Miscellany Monday (a.k.a. I Love Randomocity)

Carissa @ lowercase letters has been doing this weekly post for quite a while now, but just opened it up for link-ups last week. So, I'm excited and you should be too! It's fun and probably the easiest meme out there--thus, a perfect victim.

{1} I just realized that I'm a beverage junkie. I'm almost always drinking something. At random times in the day, I may be in the kitchen catching a swig of almond, rice, or whole milk or orange juice. Or maybe I'll be chugging a venti Starbucks coffee, or listening to soundtracks and drinking tea. I also love feeling myself get healthier as a naturally fizzy glass of kombucha tea slips down my throat...and most of the time I'm having a cup of coffee just because its awesome. Of course....water's a must. Ha!

{2} Harrison's developed a new habit of screaming as loud as he can whenever he doesn't get something he wants. Lovely.

{3} We had a tornado watch at our house on a couple of days last week, so Jared decided he would take inventory via photograph of his ENTIRE media collection. His TV, his game systems, and on top of this, his plethora of CDs.

Did I mention that Jared has no clue how to use my camera? Ha! Eventually, he discovered the flash, which is typically unused by me, but worked well for his particular purposes. Well, let's just say if a tornado ever DOES hit, he'll be prepared!

{4} I've become mildly obsessed with Annie's mac and cheese lately. I'm not sure why, because in the past I've not liked it, and I still don't like the white cheddar. But if you give me a nice big bowl of the orange cheddar mac and cheese with tons of salt, I'm in heaven.

Now, head over to Carissa's blog and join in, because this is a blast!

Love love, my lovelies!


Barbie said...

I think I could sip coffee or iced tea all day. I am trying to drink more water. Some days, I think I need an IV to get my allotted amount it. Oh, and sorry about the screaming boy. I have one of those in my house as well. Tornado watches are fascinating. Do you have a basement? Thankful the tornado didn't actually happen. Looks like Jared will be well prepared though. Oh and have you ever tried Annie's White Mac N Cheese? The best! Have a great day!

Hannah said...

I love coffee. I've become a lover...whereas before, I was a liker. And another of my loves is sparkling water. Since I stopped drinking pop awhile back, I've been drinking a lot of sparkling h20. And FUZE. And this funky tea called STEAZ...their peach tea is soooo good. But you can't beat plain old water. Okay, so maybe you can, but simple aqua is good sometimes. Right? ;-)

Ohhh...we've had that habit at our house before. In fact, it still lingers. It's a great trait, huh? Insert sound of tongue going "PBBBBBBBB!!!!"

He'll be prepared! That's for sure! Oh, I love your camera...I can't see any noise. Hee hee...that's one of the things I'm REALLY looking forward to. As well as a faster shutter speed and the lenses. I just have to keep telling myself, "just keep swi--er, saving, just keep saving, just keep saving, saving, saving. What do we do, we save, save, save." I'm now in a Nemo mood from your comment, so I had to quote. ^-^

And I've probably mentioned this (a lottt) before, but I. Hate. Mac. N. Cheese. Never have liked it and never will. But my fam loves that kind, so it must be good...for mac'n'cheese lovers and all.

Grande Love! (y'know, big and...all. o.O. I have to work on my languages),

Marissa said...

COFFEE!!!!!!! I'm in love with that stuff. Tea is good. I like coffee better though. ;) And water. YES! Love that stuff. I also enjoy lemonade. Best summer drink (besides coffee which is the all year best drink).

Oh the scream habit. Ah yes. In this house there is only one that does that. Meredith. She is getting a little better. Some day there will be no screamers. :D

BAHAH! thats hilarious! I seriously laughed out loud when I read #3. lol

I love mac and cheese. LOVE it. If is good. Some kinds are just nasty. I put salt on mine too. My mom looks at me like I'm weird when i do, but I like it that way!

Love ya!!!

Courtney said...

Ai really enjoyed checking out your blog and reading your randomness today. Hope to come soon a d click around some more. Blessings!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

okay, i just have the strongest urge to call you abs!!! sorry if you hate it. i'll just do so this one time. thanks for playing along abs! : )

oooh, starbucks had 1/2 price fraps between 3-5pm for the past few days... but i think it's over today. boo hoo! all of your drink selections sound delish. i'm in love with bolthouse farms smoothie juices. the only problem is that they cost like $100/8 oz... i don't drink them as often as i'd like.

i am not a huge fan of boxed mac n cheese, but i agree, that annie's is mighty tasty!

your brothers make me laugh.

happy monday!

Anna Gray said...

Did someone just say...coffee? Oh I love starbucks! I could gulp down a venti pumpkin spice coffee any day!

What fun answers!

Haha, we have a nintendo 64 and we still have the game cube. I guess you could call us....old school? ;)

Have a great day! =)

Bekah said...

Alright, seriously? I used to think coffee was gross. And that if you drank it, you would grow backwards. Who cares if you grow backwards?? (I think I'm too tall anyway...I have a few inches on all my girl friends - thankfully not on my guy ones. That would be SO weird.) And so then I started liking coffee - but ONLY with tons of sugar/cream. Which isn't good for you. But now that I cut sugar out of my diet, I only drink BLACK. And have grown to loooove black. It's really good.

My daddy is the only one in my fam who likes black coffee. We both love to eat raw onions plain. And mustard. Mustard and raw onions. YUM! Just not together.

HA! Harry. So cute. Though I'm sure it's not for you. My little brother got into the habit of pouting for a few weeks about a month ago. I felt like screaming all the dang time. No joke. AHH!!

HA once again. None of my siblings know how to work my camera. At first I was like, "Wait, are those AB'S pictures?!" HA! Never were so glad those weren't your pictures. ^_^

Tornado watches are scary though, pictures aside. I remember once the whole sky was getting greenish and the sirens were going off - my whole family huddled in this tiny room. Want to guess the only thing that I brought downstairs with me? My wallet. Which only had like five bucks in it. HA!

Yummmm. We had Mac'N'Cheese tonight. HUGE fan. Like seriously. I CRAVE cheese stuff. I LOVE white cheddar. On anything. White cheddar popcorn was the only thing I ate during my stay at the hospital (hemoglobin). Hospital food is gross. So now I am forever addicted to white cheddar popcorn - all the fond memories, you know. Hooked up to an IV, getting blood in your arm, watching I Love Lucy and wishing you were dead. Very fond memories. ^_^

Have a great day,

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