Shrek Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever and Ever an...

Do you know what that is? That's a picture of Jared's hands gripping the steering wheel of his Mustang, and taking me for an epic early birthday day of awesome!

My birthday isn't for another week (from today), but on Wednesday, Jared told me that he wanted to take me to Shrek Forever After and Iron Man 2 back to back. Of course, on the way we grabbed a couple of quadruple venti caramel macchiatos--which, I must say, were delicious.

I tried to photograph everything so that I could share a bunch of cute pics with you guys, but taking pics of yourself and someone else in a car, with a lens that zooms in slightly all the time, is impossible.


Anyway, it was a total blast, and both the movies were awesome! Shrek was beautiful....and heart wrenching. You have to understand--I'm mildly obsessed with the Shrek movies. I have been having difficulty sleeping, and the only things that relax me enough to sleep are the couch, and one of the Shrek movies on in the background. So, this WAS the perfect ending to the series....but the perfect perfect ending would have been Shrek 5...and Shrek 6....and then Shrek 7. Oh, let's make it 8.

Quite frankly, the Shrek movies are just too charming for their own good.

But despite the ending that left unspilled tears in the form of a stone blockage in my throat, and the painfully nostalgic end credits that played clips from all of the previous movies, it was just as fun and fantastic as the rest. I give three thumbs up, eleven stars, and a hearty applause to the final chapter in the Shrek saga.

I'm gonna cry.



I've had trouble my whole life with being fickle. I was in the car today with my dad, chatting over a Starbucks, and I realized just how much I've played teeter-totter with myself in my lifetime. At various times in my life I've aspired to be a marine biologist, an artist, a graphic designer, a figure skater (ok, that was a 10 minute daydream when I was about 6), a web designer, a bassist in a touring band, a photographer, a violinist, etc. The only thing that's stayed true my whole life is my desire to be a stay at home wife and mother. However, I've wavered in my courage to do that too, on many occasions.

Dedicating my life to my God and family doesn't sound horrifying. It sounds utterly perfect. Like everything I've ever dreamt up could be encapsulated and handed to me on a silk pillow. When I focus on that, everything else seems to blur out. And in that moment...it's the perfect serving of life for me.

But moments later, I realize something. Not every day of my future is going to be like my wedding day...or like the day I look into each of my children's eyes (Lord willing) for the first time...or (my ultimate goal) the day I feel the recognition of Christ appear in my child's heart for the first time. Life isn't a collection of unforgettable moments--one stacked up on top of another. If it was, then they wouldn't be special. Monotony and boredom will set in just like they do now, and when they do I'll be tempted to feel discontent.

It seems like a mismatched and unbalanced reality. How can I have all of these things, and still keep the important parts in focus? Seeing my parents grow together, and hearing of their pasts apart, and their past together, has shown me something though. What I have, or rather, haven't seen are the blurry pictures behind the focus of my life. The brilliant colors of fields of flowers, blurred images of brightly colored sun dresses twirling through the daisies, and everything else I could possibly want in this picture of my life. Photos simply aren't complete without a setting to make the focus pop off the page!

It's stressful...collecting aspirations. But what a silly thing to stress about! Who says I can't be a stay at home mom someday, with the family I've always dreamed of calling mine, and still pour my heart into the violin? Who says I can't play with my children by breaking out their crayons and my pencils and drawing to my hearts content right alongside them? Who says I can't live with a camera strapped around my neck? Isn't the whole essence of photography to capture the sweet moments that you may overlook otherwise?

As far as I can see...life is meant to be mismatched. It's what makes it mine.


Thryc3born - Surprised?

Some of you already know this, but the majority of you don't...

I'm in a band!

No, that might not surprise you. But it might surprise you to know that I'm actually the bassist.

I started teaching myself (with guidance from my daddy) about a year ago, and it came pretty easily, because the string order is just the violin backwards!

Our band is called Thryc3born--Jared, me bruh, plays keyboard and is the lead vocalist, my dad shreds the guitar, and Mark, a friend we met through church plays the drums. Lately we've been getting some more gigs, and it's been a ton of fun! So, I thought I'd share a couple of videos from our most recent one--a benefit concert for an organization called Lexi's LAMB. I hope you'll stop by their website and read all about their amazing ministry!

Oh, and in case you were wondering...both of these songs were written by my insanely talented brother, Jared.

Don't forget to go to the top of my sidebar and hit pause on my blog theme so that you can listen to these without it sounding like a horror film.

This is the one Thryc3born song that I play violin on. I'm pretty sure all of you will like this one--it's absolutely GORGEOUS. You can read about the message of the song at my momma's blog. (Sorry for the crazy camera work. My multitasking mother decided to try to take pictures and video at the same time. Ha!)

This is one of my faves! For some of you, it may not be your cup of tea--but don't worry. I PROMISE I won't be offended if you don't like it. Promise. lol. ;)

And if you REALLY love me! (ahem....the band), then you could, hypothetically become a fan of us on Facebook. If you wanted to....hypothetically.

When we got home from the concert, guess what I found out....

I won a poetry contest over at Summer Girl!

Ok, so....I know my reaction should have been something humble and beautiful and well...poetic. But you know what my first reaction was?

"Hey Jared! I won 1st place in a poetry contest! Oh my word...I just excel at SO many things!"

Ha! Now, before you think too terribly of me, I should tell you that that whole statement was spoken in jest. Completely teasing. Truthfully, I was honored and thankful. I can only say that God works in wonderful ways when we take the time to put our thoughts into words. Poetry can only be described as something greater being communicated through us, as vessels. Praise God!

{Visit Summer Girl to read my poem, and all of the other wonderful poems that won!}


Cutenessness from Chaos...ness...ness

Today I decided to do a little "photo shoot" with the boys. I know what you're thinking..."What? She's doing a photo shoot with the infamously photographed little brothers?!" Yes...it's true. Though, this time I took the trouble to get them all dolled...ahem...manned up. I was just sure it was going to be a stunning success!

Well...let me tell you what it's like to have a photo shoot with my brothers. It's not cute and sweet and easy...no, it's more like an army drill. "Jonas! Quit eating pretzels!" "Harrison! Stop moving!" "Silas! Stop making goofy faces!" And so it continued...for a long time. Until finally, Jonas announced, "This is lame. I'm leaving." And so he left the room with a rattling thud from my rickety antique door. Of course, Harrison stayed and cheerfully said "Take a picture ME!", pulling my lens toward his face as he said it. And Silas...dear old Silas...decided to hang around and let me mold him into perfection (well...sorta).

What a little angel, eh?

Ok, so in all actuality, it was a terrible photo shoot that came with some really cute pictures. Thus...IT'S WORTH IT.

Oh, and I learned how to smooth skin tones out today!!!! I'm so excited! I love it, because unless you saw the original, you wouldn't think "Oh, that's been softened", because it looks completely realistic!



Isn't that amazing?!

Now, I did get ONE, lone, little, cute picture of all three boys. But I've gotta admit...it's pretty darn adorable!

Now, if I could only get Silas to rub off on his little brothers. Maybe our photo shoots would be more productive. Maybe there'd be more space for creativity. Maybe it wouldn't be so insane.

Maybe....but I KNOW these memories will be twice as good!



Let me just say...I'd forgotten how beautiful the world is in the springtime. Possibly, I just never noticed in the first place. I used to say that I would never have a garden, because I just didn't think that flowers were worth the work. I don't know what changed in me, but I've just realized how utterly gorgeous flowers are! And all of the beauty that comes with spring...and the rest of the year.

I think it's funny how sometimes beauty grows old when it's there everyday. Shouldn't that prove its potency? When the beauty lasts...and lasts...and lasts? What irony.

You know what I love about my "Jesus eyes"? I love that with them, the beauty I see isn't vain. Any beauty viewed without Jesus' eyes is fleeting; but with His eyes, the beauty of even little things just points to my inevitable future...in His arms! In His paradise!

How perfect.


Miscellany Monday (a.k.a. I Love Randomocity)

Carissa @ lowercase letters has been doing this weekly post for quite a while now, but just opened it up for link-ups last week. So, I'm excited and you should be too! It's fun and probably the easiest meme out there--thus, a perfect victim.

{1} I just realized that I'm a beverage junkie. I'm almost always drinking something. At random times in the day, I may be in the kitchen catching a swig of almond, rice, or whole milk or orange juice. Or maybe I'll be chugging a venti Starbucks coffee, or listening to soundtracks and drinking tea. I also love feeling myself get healthier as a naturally fizzy glass of kombucha tea slips down my throat...and most of the time I'm having a cup of coffee just because its awesome. Of course....water's a must. Ha!

{2} Harrison's developed a new habit of screaming as loud as he can whenever he doesn't get something he wants. Lovely.

{3} We had a tornado watch at our house on a couple of days last week, so Jared decided he would take inventory via photograph of his ENTIRE media collection. His TV, his game systems, and on top of this, his plethora of CDs.

Did I mention that Jared has no clue how to use my camera? Ha! Eventually, he discovered the flash, which is typically unused by me, but worked well for his particular purposes. Well, let's just say if a tornado ever DOES hit, he'll be prepared!

{4} I've become mildly obsessed with Annie's mac and cheese lately. I'm not sure why, because in the past I've not liked it, and I still don't like the white cheddar. But if you give me a nice big bowl of the orange cheddar mac and cheese with tons of salt, I'm in heaven.

Now, head over to Carissa's blog and join in, because this is a blast!

Love love, my lovelies!


Look What I Got!!!

Do you remember the awesome Planting Chums party that my friend, Hannah hosted? Well, guess what....I won one of the prizes! And it just happened to be one of the cutest most cheerful things I've ever seen. I got it in the mail yesterday, and I'm in love.

See that necklace? That's MY necklace!

I could barely contain my excitement when I won, because after all...this is the first thing I've EVER won! I planned my whole outfit around this piece this morning, because I just love it! How many times can you say you love something before it becomes less meaningful? Hopefully it's a lot!

By the way....that is my skin, and I am quite aware of how white it is. If you never knew before, THIS is why people say I resemble Snow White. Hey, I'll take it! Ha!


In other news...Harrison tried wheatgrass juice yesterday.

Actually, to be fair to all of the brave souls who tried the green liquid, Momma, Cecily, Silas, Jonas, and Harrison ALL tried a drink of it. (Yes....I confirm that my name is not on that list. I am now and forever a chicken). I'm not really sure whether it was good or horrible--it got kind of a mixed reaction. Though, I'm pretty sure it was nasty, because Harrison started sucking on his fingers to get the taste out of his mouth after he swallowed it. Still, at least it's pretty!

AND...to be fair to myself, I can be brave--as a matter of fact, for as long as I can remember, my family's taken things like Barley Green (made essentially from barley grass), carrot juice (which I've actually developed a great liking for, even though I still dislike carrots), and a plethora of other things. The worst was probably fish oil...oh boy....it was terrible. Still, I know all of the benefits of these things totally outweigh the drawbacks, so I'm working on it!

There's something about juicing that just makes you feel....healthy. You know? Now, our Champion juicer didn't do so well with the wheatgrass (can't be too hard on it though...I couldn't squeeze the juice out of grass either), but it's absolutely INCREDIBLE for almost anything else. We've even made sorbets in it from time to time using frozen fruit. And just in case you didn't know...you have an opportunity to win a Champion juicer over at my Momma's blog! So, make sure to head over and get all of the details. Let's get a little dirt on our hands and a few acquired tastes on our tongues for the approaching summer, shall we?


Time to be Symphonized...

My phone uttered a little ping sound this morning, alerting me that I'd gotten a text. As I opened it, I realized that it was a Facebook notification. I began to read through my wall post, and immediately a huge grin spread across my face!

"Hey there, Abigail....you know your theme song...first, I love it....second, I cannot get it out of my head. Even at three in the morning."

Further posts told me that my friends in Minnesota, Rachel and her daughter Hannah, had been piecing together mine and my momma's new blog themes on the piano. How awesome is that!?!?

Everyone wants their blog to be memorable--to have something that's purely and utterly their own. So, how about music? My brother, Jared, wrote my blog theme song, and he's ready to do yours!

Click here to read all about Symphonize

Introductory prices are low and will change in the near future, so make sure to get your own blog theme song soon!

So, you want people to remember your blog? Are you ready to be Symphonized?


One Beauty After Another!

Words cannot express what I feel like writing at this moment. Unfortunately, words hold no comparison to the overwhelming and unclassifiable emotions that can be held within even the smallest most unaware child. Today was Mother's Day, and I find that this isn't just a day to do nice things for mom...it's a day for me; for me to realize how utterly blessed I am to have a momma whom I can cherish and adore as much as I do, with such little effort on my part.

I find that when I'm asked to step in my mom's shoes...even for just a moment...it's extremely difficult for me. I always want to pass on the responsibility. I wonder how many times my mom's born the brunt of my careless tossing of duties without my knowing it--and yet every day she greets her motherhood with her own big grin and brilliant attitude.

I am in awe.

Today Jonas drew the most beautiful butterfly for momma! He's been begging me to teach him how to draw, so we took a couple of days this week to sit down and draw together. I was so proud of him for being so patient! I think it took at least 2 1/2 hours for him to finish that drawing. Isn't it beautiful?!

Momma absolutely loved it. I could tell Jonas was bursting with excitement when he pulled it out from behind his back to show her.

Doesn't he just look like a little artist?

Silas came up while we were drawing, and decided he wanted to draw a picture for momma too. So, he used his wild imagination to put together a fun cartoony drawing (he's always had that Dr. Seuss-ness in him...he says he's a "big fan" of Dr. Seuss). He calls this the Land of the Crystal People. They're nocturnal, and almost everything in their land is made in the shape of crystals--the roads, the stars, the windows, and yes...even their heads. This was a picture of them at night--he said the next one is going to be in the day time--where there won't be any stars, the street light will have its eyes closed, and all of the Crystal people will be asleep.

Ah...what purely beautimous whimsy.

This love...This bond...has to be the most pleasant thing in existence.

P.S. I got my orchestra audition results yesterday, and I didn't make it into 1st violins. I can't deny my temporary disappointment--but I can completely honestly say that it only lasted about two seconds. I've been growing more and more excited about the idea of climbing as high as I can get exactly where God put me--in 2nd violins! Thank you Daddy!


Fancies of a Blog-struck Boy

"Hey Ab! You help me new blog post."

Harry was sitting at Mom's laptop desk this morning, and when I sat down at the table nearby, he blurted this out (in his mispronounced toddler lingo) as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Harrison--two year old Harrison--asked for my help with his new blog post. I imagine he got this idea from two factors; {1} Silas has been posting on his blog and always calls on one of his elders to help him spell and respell things. {2} I'm guessing he's also noticed how many times his face has appeared on blogs--whether mine or my momma's. But who really knows?

Sometimes I just wonder what he's thinking...

P.S. Do you hear that awesome music? Jared wrote a theme for Rear Window, and I think I'm in LOVE. It fits me and my blog so perfectly! You can check out my momma's new blog theme too by clicking here. Want one of your own? Details coming soon! ;)

P.P.S. Do you remember that handbag I gave away during my blog party from Charm Design? Well, you (and I) have got another chance to win one! Isn't that just amazazing news? Enter the awesome giveaway at Carissa's blog, lowercase letters. :)


The Basics of Me

This is the last week to participate in Hannah's Planting Chums, and as is common with me, I am late in posting! So, if you would like to join in, make sure you do as soon as possible. :)

I have been sitting here for half an hour trying to think of four random things about myself that none of you would know, but I find myself at a loss. What didn't I tell you in my 100 things list? What haven't I revealed in my past 148 posts? Thus, I revert to reiterating.

I'm a fairly simple person. Granted, sometimes I'll talk or think myself in circles until I have no idea where I am or where I started. The truth is though...I'm just Abigail. I know who I am, and I know what that means today, but what about 10 years in the future? These small minute details will have practically evolved into something completely different. Purple will become orange, the sea will become the mountains, and chocolate will become cherry. Perspectives just change. That's all there is to it. Does that mean that I will someday regret posting little quirky things about myself? I don't think so. This blog is for memories. It's just as much a journal for me as it is a means for you all to get to know me and for us to connect.

Flesh, Mind, Heart, Soul

These are my bare components.

#1 Flesh - I'm easily affected by people who think they're better than me.

#2 Mind - I stress about things very easily.

#3 Heart - I have experienced love deeper than I would have ever thought possible if I hadn't seen its results every day of my life. The love of Jesus, translated in and through me and those around me.

#4 Soul - I am a creation designed in the image of the Creator. Wholly and completely. He's the reason I am--from my bare essentials, to my tiny details. He knows who I am now, and has my whole future mapped out beautifully. Like an unimaginably well scripted epic. My soul is where He is. My soul is the only part of me that will never depart...will never betray...will never die.

And that's all I am.


Quick Update...

I just wanted to let you all know that my audition went well, and I could definitely feel all of your (and my own) prayers working before and during it! I have to wait a few days before I get the results, but I just wanted to thank you again for being so encouraging and for keeping me in your prayers. You guys are fantastic!