Fancies of a Blog-struck Boy

"Hey Ab! You help me new blog post."

Harry was sitting at Mom's laptop desk this morning, and when I sat down at the table nearby, he blurted this out (in his mispronounced toddler lingo) as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Harrison--two year old Harrison--asked for my help with his new blog post. I imagine he got this idea from two factors; {1} Silas has been posting on his blog and always calls on one of his elders to help him spell and respell things. {2} I'm guessing he's also noticed how many times his face has appeared on blogs--whether mine or my momma's. But who really knows?

Sometimes I just wonder what he's thinking...

P.S. Do you hear that awesome music? Jared wrote a theme for Rear Window, and I think I'm in LOVE. It fits me and my blog so perfectly! You can check out my momma's new blog theme too by clicking here. Want one of your own? Details coming soon! ;)

P.P.S. Do you remember that handbag I gave away during my blog party from Charm Design? Well, you (and I) have got another chance to win one! Isn't that just amazazing news? Enter the awesome giveaway at Carissa's blog, lowercase letters. :)


Victoria Horea said...

haha he's so cute! I've often wondered what goes inside the heads of kids...

Lindsay said...

Hahaha... that is just too cute!! :-)

carissa said...

oh my goodness gracious... how cute is he!!!?!!! so presh! can't wait to read his post. : ) thanks for linking the giveaway!!! best of luck to you, sweet gal!

Bekah said...

AW! Harry is just so cute. I love his smile, and his hair - so adorable. His big brown eyes. JUST SO CUTE!

And I think that is so adorable that he asked you...sometimes you just have to wonder what's going on in a little kid's brain, y'know? Totally.

I went to check out Silas's blog. SO cute. I followed, of course. Anything Kraft gets me going! Haha. :-)

Love ya,

Hannah Nicole said...

That's so sweet! Too bad you didn't get a recording of that. That would've been precious. I love mixed-up toddler lingo...it's one of the most adorable things ever. We have this song we sing to Eli that goes like this:

"Moochy, moochy ma-aaaan. Elijah's gotta be a...Moochie Man!"

And Eli will sing it and when he sings the "Elijah's gotta be a," part, he goes, "Guyjah gojja be a." His little toddler mouth gets mixed up with all those G's. :-)

Harry is too adorable. And I love Sila's blog--his first entry is adorable. Love how he wants to hug your Momma forever.

I wish I could get inside their heads. It would be such a journey.

Aaaand...you think Jared would do one for me? Because I'm...um...desperate? Hee hee...like I told your Mom, you've gotta do a giveaway for that. Speaking of which...Your theme song is beautiful. It's completely Rear Window.

Love you, friend! Did you that your number was generated TWICE for the giveaway winners? See--you must've needed to win! :-)

Lindsay said...

Oh.... and I LOVE your blog theme song! SO pretty!!

Näna said...

Gosh, Harry is so incredibly CUTE! And, btw, I love his striped shirt. Strips are awesome.

Sereina said...

Harry's so cute! And I love the theme song! So beautiful!

Unknown said...

He is so cute. I love that age. They're so curious and say the funniest and most beautiful things.

Thanks for sharing, Abigail.

I love your theme song. It seems to fit the mood of your blog perfectly.


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