Game Tiiime!

I apologize for my lack of posting lately. I am still participating in Hannah's 4 weeks of planting chums (which--if you're just joining in--includes some AMAZING giveaways!), but I will try to post more independent posts in between things for you all!

This week's topic is:

Fun Games

I'm psyched about this, because my momma and I are gaming fiends! We like a bunch of them, but I wanted to share a card game with you all called Gin Rummy. My mom and I are both very competitive people, so when we get started, it's hard to stop! We can sometimes be at it for hours at a time. However, we don't play it the typical complicated way....

As a matter of fact...(my cousin taught me how to play this game, so I get to blame her. heehee!) I just read through the instructions, and we play it completely differently! Ah...whatever...

OUR Instructions:
At the beginning of the game, all players except for one are dealt 10 cards--the remaining one is dealt 11. The rest of the deck is set aside to draw from later. A "set" in the game is made up of either the same number cards, or a straight in the same suit--so the point of the game is to have two sets of three cards (e.g. three 9's, or "2,3,4" of hearts), and one set of four cards (in the same pattern). The player with 11 cards has to throw one card into a "discard pile", and the next player decides whether he wants it or not. If not, then they have to draw from the previously mentioned draw pile. Then, that player throws a card away (it can be the card that he drew). You keep going in this manner until someone has two sets of three cards, and one set of four cards--otherwise known as "Gin!".

Simple enough, right?
BUT...if you want to learn it the complicated way, read how here.

Of course, I am not nearly as vain as all these pictures of ME may suggest...my mom just happened to be the one with the camera. And just to prove my humility....



Näna said...

Hey, my family love playing gin rummy. And rummy 500!

Yes, you can play it for hours on end without getting tiered!

Bekah said...

Looks like an awesome game! ;)

Hannah said...

AHHH! I wrote a comment out to you and then Chloe unplugged our router and replugged it JUST as I hit submit...so I lost my wonderfully insanely awesomely incredible comment. (okay...welll...maybe it wasn't that good...but since its lost, I can pretend it was, right? okay, just kidding. ^_^)

Anyways, HAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA! That post made me laugh...looooove it. You're SO fun, Ab...and humble. Never seen one so humble as you. Instead of "Little Miss Bliss" you should be "Little Miss Humble". Hee hee...love that picture. Too funny. ;-)

That game looks fun. Somewhat complicated, but still, really fun. The kind of game that gets your adrenaline going and the competitiveness goes up the wall. If the maybe for the chum gathering becomes a yes, then maybe we'll have to play it. However...four super competitive people playing a game might not work out so well. We'll see. ;-)

Thanks for joining in--your posts make me smile. :-)


Linda said...

You are so much fun Abigail....I enjoy you so much!

Loved the goofy picture!


Lindsay said...

Hahaha... I'm *very* competitive too, Abigail! My family makes fun of me, because I can "get into" games so much. =D Anyway, that looks like so much FUN!! I've never played it before... maybe another one we'll have to look into. =)

~ Love,

Memzie said...

You are so cute!

Oh my goodness! I've totally forgotten about that game! Depending on the people you play with it can get really intense.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i forgot about this game! i used to play it all the time and loved it. you are too cute!

Anna Gray said...

Looks like a really fun game! =)

(LOVE the braids too!)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun game. My dad and I always play crazy eights... a little simpler, but of course I always win. ; )

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