Look What I Got!!!

Do you remember the awesome Planting Chums party that my friend, Hannah hosted? Well, guess what....I won one of the prizes! And it just happened to be one of the cutest most cheerful things I've ever seen. I got it in the mail yesterday, and I'm in love.

See that necklace? That's MY necklace!

I could barely contain my excitement when I won, because after all...this is the first thing I've EVER won! I planned my whole outfit around this piece this morning, because I just love it! How many times can you say you love something before it becomes less meaningful? Hopefully it's a lot!

By the way....that is my skin, and I am quite aware of how white it is. If you never knew before, THIS is why people say I resemble Snow White. Hey, I'll take it! Ha!


In other news...Harrison tried wheatgrass juice yesterday.

Actually, to be fair to all of the brave souls who tried the green liquid, Momma, Cecily, Silas, Jonas, and Harrison ALL tried a drink of it. (Yes....I confirm that my name is not on that list. I am now and forever a chicken). I'm not really sure whether it was good or horrible--it got kind of a mixed reaction. Though, I'm pretty sure it was nasty, because Harrison started sucking on his fingers to get the taste out of his mouth after he swallowed it. Still, at least it's pretty!

AND...to be fair to myself, I can be brave--as a matter of fact, for as long as I can remember, my family's taken things like Barley Green (made essentially from barley grass), carrot juice (which I've actually developed a great liking for, even though I still dislike carrots), and a plethora of other things. The worst was probably fish oil...oh boy....it was terrible. Still, I know all of the benefits of these things totally outweigh the drawbacks, so I'm working on it!

There's something about juicing that just makes you feel....healthy. You know? Now, our Champion juicer didn't do so well with the wheatgrass (can't be too hard on it though...I couldn't squeeze the juice out of grass either), but it's absolutely INCREDIBLE for almost anything else. We've even made sorbets in it from time to time using frozen fruit. And just in case you didn't know...you have an opportunity to win a Champion juicer over at my Momma's blog! So, make sure to head over and get all of the details. Let's get a little dirt on our hands and a few acquired tastes on our tongues for the approaching summer, shall we?


Cassie said...

Oh, Abigail! The necklace is lovely!!! Congratulations for winning such a beautiful piece! It looks gorgeous on you too! *smiles*

Love in Christ,

Näna said...

Lovely necklace, Ab. Hey, I won my first thing in planting chums, too.

*ugh* I am right with ya on the the "health" foods. My Mom makes us do them ALL. Barley green was the worst but I could just make it go down if you mix it with apple juice. Have you tried that? It makes is MUCH more tolerable.

I've always liked the carrot juice. Especially when Mom makes it with apples. When my brother Than was a baby he was REALLY sick and wouldn't breast feed so Mom made him this concoction of carrot juice rice milk and formula. Just to smell the stuff made me gag. But what's funny is the kid LOVED the stuff!!! I am not kidding!!!

Anyway, you are right. It DOES make you feel so much better. Especially during "lady" times it really makes everything better.

Wow, that was seriously long. Oh, well:)


Anna Gray said...

Don't ya just love Hannah?! She has such cool giveaways and is such a sweet person!

That necklace is gorgeous! It looks great on you and looks fantastic with the shirt.

Oh I think your skin is beautiful! Trust me, if you want someone with pale skin, just look at a few pics of me. LOL! =)

P.S. I have an award for you over at my blog. =)

Victoria said...

Oh I love it! If you want to get rid of it, my arms are wide open! haha, just getting! I can tell you love it! Your skin is beautiful! Don't worry! :)


Linda said...

Abigail your necklace is very pretty. I am glad you won. I like it with that blouse.

You have very beautiful skin...and YOU are beautiful!

Love, Grams

Sereina said...

Beautiful necklace!

Kristin said...

That is a beautitful necklace for a beautiful person!! Love ya!!

Ewwwww to the wheat grass. LOL!

Barbie said...

That is a beautiful necklace. Glad you love it!

Bekah said...

Gorgeous necklace - so pretty. :-)

HAHA! Your family PERFECTLY describes our family health-wise. We literally have all-organic pantry stock, like no joke (haha, such a weird saying, "no joke" haha).

We have taken fish oil EVERY morning for the last two or three years. Yeah. Yuck. It's gross. I still can't quite down it without a little inward-shiver. And we have a "fruit drink" every morning. Sound like a smoothie? Nope. Not even close.

It's disgusting. My mom throws all kinds of vegetables (and yet we call it a "fruit" drink) and some frozen fruit into the Vita-Mix and blends it, and gives us each a whopping big cup. Ugh.

I've slimmed down in the last few months, so that's nice. Lost a few pounds here and there. So I guess it's worth it, right?

Oooh! The Champion Juicer sounds amazing...I hope I win, hehehe. My momma would LOOOVE it. :-)

Have a lovely day-

Bekah said...

Oh, and about your pale skin - my friends always call me tan, but I don't believe it. When I went to the hospital for my low hemoglobin, you should have seen me. I went from "tan" (just got back from FL) to being DEATHLY white. The doctor called me a "ghost". If the doctor says that, it can't be good, because they don't overexaggerate, do they? Haha.

Random comment, but that's me.

Hannah said...


You got it!!! Like a dork, I saw the picture on your fb and thought, "Oh, that's a cute pic." Not even registering with the necklace. Genius, huh? Anyways, that's sooooo awesome. I was hoping that you'd get it soon, and I was so glad you won. I know...I shouldn't have had favorites, but I was rooting for you! And to put your mind at ease, I did not cheat. The random generator, in fact, generated your number twice. Soooo...yeah. Nothing much else to say there. Hee hee...really glad you got it though. The outfit you put together for it is so cute--love the colors. And whadda big, lovely grin! Beautiful Ab. :-)

I'm pretty pale too. I just don't tan...I burn. And I blotch/redden. I've got a...ruddy complexion to say the least. And sadly, as much as I want to, I just don't freckle either. It's weird to want to freckle, I guess, but my mom is super freckly and I think it looks great on her. It might improve my ruddiness. Maybe. I'm okay with ruddy--the name sounds cool, so there's a little perk. But hey, fair is lovely, and you wear it well! (not that you have much choice, but still, it's true. ^-^)

I love that (first) picture of Harry. (and the second too, but the first is my faaave). The composition is incredible. I love how just the tips of the wheatgrass is sharp, and the rest is blurred. I love how you can see his expression of wonder and I love the colors. You are so talented, Abigail. So talented. I love all of your amazing pictures...simply beautiful.

I've tried wheatgrass before. Epic. Yuck. In my opinion. It was thick and sludge-like, as I remember. And I think it was...salty? I don't know. I'll stick to Jamba Juice.

Hope that you're having a beautiful Saturday, Abigail! So glad that you got your necklace as well--I was waiting for you. :-)
Love you, friend of mine!

Hayhay said...

Oh so pretty! Go out there and enjoy it, sister! ;)

kittikat said...

That necklace is simply exquisite!

Amen about the juicing...We used to juice carrots 2X a day, every day-it was wonderful!

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