The Basics of Me

This is the last week to participate in Hannah's Planting Chums, and as is common with me, I am late in posting! So, if you would like to join in, make sure you do as soon as possible. :)

I have been sitting here for half an hour trying to think of four random things about myself that none of you would know, but I find myself at a loss. What didn't I tell you in my 100 things list? What haven't I revealed in my past 148 posts? Thus, I revert to reiterating.

I'm a fairly simple person. Granted, sometimes I'll talk or think myself in circles until I have no idea where I am or where I started. The truth is though...I'm just Abigail. I know who I am, and I know what that means today, but what about 10 years in the future? These small minute details will have practically evolved into something completely different. Purple will become orange, the sea will become the mountains, and chocolate will become cherry. Perspectives just change. That's all there is to it. Does that mean that I will someday regret posting little quirky things about myself? I don't think so. This blog is for memories. It's just as much a journal for me as it is a means for you all to get to know me and for us to connect.

Flesh, Mind, Heart, Soul

These are my bare components.

#1 Flesh - I'm easily affected by people who think they're better than me.

#2 Mind - I stress about things very easily.

#3 Heart - I have experienced love deeper than I would have ever thought possible if I hadn't seen its results every day of my life. The love of Jesus, translated in and through me and those around me.

#4 Soul - I am a creation designed in the image of the Creator. Wholly and completely. He's the reason I am--from my bare essentials, to my tiny details. He knows who I am now, and has my whole future mapped out beautifully. Like an unimaginably well scripted epic. My soul is where He is. My soul is the only part of me that will never depart...will never betray...will never die.

And that's all I am.


Bekah said...

Beautiful post. I am in awe - she asked for little things, and you gave us YOU.

Oh I wish you lived next door...there's just those people that you KNOW would be amazing friends and you're one of them. My friends are amazing, but sometimes...like, you know I wish for a soul mate. You are like EXACTLY like me. It is crazy.

Thank you for the beautiful post - and that picture is just gorgeous.

Did I ever tell you that you are BEAUTIFUL? :-)

Love ya!

Näna said...

Wow, Abby. Beautiful! Pictures, and post and well, everything!

Hannah Nicole said...

Abigail, that was a really great post. I love how you took the four things and expanded on it. What a great way to show us your heart (and soul, mind and flesh as well!) through your words.

In truth, aren't we all simple? Comparing to the complexity of our Savior, we really begin to realize our own minuteness. I agree with what you said about your blog--it's a journal of memories that we can go and look at any time. Quirky facts, old thoughts and dreams that are hidden in-between everything. Stuff that will matter.

Thanks for joining, Ab, and thanks for contributing such a beautiful and heartfelt post. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words and beautiful pictures as well. You truly rock...thanks for being YOU. :-)

Love you, o-friend-of-mine,

Katherine said...

LOVE this!


Unknown said...

Dear Abigail....

...thank you for speaking truth. You know how I am about being real. So often we get stuck in this blogging mentality of seeming like we've got ALL the answers, or the quirkiest answer, or the most random fact, or...or...or, but the truth is we are nothing without Jesus. Thanks for reminding me (and others about this).

I remember when I "met" your mother years ago through MOMYS. It was after my dear friend's (Amy from Raising Arrows who I met irl at a retreat years ago) daughter Emily died. It was such hard times. And I remember your mother sharing her grief, her journey and her honesty. You share her beauty with words and allow us glimpses into your heart. I love your realness. God has made us all unique and your individuality shines through beautifully.

Thanks for participating in Hanni's Planting Chums post. It's been wonderful getting to know you even more.

God's blessings to you!


Emileigh Latham said...

Beautiful post, Abigail!
If your words were a portrait, it would captivate others and stir a desire for color like nothing before.

Have you gotten your results from audition yet?

Lindsay said...

Just beautiful, Abigail!!

Anna Gray said...

Great post, Abigail! You are such an inspiration and someone I truly look up to.

You really do let us know who you really are. You don't give us fluff.

carissa said...

such a completely beautiful post, abigail!

Hannah Nicole said...

Ahem...not that there's anything up, but you might want to head over to my blog...just a thought. ;-)

Marissa Kayann said...

This was an amazing post Ab. LOVE it. You always think outside the box. Which is really good =)

Love ya!

Shannon said...

Hi! I wanted to let you know that I posted something about you blog in a recent post on my blog, Below the Plateau. Here's the link so you can check it out! :)

Have a great day!
Love and blessings,

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