One Beauty After Another!

Words cannot express what I feel like writing at this moment. Unfortunately, words hold no comparison to the overwhelming and unclassifiable emotions that can be held within even the smallest most unaware child. Today was Mother's Day, and I find that this isn't just a day to do nice things for mom...it's a day for me; for me to realize how utterly blessed I am to have a momma whom I can cherish and adore as much as I do, with such little effort on my part.

I find that when I'm asked to step in my mom's shoes...even for just a moment...it's extremely difficult for me. I always want to pass on the responsibility. I wonder how many times my mom's born the brunt of my careless tossing of duties without my knowing it--and yet every day she greets her motherhood with her own big grin and brilliant attitude.

I am in awe.

Today Jonas drew the most beautiful butterfly for momma! He's been begging me to teach him how to draw, so we took a couple of days this week to sit down and draw together. I was so proud of him for being so patient! I think it took at least 2 1/2 hours for him to finish that drawing. Isn't it beautiful?!

Momma absolutely loved it. I could tell Jonas was bursting with excitement when he pulled it out from behind his back to show her.

Doesn't he just look like a little artist?

Silas came up while we were drawing, and decided he wanted to draw a picture for momma too. So, he used his wild imagination to put together a fun cartoony drawing (he's always had that Dr. Seuss-ness in him...he says he's a "big fan" of Dr. Seuss). He calls this the Land of the Crystal People. They're nocturnal, and almost everything in their land is made in the shape of crystals--the roads, the stars, the windows, and yes...even their heads. This was a picture of them at night--he said the next one is going to be in the day time--where there won't be any stars, the street light will have its eyes closed, and all of the Crystal people will be asleep.

Ah...what purely beautimous whimsy.

This love...This bond...has to be the most pleasant thing in existence.

P.S. I got my orchestra audition results yesterday, and I didn't make it into 1st violins. I can't deny my temporary disappointment--but I can completely honestly say that it only lasted about two seconds. I've been growing more and more excited about the idea of climbing as high as I can get exactly where God put me--in 2nd violins! Thank you Daddy!


Unknown said...

Today was a wonderful day. I loved the art the boys did. Very impressive that Jonas spent so much time on that beautiful butterfly. Talented little guy and amazing for a 6 year old! Takes after his sissy for sure! Silas is definitely Dr. Suessy. Love his imagination and his humor in life.

Those pictures are precious. I'm so glad you took them - I'll cherish them forever.

Thank you for a lovely Mother's day. I am so blessed!


Näna said...

Aw, what a wonderful tribute to your Mom....I can really relate to the "stepping into Mama's shoes" idea. In November she went away for two whole weeks and it was like life just wasn't the same.

Hey, 2nd violin is nothing to sneeze at. Good job! And, hey, they's always next year, right?

Näna said...

p.s. I love Silas and Jonas' pictures. Awesome! Don't little brothers have the greatest imagination? My brothers are always knocking me dead with the stuff they come up with ^_^

Hannah Nicole said...

I feel so blessed to have been given my Momma--and on Mother's Day, it really helped me to see the depth of what she does, and who Mother's are. Really shows me how blessed that I am.

That butterfly of Jonas' is amazing. He is quite the little artist--takes after you there! And the grin on his face says it all. He is going to be one handsome kiddo when he gets older...whadda a cutie!

That last picture of him is awwwwesome. Love the black and white there...gorgeous. And his eyes are amazing. I wish my sibs had eyes as cool as that...they look incredible.

Silas made his own little world! I love all the detail he took in describing it and drawing it. And again...what a great grin!

You still rock. And you can just keep climbing! Can't wait to hear you play some more...always love listening to you and your violin. (hmm...that sounds like it should be a children's book..."Me and my Violin.")

Love you--and thank you. :-)

Marissa Kayann said...

I felt the same way as I stepped back a took a moment to think about all my mom does. She cooks, cleans and teaches among many other things she does. Yet she still has time to spend with us, laugh with us and do fun things. Its pretty incredibly the role of moms. I, like you, am in awe.

Jonas's drawing was absolutely amazing!! He can draw better than me I bet!!!!! Because he has you for a teacher! :D Yes he definitely looks like an artist. Love the pictures of him!

haha! I love Silas's little world. Very creative.

You are still amazing at the violin. Someday i bet you'll be in the 1st violins! Positively! :D

Love you!

Josh said...

Mommas sure are a blessing from heaven aren't they?

While I love your momma to pieces, I still think my momma is totally the best...No offense ;) But that is how it should be right?!

The pictures are great and the boys art work is definitely deserving of the praise you gave. It was very kind of you to help them out...
In Christ Alone,

Brianna! said...

I love that you took time to sit down and teach him how to draw.
That is just so awesome. I think some people forget about creative talents like drawing and stuff....rather they focus on sports sports sports:/
it breaks my heart.


BreastCancerSisterhood.com said...

I think 2nd violin is awesome. Way to go, girl! I'm impressed.


Unknown said...
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