With A Heavy Heart....

...I announce that my two FAVORITE contestants on American Idol were eliminated tonight. I'm too exhausted from sadness to be explosive anymore.....just dreadfully, dreadfully saddened. :(

These were the people who SHOULD have made it to the top.

Alex Lambert....

Lilly Scott....

I think these are the WORST results in all of AI history. Know why? Because--granted--we've had our disappointments; like when Chris Daughtry got voted off in the top 5, or when Elliot Yamin didn't make it to the top 2...but the two best singers (IMO) were voted off before they were really given a chance to take off. That just saddens me.

Alex & Lilly did NOT deserve to go home.
I'm sorry if you don't agree. I just had to vent.
Please note: I will continue to watch the show, despite the circumstances.


Josh said...

Oh, I'm sorry about your disappointment Ab...I actually watched AI last night also. Alex was never my favorite contestant from the beginning, so I wasn't that disappointed to lose him, but I DO sympathize!

On a happier note, perhaps Alex and Lilly will come back next year!


Life Is Crazy Beautiful said...

Okay, my musical niece...Lilly - quirky & entertaining performer, but best singer???????? Ha ha. Just remember, it took me several weeks to warm up to Kris Allen and look what happened to him. You'll find new faves :)

Aunt Lisa

Kyle Kraft said...

I thought they both had it in the bag.... This was quite a surprise! Just keep in mind, whenever America is voting, anything can happen! That's the beauty AND disappointment of it all - thank God for that! Love ya! pops.

Vickychick said...

Boo! I agree with you Abigail! I LOVED Lilly! And I was warming up to Alex! :''''( I was going to cry when I saw Lilly get off! Hey, could I use those pictures for a post I was going to do about them!? :)

Rebecca Jane said...

I agree!! I was extremely surprised AND disappointed!! I thought that there a few OTHERS that deserved to go home! I was really bummed! :(

Kristin said...

Oh my....I thought from your title that you were going to give up on blogging or something. LOL! Whew! I'm glad it wasn't that!

Well, while I do LOVE Lilly's name, and I did think she was unique, given that my favoritest singer of all-times is Miss Patsy Cline, I just have to say it again.........
anyone who sings a Patsy Cline song like that is going to get voted off EVERY time! Patsy is a classic and a legend and no one should ever take her songs and try to change them. It's just not right! LOL!!!

Even though we don't agree, we can still be sisters, right? :D Love ya!!!

Melissa said...

Totally agree, but you left out Todrick & Katelyn! They were amazing too! No seriously, my favorites that were eliminated were Lilly & Todrick. Not everyone liked Todrick for whatever reason but he was one of my VERY favorites! Crystal & Mike are AMAZING! After that my favorites were Todrick & Lilly. Honestly, all the ones that were eliminated will be FINE. To me, it just means that God has a different path for them. It just sucks for US because we can't listen to them any longer & b/c we get to listen to others who were NOT as good as those who were kicked off! UGH! Alex was growing on me; he just got better every week & Andrew (who stayed) got WORSE every week! Sad day.

AI just got a lot more boring. Ya know? Some of the most creative ones are gone!

Vickychick said...

I agree it's gotten a little boring...:( I loved lilly!

September said...

Ohh man! I can't share in your sadness because we chose to watch Survivor on Thursdays-- the night Idol reveals the results, and so we spare ourselves the frustration of the vote!
I do agree... great singers though!
I say- Survivor is the way to go!

Shauna said...

I agree 100%. I have decided not to watch anymore though! I was already looking forward to an album from Alex. I loved the tone of his voice. :(

Sherrie said...

I completely agree! I was shocked!

Anna Gray said...

i actually loved alex and lilly at first! but after a their few performances...they were kind of boring. :(

My favorites are Katie and Siobhan. :)

Wonderland21 said...

I wanted Aaron Kelley (sp?) and "Big Mike" to go. :(

Lily Scott looked soooo surprised when she was eliminated! I don't think she was expecting that!

Allison Elizabeth

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Marissa said...

That made me SOOOO mad too! What in the world was America thinking?????? ARUGH!

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