Today my younger sibs were all gathered around the TV for most of the evening, watching a timeless Canadian show called Tales From Avonlea. When I was a little girl, my family ALWAYS watched it! It was kind of like our secondary Little House on the Prairie. I loved dreaming of epic things with Sara, pretending to boss around the rest of the household with Felicity, and creating mischief with Felix. Cecily's name was even inspired by one of the characters, Cecily King!

Somehow, watching my siblings becoming so engrossed in something that I experienced in my childhood gave me major warm fuzzies. Life has been a lot different for them than it was for me--not better or worse....just different. For instance, they have several older siblings. I wonder what that would feel like? Jared has never seemed that much older than me (from my perspective), so I really have no way of relating to that.

It's so interesting seeing all of their individual personalities, likes, dislikes, etc. come out, but still seeing them holding certain similarities to other people in the family. I mean...when they were born, it was like all they learned to do was copy. It's the way our brains start to work--we copy our parents as they prompt us to start saying little words like "Momma" and "Daddy", and then eventually we catch on to the pattern and start listening for things that we can copy.

Like mother, like son...

I wonder at what point it is that we start thinking independently--making our own decisions based on our developing personalities...whether to wear the sneakers or the dress shoes...whether to watch movie A or movie B...whether to get the peanut SunDrops or the regular ones...

Isn't God miraculously complex?


Jenna said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you - it is much fun and a blessing to have the opportunity of watching our younger siblings, as they grow and develop their own special characters...we're all so different yet very much the same lol!

Since Josh and I are 8 minutes apart, I've always wondered what it would be like to have an older sister or brother...hmmm. Interesting!

Also, ThAnK YOu for the the comments on my blog!! When I saw them on my dashboard, I yelled for Josh saying "LOOK AT THIS!!!!"
So much fun to hear from my {adopted} cousin:)
I do have 4 girl cousins on my dad's side of the family, but since we're the "weirdys" because of having a large family, homeschooling, commited to Purity, wearing skirts because we like them etc. it's hard to invest in the relationship because they hardly like to talk with us!! What a blessing that the LORD provides people like you and your family in our lives for cousins and Aunts!! HE IS FAITHFUL.

This is more like an email - sorry!
I'll stop my rambling 'cause I need to go milk that cow;D


Emma said...

Wow. Beautiful post, Abigail. I've never thought of it that way, but now I see it. Thanks for posting about it. It's the most miraculous thing about little kids, and I love it.
For instance, for my thirteenth birthday my parents got three home-made DVDs from my grandparents. What they were? They were videos from when I was a baby. It's extremely funny but also very perplexing. When I see myself shrug, or more like put both my arms into a V-shape, it's like, "Oh, I know that shrug! I can do that!" Everything is copying, but in a good way. I love it.
Great picture, too. Even if it's not yours =]


Linda said...

I love Tales From Avonlea Ab. I remember watching a lot of them with you and your family. They give me warm fuzzies for sure.

I know what you mean about copying and learning that way...and also I understand what you are saying about becoming your own person. I am not sure when it happened, but you have been uniquely you for a very long time now. All God's children are blessed that way with their own talents and gifts and ideas etc. I love who you are and I am intrigued by you.

Missing you
Loving you

Kristin said...

It is amazing to watch my own girls. They are so different in their personalities, their likes/dislikes. I never had any siblings, so I wouldn't know what that was like!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Beautiful photos Abigail!

Each child goes through that independence door in his/her own time. Some want it quickly while others love to hold onto Dad/Mom leading the way!

Hugs and much love,
Mrs. Samter

Stephanie said...

My family used to watch Avonlea together as well! Such a wonderful show. And funny about Cecily's name, because the first time I read it, I immediately thought of Cecily from Avonlea. I went through a phase around age 8 when that is what I wanted to name my future daughter!

Great post. It is great to see my girls engrossed in Full House, just like I did as a kid. Lol.

Verna said...

Lovely photos....

Being the 8th child out of 9 I had older siblings. But, the oldest really didn't seem like my sister until I was much older.
After all I was 9 when she married and left home. I love it that you can and do communicate with your siblings.

Have a great day.

Hannah said...

Beautiful post. Oh, Ab--you're blog is amazing. I just love it so much. I could definitely seeing you writing a book someday--honestly, your writings are incredible. You are amazing. Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL post. And so true.

When do we start thinking independantly? Wouldn't it be fun to ask God sometime? :)

Lovely pic of your Momma and Harry. What camera do you use? (did I ask you already? I probably did...I'm operating on a low level of sleep right now, so my thoughts aren't very cohesive, and my writing not that coherent.)

Love you!

Bekah said...

Ab, wonderful post. I loved it. :)

There are so many things I would love to ask God...we'll just have to wait 'till Heaven, right?

Beautiful picture, by the way. :)

Love you!

Olivia said...

OMGoodness!!!!! My mom is obsessed with Road to Avonlea! We used to watch it every day on the Canadian channel... oh... those were the days. :)

And now I finally know how you pronounce Cecily (since there are several ways to do so). Always a good thing to know. :D

Oh, and I'm so excited because I'm getting my canon hopefully in the next week or two! (I know, totally off subject...) I need to wait for a check from foster care to come in the mail so I can get my "allowance" so I'll have enough money but it's coming any day now!

Nana said...

Wow. Great thoughts here.

Yes, God is amazingly complex. And so are each characteristic of His being. For example His love. It is measured in 4D. Trying to understand Him is like trying to explain to a 2D piece of paper, the 3rdD.


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