"I've Got Your Back..."

My little bros' lives form this kind of symbiotic circle--those of you who have groups of siblings that are always copying each other, bossing each other around, and doing everything together probably know what I'm talking about.

Harrison--though he is the youngest--has a natural instinct to protect his siblings. If he sees that something is "scary", he'll make sure that he tells his brothers to stay away from it!

Harry, pulling Jonas away from the railing when he was sticking his leg through.

He's quite a responsible toddler...but then two minutes later...

He's doing the same thing!

How did he learn to be such a protector?

It's the influence of these little boys, but big brothers.

I genuinely believe that having older siblings has made Harrison subconsciously learn to care for the safety of others...Yes, he's still a toddler, and gets himself in PLENTY of trouble! But his older brothers, shielding him from danger, have taught little, 2 year old Harry to care for them in the same way--by helping him through the rough patches in the "forest", bundling him up before going outside in the cold, watching him closely every time he's with them, and by simply adoring him.

I love these little men.


Caroline said...

I love this post. I have a daughter Jennifer that is 5 and she is always looking out for the older kids that are 7 and 9. Jennifer is next to the youngest. Carly is 9 months. I to just love the way they all are. Thanx for sharing this. Awesome pics and they all are so handsome.

Jenna said...

How precious!

That's how Anna, Natalie and Laura are - 3 little "buddies" that walk/run and play together and always watch out for eachother!! Adorable. Oh yes, Natalie's the boss.

Great post, Abigail:)

Josh said...

Great Post! You are right and like Jenna said, we have our own set of "three-peas-in-a-pod". It is so much fun to watch them play, interact, and grow together...Although, I think that Anna is the "boss" (My opinion) =)

In Him,

BTW, the pictures are great! Did you have a photo shoot?

Lexi said...

LOL Abigail I know exactly what you mean! Your picturs are gorgeous and your bros...way too adorable. What are you going to do when they're teenagers??

Blessings to you and your fam!


Linda said...

Cute post and pictures Ab. Oh how I love those boys!!!!

Love, Grams

Bekah said...

Adorable pictures, Ab--they are amazing. You are an incredible photographer.

And your brothers are so cute. :)

Great post too--I always LOVE your posts.

Love you!

Jenilee said...

super cute boys... :) my abby sounds so much like your harrison! :)

Kristin said...

I just love that last picture! If we do adopt, and end up with a boy, you are going to have to teach me everything you know, because I don't know a thing about boys! Haha!

Life Is Crazy Beautiful said...

Very nice, Abigail! And Aunt Lisa HAS to have a copy of that last picture of my 3 little men-phews!! Can you share?

Marijah said...

Oh, such a cute post! (:

You're giving me brother envy, so stoooop! :p

Love ya,

Hannah Nicole said...

Just browsing through some of your old posts and I realized I HAD to comment on this one. (I think I actually fb'd you my answer when you originally put it up...no matter--I shall comment officially on your blog.)

I LOVE Harry--that is such a cute thing to do. Actually, it reminds me of my brother Eli...who's also two, and also has two bigger bros to look out for him. Eli was looking out the window one day, looking for my brother Caleb, and he goes, "Where's my dabu?" (Dabu is his name for Caleb. He can't say Caleb, but I'm not sure how it turned into Dabu...)

And that last picture is incredible. From what I've read on yours and your Momma's blog, it totally shows THEM. It looks like their personalities...it's just your bros! ;-)

Still beeeegggging my mom...it's a maybe now. A maybe is sooooooo much better than nothing at all. lol. ^_^

Love ya!

Bleeding Healer said...

I loved this, I got your back, reminds me of my older brother always taking care of me, always watching my back.

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