the laundry and all of the other ways that you help out at home.

I love you soo much and I miss you!


Bekah said...

*laughs* Ab, you make me crack up. Honestly, I couldn't care less if I had a gazillion washers/dryers--I dislike laundry. But if they bring you joy...that's all that matters, right? ^^

Now a walk-in closet...mmmm. Sounds more to my liking. :)

I don't daydream about house add-ons very often, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a small alcove with a laptop, notebook, coffee-maker, telephone, pens, chair, desk, purple walls, thick cream carpet, and LOTS AND LOTS of windows looking out over a lake...ahhhhhh. My dream office. :)

I LOVE Montgomery. Ohhh my word, she is one of my VERY favorite authors. :)

Love you,

In Fullness of Grace said...

I completely agree...

Purple is elegant and expansive laundry rooms are to die for!

So glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. :)

Lynnette Kraft said...

My dream is exactly what you say (only without the purple - although I do agree, it does look nice in the rooms you pictured). :) I want a universal closet... many and large washers and dryers, and well, that's all. ha!

Dreamin' like your momma you are. Gotta love it - my faithful laundry doer.

Love you.

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Jessica Faith said...

ok abigail... i agree with you completely - i actually like doing laundry!! lol but i do! and it would be AWESOME if i had a big laundry room like that - so airy looking and spacious!!! :) pretty color - you've just given me an idea for my room!!! seriously...
love that quote!

Ben McCarthy said...

hahaha the imagination is a wonderful thing isn't it?

Ben McCarthy said...

So are wishes ;)

Joni said...

AHHH!!! :)
I believe I've found a kindred spirit! I LOVE Anne Shirley- the movies, the books!!
This makes me pleased as punch!

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