Remnants of St. Patty's Day

Ok guys...I've been sick, and I'm tired, and I really shouldn't be posting....but I HAVE TO!

...Because I became a member of this awesome ecard website called JibJab today, and I have the FUNNIEST video to share.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

HAHAHA! Ok, I'm sorry if that wasn't as funny to you as it was to me, but something about four of me dancing an Irish jig with Jackie Chan just had me rollin'.

I promise I'll start posting again now that I'm not sick anymore. :) Love you guys!


Elijahj said...

Happppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy st. Patric dayyyy

Elijahj said...

yeah happy st.pat day

Lindsay said...

Now THAT was funny, Abigail!! I loved it. =D

Jenna said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better! There's nothing worse, than being sick on a nice sunny day:)


Hannah said...

AW! Sorry that you're sick. Really hope your feeling better...we miss your posting. ;-)

LOVED the video. Jib Jab is SO funny. I bet your Momma was laughing at you for using Jackie Chan. ^_^ lol. I loved the face where you had your eyes shut - looked like you were slouching and bored. It was my FAVORITE one. ^_^

Love you! Get better REAL soon. :-)

Marissa said...

Aw. I'm sorry your sick!!! I hope you feel better soon!
This video made me laugh so hard! LOL! I love JibJab. Its so hilarious. ;D I loved the fact that you put Jackie Chan in it. He made it 5x better. hehe.

Love you! And rest up so you can get better!

Life Is Crazy Beautiful said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...Uncle Brad says you're ZANY!! (glad you are feeling better, I know that being sick is the pits...I've had way too many weeks of it myself)
Aunt Lisa

Kristin said...

Hahahahaha!!!! You are so hilarious!! The expressions on your face were cracking me up :D Hope you're feeling better soon!!!

melanie said...

I think that's HILARIOUS!

Elizabeth said...

I'm a member of JibJab, completely forgot about it, thanks for the reminder. I need to make one of my grands.

Linda said...

So, so, sooo...fun Abigail... I really enjoyed it!

Sorry you have been sick...Glad you are getting better.

Love, Grams

Charity said...

JibJab is awesome - didn't have time to watch the vid but I definitely will!!
Ab, I sent you an email!! ;)

Joni said...

Okay, so my only way to get access to the internet is go to the library.
That's right, watching that video I was in a LIBRARY.
It was so hard not to disturb the others with my laughter, but alas, I've controlled myself. :)
Glad you're feeling better!

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